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-stewie'ers come here
hes obviously the reason why they are winning hes giving them the confidence and just because someone has the better firepower doesn't mean that they will bring more to the table confidence >>> firepower
2019-09-29 00:51
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tarik woild be better
2019-09-29 00:51
confidence >>> firepower
2019-09-29 00:53
tarik more confidence
2019-09-29 00:53
"Ok. We gonna lose".
2019-09-29 00:55
EG are doing rly good hes not gonna leave
2019-09-29 01:35
people dont seem to realize stewie is the reason they won all those tournements
2019-09-29 00:54
+1 for name
2019-09-29 00:55
+500 for name and comment
2019-09-29 00:56
cyx | 
Switzerland HUFTGOLD 
People don't seem to realize the only reason of liquid winning those trophies was because Astralis stepped down. Midget2k = usual eu global elite; just in a tryharderino mode
2019-09-29 01:31
Mongolia bozgor 
Astralis going on a vacation is the only reason they won anything
2019-09-29 01:34
+1 cocky2k is a moral booster for liquid bois
2019-09-29 00:54
Brazil Florastation 
no he isn't Astralis managed 4 majors whilest looking absolutely dead inside talking trash and sucking dick isn't enough to make a team become tier 1 and win everything
2019-09-29 00:58
i am not big stewie fan but look how many trophies they won without him and how many they won with him..
2019-09-29 01:01
honestly he grew a spark in everyone especially twist, I think he can leave now. +simple
2019-09-29 01:05
Switzerland LordVoldemort 
winning what exactly?
2019-09-29 01:32
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