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Why no teams wanna those IGLs?
Frankie | 
Canada Scareagle 
NBK, Kioshima and AleksiB are freee agency. Each one of them can be decent IGL for a top tier team
2019-10-01 01:05
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>kio >igl pick one
2019-10-01 01:05
k thought he could do the job cuz he was the IGl in ESL ONE NYC for g2 but only on Inferno and Overpass. G2 won 2/3 of those maps against ence and liquid
2019-10-01 01:14
Bulgaria slaughtersun 
i'm pretty sure amanek was igl
2019-10-01 01:18
Read the interview. #2 is correct
2019-10-01 01:21
2019-10-01 01:18
NBK washed up, Kio isn't an IGL he is support player. Aleksib probably already developing a team now.
2019-10-01 01:17
NBK and Aleksib isnt free agents or i miss something
2019-10-01 01:19
France iLekaa 
NBK- is benched from Vitality (replaced by shox) and Aleksib is benched too (replaced by Sunny)
2019-10-01 01:25
and ? Thats doesnt mean they dont have contracts
2019-10-01 01:28
France iLekaa 
Yes that's what I intended they aren't free agents if they were free agents it would means that their contracts has expired (sorry for the misunderstanding)
2019-10-01 11:13
allu | 
Switzerland Jeded 
It's hard to make an IGL like Alexsib work, he's a really structure IGL so getting veteran players to play under him is probably a big challenge, I wouldn't be surprised if he starts from scratch with new players
2019-10-01 01:27
United States CrewCS 
He's already tied with NBK to create a team
2019-10-01 01:45
Everybody's playing disgusting right now.
2019-10-01 11:13
GuardiaN | 
Brazil Anux 
2 of these are french. Nobody like frenchs. They dont use shower. Stinky guys arent good partners.
2019-10-01 11:28
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