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Clearly the problem on MiBR - Can't frag like he did on 2016/17, now they bring in kNg to mask FalleN's awping which is on a steep decline. - Had a great map pool back in 2017 (excluding nuke and inferno), now their only "good" maps are Train and Mirage. - Makes stupid roster changes which downgrades the team even further (excluding the coldzera one since it was him who decided to leave the team). Were TACO and felps an upgrade over tarik/Stewie2k? Was lucas1 an upgrade over felps? - Gives huge importance to his merch over the team. Say whatever you want, you cannot deny this. MiBR is not going to kick him because he is the "Godfather" of Brazillian CS, but if the team want to rise back to the top like they have been promising for like 2 years now, then they better change this guy asap.
2019-09-23 01:51
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Australia MuIan 
no u
2019-09-23 01:52
reported for intolerancy to budha fans
2019-09-23 02:16
Australia MuIan 
flag checks out
2019-09-23 04:47
s1mple | 
India curiex 
God i want to insert the Spiderman meme here
2019-09-23 05:03
😈👉👈😈 there u go
2019-09-23 05:30
Picture perfect
2019-09-23 05:54
nice men 😂👌
2019-09-24 14:53
China Aachen 
TwoFaced is god
2019-09-23 01:52
Or u want to say the many faced god?!??
2019-09-23 05:54
multi faced god
2019-09-23 07:18
United States blessedMMA 
2019-09-23 01:52
nEGRo | 
Brazil Aquamano 
godfather of cs
2019-09-23 01:55
Brazil uselessz 
He's not talking about Flusha
2019-09-24 14:57
2019-09-23 01:56
well mate enjoy being at #15 when you guys could easily be top 3
2019-09-23 01:57
2019-09-23 06:48
no they cant be top 3, not with lucas1, going international could help
2019-09-23 07:19
cyx | 
Germany Shadyy89 
yea, worked out great last time :o
2019-09-23 07:46
they didnt give stew and tarik time, a ilttle trouble and FALLE thought OH I NEED MY OLD TEAM BACK FUCK STEW AND TARIK, then brought two noobs back
2019-09-23 14:30
cyx | 
Germany Shadyy89 
Thanks for sharing your inside information. Suddenly it all makes sense
2019-09-23 14:45
yes, it was an pleasure
2019-09-23 16:53
Brazil NiceBrazilian 
Yea, but we don't have a brazilian IGL to replace him, since arT is not gonna leaves Furia. Btw Lucas >>> Felps.
2019-09-23 01:58
fer | 
Brazil _Awper 
if you really thinks that Lucas1 is better than Felps, you should rethink your entire life. Lucas1 was only better than steeLUL on LG, imagine thinking that he would save mibr, he is only there to scream...
2019-09-23 02:48
2019-09-23 03:52
They never had and era.
2019-09-23 14:32
Brazil is a country of slaves, makes me sick. They brought in twice as many slaves as the USA. Oh wait, they have over twice our crime rate.
2019-09-23 14:33
hahahaha omg yeah like a punk in everystreet
2019-09-25 07:06
It's not that arT isn't gonna leave furia, those guys signed up contracts for 5 years!!! So he can't leave furia for other team. Even if he wants to play for other team then that org has to pay his full buyout which won't be a great decision as furia is a t2 team at best and rush play won't work against class t1 teams.
2019-09-23 05:58
Brazil gtaube 
Yes, +taco -tarik is a upgrade
2019-09-23 02:00
2019-09-23 07:47
Brazil JgzMcz 
2019-09-24 04:20
Portugal joaosenra 
Kng missing more shots than Fallen, Fallen still landing some sick shots and as one of the best moves sniper on the map, annd some game is carry the game... sure is not like 2017 but is still fragging. The main PROBLEM is he still the IGL and, hes calls are old and outdated, and some tiimes when things go wrong, he can't find solutions and repeats calls that aren't working. That is the problem u dont have snipers like fallen iin brazil yet and with this knowledge. BUT YES HE is one of the problems because he cant be IGL anymore
2019-09-23 02:02
The most easy thing to say would be "let FalleN be a coach", but fuck that, he needs to prepare someone to become the next IGL for this team, just like it's happening on Na'Vi (yet to see the results of this). Yet again, I don't see a Lucas1 or a kNg becoming IGLs but they sure have a lot of options to pick.
2019-09-23 02:03
Portugal joaosenra 
He still one of the best awpers in the game, he just doesnt work as IGL anymore but he still a very good awper
2019-09-23 13:56
Switzerland siqueirab 
he's igl is a problem. fallen isnt a problem. he still awping 3x better than Kng.
2019-09-23 02:24
China Blitzer 
smart guy see #19
2019-09-23 02:27
Switzerland siqueirab 
+1 i agree 10/10 kng miss SO MANY shots that any faceit diamond Brazil hits without problem. and kng less awp is at almost sheriff
2019-09-23 02:47
Portugal joaosenra 
i said that did u read ?? kkkk at least read before comment
2019-09-23 13:54
Switzerland siqueirab 
6 lines dude. this isnt a twitlonger
2019-09-23 14:31
2019-09-23 06:50
Kng nervous like new zywoo
2019-09-23 06:52
True. FalleN is the problem right now.
