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someone fucking take him please
2019-10-01 02:31
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NP coL will
2019-10-01 02:32
Doubt they kick Shahzam.
2019-10-01 02:33
Sweden meistr0 
Rofl WARDELL >>>>>>> Shah
2019-10-01 02:34
ofcourse but their CEO lick Shahzam's balls
2019-10-01 02:43
United States Hubterbean 
+1 probs hairy too
2019-10-01 02:57
can confirm
2019-10-02 02:01
Russia Korlenin 
Shahz is good. Hes just not had the best support of teammates. He will shine with the new team i bet 100%
2019-10-01 03:18
United States vikingswine 
2019-10-02 00:59
they should tho
2019-10-01 02:34
Let’s build a juggernaut
2019-10-01 04:36
maybe faze
2019-10-01 02:33
steel sick rickeh wardell infinite
2019-10-01 02:35
Hiko | 
Sweden FaZeKennyS 
rickeh???? LOL
2019-10-01 02:35
fair enough, i wouldve liked +rush instead, but he just got signed by col rickeh was by far not the worst player on coL tho, at least at the major
2019-10-01 02:37
no he wasnt the worst if you look at the stats he 100% was the worse player in coL maybe not statically but teamate and stuff didnt you see his twitlonger or whatever where he said they didnt let him awp unless he picked it up after a round from the enemy team because he was that bad
2019-10-01 15:06
col played like 3 games over 6 months. overall, then yea but during the major rickeh and sick were the stronger players. shahzam was crap, dephh was crap, obo didnt do great either.
2019-10-02 00:58
obo is young talent so you gotta keep him sick you should have kept instead of rush but now you have rush so idk shahzam can stay aswell he is really good but just seems to choke against better players obo, shahzam, sick/rush, blamef and someone
2019-10-02 01:53
id prefer blamef stay in denmark tbh. if he went to north theyd highkey be a really good team. -aizy/gade and throw in blamef to igl, you now have two super strong fraggers in kjaerbye and valde, plus a strong fragging igl. all they need now is a good awper lmao for coL, id keep dephh. he was probably their strongest player before he had to igl. id like for col to use an na igl, but not a whole lot of options exist
2019-10-02 01:59
I just used blamef because coL signed him obv he would probably be better off in North or some danish team or even european but he is signed by coL. I dont know much about dephhh but you can get alot of good NA riflers compared to awper so rather stick with shahzy than dephhh
2019-10-02 02:02
well dephh is a rifler, so. dephh, shahzam, obo, rush/sick, blamef is basically what coL have rn
2019-10-02 02:03
I know dephh is a rifler that is why they should cut him and get a good rifler because na has 100000 better riflers than him
2019-10-02 02:05
like i said he was probably the best rifler on col before they made him igl
2019-10-02 02:08
so? they are cutting everyone all of them were pretty bad you gotta keep obo because he is a young talent shahzam gotta keep if you want an awper from na sick you should keep because he and rush are about the same and sick probably has more potential blamef they picked up and he is the caller and then you get maybe fugly or some more supportive player
2019-10-02 02:10
New Zealand Eauor 
2019-10-01 02:37
EZ major
2019-10-01 03:02
Canada _CTRL_ 
maybe add swag on there too instead of rickeh lmao
2019-10-01 03:24
SicK and rickeh suck
2019-10-01 04:47
shox | 
United States finedenim 
he's overrated shut up with this wardell shit
2019-10-01 02:37
Brazil furia_fan 
2019-10-01 02:38
2019-10-01 02:39
i mean people +1 you but thats not true.
2019-10-01 02:41
shox | 
United States finedenim 
Explain to me why he's not overrated s1mple and wardell are both the same age, why does wardell have 0 achievements in his career
2019-10-01 02:47
2019-10-01 02:48
shox | 
United States finedenim 
the post maker of all people should give me an explanation
2019-10-01 02:49
shox | 
United States finedenim 
Or just answer me on your alt, lul, typical 0iq thread
2019-10-01 03:01
you're not worth my time dawg nobody normally functioning thinks age is a factor that should make you a better gamer
2019-10-01 03:25
shox | 
United States finedenim 
never said it was the sole determining factor, but you think it's irrelevant that many people his age have achieved much more? Brehze for example, cerq who's even younger? Why has wardell achieved nothing, you're proclaiming he's super good LUL. But hey, expected answer, "not worth my time", so you won't give a response LUL. Because you don't have one, just another dumb 0 IQ thread from a degenerate such as yourself. If you're going to spam then go to reddit please.
2019-10-01 04:09
you have 1 thread made dawg go bait somewhere else
2019-10-01 04:34
shox | 
United States finedenim 
I'm baiting If I don't spam the forums? xD. Still waiting for a reply on why Wardell deserves a good team, but I doubt you'll be competent enough to give me that.
2019-10-01 04:50
0/8 he's obviously not s1mple level and developing in EU makes you better. Wardell shows true potential. Not for an immediate tier 1 pickup but for a tier 2 team to take a chance, it's dumb to not take him. His awp is consistent and strong.
2019-10-01 02:52
shox | 
United States finedenim 
You say 0/8 but give me vague terminology of him being easy tier 2, wtf does that mean? I see him being a better version of JDM in a sense, but just for awping, and not for anything else. Developing EU only excuse? S1mple was playing on Hellraisers in 2014, wardell was playing ESEA open, surely more to it than what you're saying.
