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People bragging about their country's achievements
China super_mario_64 
Like HAHA just saw this topic on front page about someone calling Finn's boring and then there is this guy like going hard on the comments about how Poland gave up at WW2 like LOOOOOOOOL? these people talking like they are the ones who made it happen. And I totally understand how being proud from your own country but having to spam stuff like that all day in HLTV AYYYYYYY!!!! Toxic people Smh my head :( double shake because it hurts me For all the girls out there in HLTV DM me B^) Cool Story Bro heje
2019-10-02 01:29
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United States 1for1discount 
dont care and neither does anyone else on here
2019-10-02 01:30
Germany 6 worldcups and 2 world war win cry
2019-10-02 01:32
German proud of the genocide of millions of Jews
2019-10-02 01:36
2019-10-02 01:38
never forget the 6 goriilion jews that died in the H O L O C A U S T
2019-10-02 01:45
bad goy, stop mocking the 6 quintillion jews that were strapped in to the holocauster and sent flying into the oven
2019-10-02 01:49
it never happened 👁
2019-10-02 01:55
German proud over loss
2019-10-02 01:38
we won both
2019-10-02 01:39
wrong only by the grace of the French are you an independent nation
2019-10-02 01:39
EU is ours
2019-10-02 01:49
That I can't deny
2019-10-02 01:57
United States PsychoLogical 
so wait, you’re proud of the millions of Jews, Poles, and other slavs that your country massacred in WW2?
2019-10-02 01:46
Why would i be proud of the death of innocent people?
2019-10-02 01:49
China super_mario_64 
Being honest guys I was just feeling lonely and wanted more people to reply :(
2019-10-02 01:34
f0rest | 
Argentina Nawll 
2019-10-02 01:37
10:00CLEANTmix vs Izako Boars
Izako Boars
14:00North vs BIG
15:30GODSENT vs Illuminar
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