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broky is NOT an AWPER
Latvia broky_fan_account 
stop with this pls he wasnt main awping in epsilon, cruc1al was he himself says that he is the worst awp player (ofc as joke but still) even in fpl, he isnt awping tl;dr niko main awp broky 2nd
2019-09-25 15:13
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He was primary awper in Wolsung and he was destroying baltic teams.
2019-09-25 15:14
2019-09-25 15:16
He has to be a main awp for FaZe cuz he is much better at awping than NiKo
2019-09-25 15:30
Europe braxtey 
Wolsung is fucking troll team. Niko is much better than Broky
2019-09-25 16:06
not at awping tho
2019-09-25 16:33
United States AproximateCS 
Old ass clips but he was awping somewhat then
2019-09-25 15:16
Germany AdiZen 
he is 2nd awper
2019-09-25 15:28
United States AproximateCS 
Eh, a primary awper isnt that insanely necessary. Liquid didnt have one, or may still not have one idk
2019-09-25 15:29
Germany AdiZen 
ye thats correct they have nitr0 as main awper who doesnt awp that often
2019-09-25 15:30
What the fuck is this music
2019-09-25 15:51
United States AproximateCS 
2019-09-25 15:52
Shouldnt olof be 2nd awper if niko will be the main awper? broky will probably get .5 kd every game anyways
2019-09-25 15:31
its not 2015 men)))))) and broky is ok
2019-09-25 15:39
niko as a main awper is an epic fail, but they have no options I guess
2019-09-25 15:32
niko is really good
2019-09-25 15:38
Niko is pretty good on awp
2019-09-25 17:11
Turkey trouble91 
Just take an awper and an igl why the fuck they sign broky
2019-09-25 15:33
North America davidbowie22 
yes mens they need cadian but they el stuipido
2019-09-25 15:42
Poland kinkers 
because he is a promising player and free
2019-09-25 15:44
North America davidbowie22 
no olof is main awapo
2019-09-25 15:41
Faze clan, team with no igl and no awper. Good luck & have fun
2019-09-25 15:46
device | 
Sweden plikz 
why are they not getting cruc1cal over broky then lol
2019-09-25 15:47
Denmark AstralisGOAT 
coldzera can awp, he was secondary in SK/MIBR and he was doing really well
2019-09-25 15:47
everyone in this team can awp except rain
2019-09-25 15:54
Israel Jew159 
olof awper
2019-09-25 15:55
am i the only one that appreciates that FaZe are taking a chance on a young up and coming player rather than getting a free agent thats close to or over 30 years old again? plus theyre just trialing him. if he sucks he will be cut.
2019-09-25 16:02
Hltv is twofaced. They wanted faze to take young guns and now that faze do it they prefer faze signing old farts
2019-09-25 16:04
Yep, imo what hltv seemed to want (+aleksib +cold) would have been better, and honestly giving a young gun like broky a chance and getting aleksib would have been better but the last two players they got were adren and neo...nothing against them but broky and cold is a good two players. one risk and one player that will almost certainly be good.
2019-09-25 16:43
Where you read NiKo main awp? It would be a real waste for him to be awping on tside.
2019-09-25 16:04
They will use olof as awper and after he fails with that role they will kick him , good plan
2019-09-25 16:06
Serbia Duff555 
I hope guardian wins major before retirement and faze wins a major
2019-09-25 16:15
Netherlands Jonasio 
Cold is gonna primary awp or olof
2019-09-25 16:17
Ukraine s1v9mple 
2019-09-25 16:17
sh1ro | 
Russia mens))) 
2019-09-25 16:34
olof awp ezi wins u saw him last major? he went sicko mode
2019-09-25 17:13
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