2019-10-01 02:54
well you "see" what you want to obviously. He is a competent rifler. Also, your argument is extremely fucking stupid
2019-10-01 02:55
shox | 
United States finedenim 
Seems pretty straightforward, the US isn't turkey or africa where the scene is extremely small and you have almost no chance of moving forward. The "see" part is clearly on your end where you just say "he good awper, and rifler and good at everything" and I'm supposed to believe that? Leave the internet
2019-10-01 02:57
shox | 
United States finedenim 
Sometimes I'm ashamed of my own country when I see people like you argue with your IQ
2019-10-01 03:03
Denmark baccster 
+1 Although in the clips of him I watch it makes him looks like he's versing master guardians with his movement.
2019-10-01 04:15
he needs to be picked up by c9 instead of mixell I think that is the only option for him in NA
2019-10-01 02:44
Liquid needs to upgrade their asian bad. Current one is absolute trash. Plus theyll have a dedicated awper so we can stop watching NAF and nitr0 whiffing and losing duels to dedicated awpers.
2019-10-01 02:44
nitr0 doesn’t whiff
2019-10-01 03:04
United States YANGGANG2020 
wardell to renegades -grat +wardell
2019-10-01 03:05
he is probably going to col with moose and an 1.10+ rated eu player. then they are probably going to get some confidence online and then will reflect that onto lan. so i expect a early 2018 nrg or avangar performance from col. maybe espiranto. even scream works for the 5th.
2019-10-01 03:15
shox | 
United States finedenim 
coL is a failure waiting to happen, and your suggestions don't make sense. If after the initial 10 roster swaps nothing improves, what makes you think these newer players or people from lower levels of play will take this roster to a higher level? Not to mention how often they replace players, it feels like a clown festival.
2019-10-01 04:12
cuz i have been watching this game and most these players since 2012. especially na players. and i kinda figured most of these dudes ould break out when they were still playing main. so trust me when i say this if they get those 2 + randy it will work. then its all up to how blamef leads and calls in english and rush. rush on a stable enviroment is a t1 team player. moose and wardell did individually proven themselves on t1 lans as well. im not saying they will be a top team for sure but it is a given they will be around 8th to 15th. they could also try to poach dudes like autimatic, k0nfig. they got the money. hell, even sick can be return back to form under a good leader and a functional team. i mean he was playing with shahzam and dephh..
2019-10-01 04:42
shox | 
United States finedenim 
proven themselves in t1 lans. not really. Neither player has any achievements under their belt, and Jason Lake as an org owner has almost 0 clue how to build a proficient CS roster. To poach good players who are still contracted? Won't happen. They just invested in an EU IGL who they think will take this team to the next level and RUSH who was basically a free pickup. coL has been like this for years and has shown little improvement. Just because you've been watching NA games since 2012 doesn't infer the internal structure of organizations and their poor decisions roster wise. Every player breaks out in a different way, it's not at all similar. sick is also a pretty mediocre player, how long has he been here and how often is he noticed as a pretty skilled player? Almost never. Shahzam has been in the scene for so many years and I think he's just a doomed player, dephh is actually trash.
2019-10-01 04:56
roster stability is not rocket science. alo org, owners and etc are not that important to a roster unless they are super hands on with the team. j lake isnt hands on. he is noisy. he doesnt meddle with his teams. this one is different because he has got money now and cs is his passion. col also had the best roster until c9 poached them. and they also had decent rosters after that one. the eu igl is afucking helluva player. he can still mad frag and lead. also the results were decent. coaches and the leaders handle team related business. no t1 na player had any achievements before getting onto a top team or creating one. they just individualy shined on mediocre rosters. wardell and moose attended a couple of t1 lans or t2 lans with top teams. they had good individual stats. hence if you put them all together they might achieve something. that is how this usually works. sick is an unmotivated player. when he was motivated he was great. online, on lan, against huge teams. in his first actual lans as well. just check his events. dude won open main, and premier in succession. when he ot recruited to pro teams he was always up there until his teams imploded. misfits imploded. rosters were full he went to rogue.(he could ve gone to nrg before ethan if he waited) didnt have many chanes on a dysfunctional col. kio and flusha were shite. they played some onine matches against lower tier na teams. they had no pressure. they actually reversed their forms. some players just need a change o scenery.
2019-10-01 05:16
shox | 
United States finedenim 
It's more complicated than that as I'm somebody who has played up to premier and some professional matches, I understand it a bit more. I actually used to play with SicK and Brehze back in Open and Main a while back but I ended up stopping the game to do more real life stuff. I understand that the game can be unforgiving and that you may not have the best opportunities, teams that may not live past half a year or other organization factors that take your role as a player into something more complicated than it has to be. It's one thing when it's a new team and they're just molding themselves onto a new plaster, but it's another when it's been a few years and it's somewhat repetitive. The way I see it is that this has an extremely low chance of changing anytime soon and they'll ultimately become forgotten players. People really do overhype alot of pugstars, tenz is a perfect example and I don't believe he deserves a spot on C9 in any way shape or form. However It is what it is and anything political cs wise is something I hate getting into.
2019-10-01 05:20
2019-10-01 04:51
he is building a juggernaut
2019-10-01 04:54
I heard in a couple of streams that Wardell has burned a lot of bridges in NA
2019-10-01 15:08
+1 davey said that he has disciplinary issues and that coL might not sign him because of his in-game attitude. (peakers advantage w/ devilwalk)
2019-10-02 01:01
Ukraine beazztov 
Complexity or cloud9 must sign him
2019-10-02 02:08
10:30really weird vs Corvidae
really weird
13:30BIG vs Brute
11:00CR4ZY vs Movistar Riders
Movistar Riders
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