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Latin America needs their own server
For any of you Latinos and Americans, what do you think about Latinos getting their own server. I'm tired of shitty mexican players with 100 ping and 30 fps always complaining about lag. They are almost always on my team in MM, and I'm too shit and have no money to play Faceit and ESEA.
2019-09-25 03:41
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United States Inyaki 
Hear this Latino gaben pls
2019-09-25 03:42
United States blessedMMA 
dude i think we're blessed, gimme juan with 100 ping and 30 fps over some drunk toxic russian any day of the week
2019-09-25 03:43
NiKo | 
Sweden ImSoarim 
True. Rlly true
2019-09-25 07:42
Russia ToughGuy 
LUL stereotips from silvers, played 200 games in glabal never met toxic russians so cry me a river
2019-09-25 07:45
Flag checks out
2019-10-27 00:26
Guatemala Pakal_I 
Have you ever even played with Russians?
2019-10-26 23:40
get help
2019-09-25 03:44
Brazil NukebRS 
You mean Mexican server? Cuz South America has a server
2019-09-25 03:45
United States FrothaIPBan 
This dude is dumb
2019-09-25 03:47
Andorra monkay 
there's actually alot of countries below mexico, I think he's not only complaining about mexico but also those countries (central america)
2019-09-25 05:20
yes exactly, frotha is just a dumbass. i thought most americans knew a little geography. I guess im just one of very few that do.
2019-09-25 05:20
i thought latin america is the same as central america, meaning no south america? because whenever i say i hate these stupid mexicans they call me racist and say they arent mexican
2019-09-25 05:18
Brazil NukebRS 
Latin America is both south and Central America, although, if you ask, some Brazilians will say that they are not Latino because a lot of us don’t like to be put with other south and Central American countries
2019-09-25 17:16
Yeah.. and a "south of USA" server would be really shit. I get bad ping even playing with Argentina (from Sao Paulo). Imagine playing Mexico.
2019-09-25 07:41
Argentina Joedash 
yes, im tired of Brasilians and 100 ping dude, it sucks af. plus, i rlly want an argentinian server, dont like servers from chile, they suck af also :/
2019-09-25 03:46
Andorra monkay 
"I'm tired of Brazilians playing in their own server" (i have alot of friends from buenos aires and they get the same ping as I do playing in sao paulo servesr)
2019-09-25 05:23
Brazil Br4tZ 
even if they make a south america server, argentinians, peruans and the other ones will keep playing on GC and Br server, sad reality
2019-09-25 07:04
2019-10-26 23:44
Argentina Joedash 
im tired of toxic brasilians, but also toxic chileans, just because you are from argentina they start to trashtalk you, thats what i meant xD
2019-09-25 10:10
i thought latin america is the same as central america, meaning no south america? because whenever i say i hate these stupid mexicans they call me racist and say they arent mexican
2019-09-25 05:17
broky | 
Finland aleksif 
latin america = mexico and all the countries below it. Brazilians and Chileans have their own servers to play on so other south americans (apart from Venezuelans, Ecuadorians, Colombians and people from Northern South America) can play as well. They should have Central American servers in Guatemala so it'd be good for everyone around that region.
2019-09-25 05:25
Latin is for all the countries speaking Latin derived language. So everything besides USA, Canada I guess.
2019-09-25 07:43
Argentina Joedash 
latin america = South America and Central America, i think that except Brasil USA and Canada, cause Brasil is the only one(with usa and ca) that dont speak spanish
2019-09-25 10:11
There are already MM servers in Peru, Chile and Brazil tho
2019-09-25 05:24
Brazil maz1no 
Mexico is an North America country dude, what the fuck?? they are your neighbors
2019-09-25 05:24
I dont give a damn if they are my neighbors. All they do is fucking lag and complain about it. Half of them never in say callouts. If theyre speaking they are only speaking spanish or in English to talk to their friends. I don’t have a problem with my canadian “neighbors”.
2019-09-25 06:50
Xyp9x | 
Ukraine 60hzgods 
U can play free faceit
2019-09-25 06:52
I could, but I’m shit at the game.
2019-09-25 06:56
Xyp9x | 
Ukraine 60hzgods 
So ure one of the mexicans too
2019-09-25 07:20
Im not worse than them tho. They get 5 frags in the whole half and always complain about lag. Even if i am shit at least i can mid to top frag
2019-09-25 18:07
thats a +1
2019-09-25 07:43
Iran Tajik! 
I have a neutral opinion.
2019-09-25 18:10
100 ping while being basically beside the server? Wtf men
2019-10-26 23:18
Exactly, these juans living in tijuana are right next to LA and i live in san francisco, im somehow getting better ping than them
2019-10-26 23:28
Highest ping I ever get is 80-90 so that's pathetic
2019-10-26 23:29
Brazil hrp_ 
we have servers here in brazil
2019-10-26 23:21
+1 I do occasionally run into a cool Central American/Mexican but for the most part they have high ping, lag, and feed non stop. The language barrier is almost always an issue too. It would be better for us, and for them.
2019-10-27 00:30
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