2019-09-23 02:01
no one have his mind in SA or NA. no one can igl at his level of skill awping the problem is time. Time to mesh, but he never waited 0/8
2019-09-23 02:03
today was a day of details, bit rounds of distance in 2 maps. If they win turn them in gods (hurr mibr is back), but lose like this = trash, disband.
2019-09-23 02:09
they lost to fucking tricked lmao
2019-09-23 03:31
"no one have his mind in SA or NA" nitr0 igl is underrated even though he has a massive skill advantage over a team like mibr right now but hes still better caller in current meta than fallen
2019-09-23 06:54
right now the two teams are fucked. i just cant see nitr0 calling better than fallen, and talking about skill: he never surpassed fallen with awp. liquid acquired chemistry during this time, training alot together with tier1 players (elige has so much impact)
2019-09-24 14:51
Brazil PhoKiLL 
This lineup is bored already, this is the truth. You can clearly see on the event broadcasts that KNG and Lucas are excited, wanting more, vibrating... But when you look to others members (Fallen and Fer), they are visibly tired of playing CS. It's no use changing one member or another, we need something new, like a young team. Furia is promising, but not stable yet.
2019-09-23 02:05
you are taking a wrong vision. This is the way that Fer plays since a long time. When the match is live he's totally focused taking just necessary conversations and emotions. You argument dont work too, Fer is the best brazilian player right now.
2019-09-23 02:07
you are part of the problem too, you are all early. think that building a team in 2 weeks has to win everything mousesports in my opinion in 1 year will be in solid top 3 need continuity and progressive training
2019-09-23 02:05
cyx | 
Germany Shadyy89 
Maybe true but in my experience, mouse will start replacing people if they don't start to have better placements in the next 2 months
2019-09-23 07:51
2019-09-24 14:46
I think the bigger problem is Fer, he was insane when they were a good team. But he is pretty average since a long time now, nothing special anymore.
2019-09-23 02:06
i think he plays better than anyone in the line, but the team don't work together, only using the players individuality, the team need a 2019 refresh, did you see zews passing a call and fallen talking above like "the boss in the team"?
2019-09-23 05:53
Brazil kaaim 
zews calling some strats would be better i think... everything to learn my friend! good luck and totally agreed
2019-09-23 06:09
yea, all we need good luck cheering to that team : )
2019-09-24 02:40
Albania JonZherka 
Problem is the buyouts in Brazil. If FURIA/other Brazilian teams had reasonable buyouts, pretty sure he could at least a top 3 team
2019-09-23 02:14
China Blitzer 
Fallen needs to reinvent himself!! His style (a much slower map control style that revolves around team work) no longer works See what glave and nitro are doing atm... glave - uses a slow, but refined map control approach that revolves around punishing enemy ct players that peak for info and duels. The takes for specific areas in that map control are very precise with meticulous utility usage nitro - makes use of team liquid's individual skill the most. This team will go for aim duels as they take map control with fairly standard utility usage. BTW -> KNG needs to step-up! hes missing so many shots and just repeeking and dying. giving the other team man advantage so fucking often. its just stupid!
2019-09-23 02:14
How is one supposed to frag like mad while playing along with TACO and LUCAS in the first place?
2019-09-23 02:17
and who the fuck brought these 2 players in the team ?
2019-09-23 02:32
Who told you that he makes choices completely on his own?
2019-09-23 02:40
lmao, that's the type of guy who misses coldzera in MIBR, btw, nice to meet u #QueOta? #FallenIsNotThePROBLEM&You'reTheProblem
2019-09-23 02:33
Fallen is the only one who cant frag
2019-09-23 02:49
+1 for username. 9/8 username mens))) 😎
2019-09-23 07:05
2019-09-23 02:50
Brazil Megaflora 
yeah i feel like FalleN is kind of the problem too, doesn't have numbers to back it up, hasn't brought any new creative strats since forever
2019-09-23 02:51
i think that fallen need to reinvent himself, his tactics are shit asf and please KICK BOTACO AND BOT1
2019-09-23 02:53
FalleN isnt going to get kicked bc he is the "Godfather of Brazilliaz CS" but because he IS MIBR. Honestly this team lacks firepower and FalleN needs to reinvent himself. Fer is trying and playing like a beast kng isnt playing that well, but fair enough he just joined so we have to give him some time. Lucas and taco are great players, but not superstars that are going to carry like fer. And Fallen is playing better sure, but honestly he needs to get back that 2016/17 form if mibr wants to get at least top5. U guys might not like him, but coldzera brough a lot of firepower and consistency to this team. Fer might carry but theres times he just vanish, cold was always there. I would have liked to see a TACO, COLD, FALLEN, FER AND KNG. But it is what it is, and honestly I dont have any hope for this team, again.
