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Only Liquid
Denmark simple_0_major 
Only Liquid gets these chokes. No other top 10 team in the world chokes like that. No excuses. -Stewie +Brehze/Ethan
2019-10-03 13:21
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EG players won’t leave for Liquid, stop dreaming.
2019-10-03 13:22
3 replies
very true!
2019-10-03 13:23
Probably true, but i don't know any other good NA players
2019-10-03 14:16
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They don’t need an NA player, they can recruit jks, his contract ends soon and he’s a beast.
2019-10-03 14:23
-Elige -nitr0 -stewie +tarik +skadoodle +autimatic
2019-10-03 13:24
6 replies
so funny
2019-10-03 13:27
5 replies
name checks out
2019-10-03 13:28
4 replies
i checked . not wrong . i told you
2019-10-03 13:29
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If Ska will back he gon' fuck 'em all no cap
2019-10-03 13:30
2 replies
i dont think so. he will not come back
2019-10-03 13:32
1 reply
If he will yes If he won't no That obviously, yes
2019-10-03 13:36
Like Iv been saying. Good CT side bad T side Good T side bad CT side Liquid isn’t clicking as a team since player break.
2019-10-03 13:25
5 replies
Not winning every force buy either.
2019-10-03 13:26
If elige isn't on a good day to carry these bots they lose.
2019-10-03 13:27
Still Liquid #1 greatest of all time time, fuck those haters
2019-10-03 13:52
2 replies
0/8 I know u and ur posts. But they lost #1 after this event.
2019-10-03 14:19
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They may lose #1 spot at rankings but nobody can't take away their GOAT status
2019-10-03 14:24
they should get autimatic, badly needs to get outta C9 and have a fresh start
2019-10-03 13:26
3 replies
no. autimatic is not an upgrade over elige, naf or twistzz, and he can't IGL and isn't an entry.
2019-10-03 13:27
2 replies
i'd drop stewie for him
2019-10-03 13:29
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And lose an entry? 0IQ
2019-10-03 13:48
na players are burgers.
2019-10-03 13:26
Astralis used to choke like that. For quite some time really. I think being consistently at the top of your game is one of the hardest things to get going in CS. Getting to the top is hard, staying there is harder, that's why "eras" are so impressive.
2019-10-03 13:26
-stewlul +auti
2019-10-03 13:27
-stewie +denis everyone is better than stewie2bot lol
2019-10-03 13:28
- stew + jks
2019-10-03 13:29
forgot legendary chokev1ce in TSM days?
2019-10-03 13:29
liquid ERA???))))
2019-10-03 14:17
-stewie -nitro +kennys +aleksib
2019-10-03 14:18
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