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Na haters come here
daps | 
United States spirtualtalker 
Na is good now (cerq is EU but he is built in NA CS) Nobody is making callouts, getting extremely excited over 1v1s is not callouts Astralis still has 4 majors, EU isn't shit Bucket head is god ESL NY is the best esl tournament alongside cologne Give NY a major please Stop crying please, so butt hurt over good na teams. This didn't happen in 1.6,nobody cried over regions. Csgo just has so many baby brained kids playing, get off hltv you're too young.
2019-09-29 22:55
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NAF | 
United States skzl_ 
2019-09-29 22:56
United States gingaaCS 
2019-09-29 23:10
Yeah stan vs gla1ve on inf had no crowd interaction at all kkkkkk d0g
2019-09-29 22:58
Im in the fucking arena, nobody said he's behind you or anything. They just said "Ohhhhhhh". That isn't a callout. It happens in every crowd. It's a natural human reaction.
2019-09-29 22:59
When u aim at someone thought smoke in 1v1 and the crowd goes loud out of nothing u probably know that hes there, i dont think they can hear some bettors screaming callouts
2019-09-29 23:02
That hasn't happened yet. Not one of the pros has gotten a smoke kill which was indicated by the crowd. They usually scream after the kill.
2019-09-29 23:06
Not a smoke kill, but a information gain becuz of crowd cheering in intense silent situations
2019-09-29 23:07
i have a question about the arena is it cold in there or hot?
2019-09-29 23:26
United States dev_number1_ce 
NA teams are 100% NA idk why people say they are part EU
2019-09-29 23:00
cerq is an na player. he has been in na for years, his english is perfect, he has na playstyle, etc. bulgarians keep trying to claim him because their scene is completely dead, so is most of europe. nt eu
2019-09-29 23:01
That too. Bulgaria has no representation. So claiming him as EU cs is retarded. He came to NA because it allowed him to express himself and now he's a part of the NA machine. So he is na.
2019-09-29 23:02
nt na
2019-09-29 23:03
nt norway LOL only rain to show
2019-09-29 23:03
Finland pokka 
Except cerq has said he will always want to represent bulgaria
2019-09-29 23:17
fakeflag? or u just don't know how to write? lmao
2019-09-30 00:29
Bulgaria _Hattrick_ 
NY doesn't deserve a major. Only if a NA team plays, will the crowd cheer loudly. Sydney deserves a major. The crowd is fucking amazing!
2019-09-29 23:02
Nigeria Eruptor 
2019-09-29 23:03
Bulgaria _Hattrick_ 
Lisbon, Sydney and Cologne are the holy trinity of contenders for an amazing major
2019-09-29 23:08
Finland pokka 
2019-09-29 23:18
Bulgaria _Hattrick_ 
The 3 I mentioned haven't had a major(only cologne had but that was a long time ago) and they have the potential to amazing. Especially Sydney. Katowice had a major this year.
2019-09-29 23:24
Finland pokka 
yeah in sydney the crowd wouldnt be as biased as in eu or na
2019-09-29 23:25
coming from someone sitting 4 seats in kinda dumb JAJAJ JAJAJ JAHA WTF MENS
2019-09-29 23:03
People here are cheering over plays astralis is making. There is a very good portion of na astralis fans because it is very hard to hate astralis. They are legends. The stream does not hear it.
2019-09-29 23:04
Bulgaria _Hattrick_ 
Sydney's crowd is much better IMO. Just ask the entire forum if they hate Astralis and you'll have 85% of the ppl saying yes.
2019-09-29 23:08
+1 hey volvo pls stop fucking us US west people over
2019-09-29 23:30
NA major is hard because many teams have issues getting visas.
2019-09-29 23:08
Germany 0b1_ 
yeah good to see EG play so well however I hope in the future all tournaments use sound proof booths
2019-09-29 23:09
And bulletproof, the freak security at Barclay's doesn't even properly check bags. I snuck in food and it's not allowed. They don't even detect bags though metal detectors. I could've snuck in a gun.
2019-09-29 23:13
Germany 0b1_ 
2019-09-29 23:14
2019-09-29 23:21
LUL eu trying to make excuses they are getting rekt
2019-09-29 23:27
stopped reading at Nobody is making callouts, getting extremely excited over 1v1s is not callouts
2019-09-30 00:30
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