2019-09-23 02:54
Italy steven513 
2019-09-23 03:37
Brazil kaaim 
i would have liked to see taco, cold, fer, fallen and lucas play more games... i think this core could go very well... lucas can be a good fragger, and thats what mibr was needing... but cold didnt trust it
2019-09-23 06:13
CIS b0bgod 
retire pls
2019-09-23 02:57
Relaxa | 
Brazil z1d72 
2019-09-23 03:35
Netherlands poeya 
2019-09-23 03:36
Brazil MrLucas 
the problem is that they brought kng to be the star of the team, giving him all the support he needed to do, even fallen gave up the awper role to make him feel as comfortable as possible, and yet he couldn't play well, maybe they haven't had enough time yet to get their positions right and create synergy, but the reality is that so far the player they brought in hoping to replace coldzera hasn't come even close to reaching their expectations.
2019-09-23 03:54
0/8 FalleN awping >>> KNG Him and Fer are the only ones keeping them some way relevant.
2019-09-23 03:56
Brazil JackJackJack 
2019-09-23 05:51
Brazil kaaim 
OMG taco is carrying MORE than fallen... and doing suport work... respect taco, please...
2019-09-23 06:15
Xyp9x | 
Brazil Jeanzera 
The only problem with FalleN is his tactics nowadays and the "game format" that he tries to run on the team. But he is not playing bad, he played vs tricked I agree. On terms of kicks and players selection, if you know trully how the team worked, was always between fer and coldzera the control, fallen and taco just want to play, ofc fallen took the fault from the kicks because he is "igl, leader" blablabla but it is not how it was. It is clear that mibr game format is bad for the current CS metagame, this is why coldzera leaves, but fer will always believe that it is not the problem, as well as FalleN, and they will keep trying to "find" something to fix without changing too much the structure.
2019-09-23 03:59
respect fallen
2019-09-23 05:46
he's not at his peak anymore, so dont wonder about his performance
2019-09-23 05:52
Japan Johnny_Br@Vo 
cold was their 50% firepower they are nothing without coldzera
2019-09-23 05:57
refrezh | 
Namibia B_B_C 
they're exactly like just VP... you can't do anything it's just a dead team
2019-09-23 06:03
it is very different, on vp they don't have players capable to do their job. On mibr they dont have strats, fallen calls on tr side especially, is so fucking terrible. Fallen needs to improve as a igl, u know? he needs to open his eyes, csgo changed so much since their last major.
2019-09-24 15:19
:( don't u dare to talk about out multi-plural-masked-toledo
2019-09-23 06:35
I said that like 6 months ago already and I was bashed AF but it's true. Fallen is burned out as an igl and average as a player. And people also can finally see how average kng is against atleast somehow decent teams.
2019-09-23 06:43
kng was good in immortals
2019-09-23 06:59
he was average most of the time vs decent competition... the only his good tournament was major but thats it and even if you look at teams that he faced and boosted his rating... funny how his overall rating was 1.15 BUT his rating from big events was 1.03 and overall lan rating 1.08 and if you filter vs top20 teams - 1.04, top10 teams - 0.98, top5 teams - 0.99 average player overhyped bcs of his overall stats boosted with matches against t4 br/na teams and online matches
2019-09-23 07:47
cyx | 
Germany Shadyy89 
still a tier1 memer
2019-09-23 07:56
thats true but not t1 player...maybe he will prove me wrong in the future but i highly doubt about it
2019-09-23 07:57
Fallen & Fer they are savior in MIBR if one of them leaves MIBR then MIBR will no longer be good team
2019-09-23 07:00
you act like they are good team nowadays...
2019-09-23 07:48
good team??
2019-09-23 07:49
Fallen's game style is very obsolete (very small pace, last second plant if everything works!). The whole team is incapable of doing proper flashes and smokes. Basically, they are not functioning.
2019-09-23 07:52
Brazil aquaplayy 
> Fallen has no important decisions on the team. He has already explained that all team decisions, even small ones like maps veto, are decisions of all players together. If the other 4 players want to kick Fallen, it will be do, but there was never a reason for that. > Although he didn't play well the last event, he has been playing well (Major and blast, example) > He is the best Brazilian IGL > RAting 1.06 for an IGL is not bad
2019-09-24 02:49
Brazil JgzMcz 
1 - Fallen still a great AWP and is by far better awp then KNG, but as IGL he is doing terrible, against tricked the t-sides of MIBR are all jokes, if he doesent work that out MIBR will have no future. 2 - taco set ups alot better then 2k in any team. 3- the same for lucas1, fer play agressive and is a monster, felps play agressive and some times that work out, but MIBR need a lurker, a tatical confiable player, and lucas1 is that player, he will do what he is asked as he is asked and will do at least ok, felps can not do that, and all that not considering the personality, they at time have felps who is a quiet guy and cold who everyone knows is toxic as shit, and lucas1 come to balance that 2.
2019-09-24 04:24
FalleN | 
Brazil Tablari 
not true, fallen and fer are carrying this team.
2019-09-24 14:54
Brazil uselessz 
I disagree in 1 point mibr is no good on mirage, just train
2019-09-24 14:57
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