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I think Grayhound is about to do what Furia did in Dallas. They will fluke really hard and make it to the semis. They will get eliminated. Then they will move up the HLTV ranking into the top 10. Then they will fall off. GG wp from Grayhound, but let’s see if it was a fluke tournament. And btw, why is NA getting so much shit from EU? I doubt Astralis got this much shit from NA when Furia beat Astralis.
2019-10-03 16:13
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Finland level3onfaceit 
Its not a fluke if they go deep in this tournament people should understand this
2019-10-03 16:14
United States NotASmurph 
?????????? So Flukia not a fluke? NA not a fluke? Wtf mens, why is Europe so bipolar
2019-10-03 16:15
Finland level3onfaceit 
Well personally i think that if underdog team plays well in one tournament, its not a fluke just pure skill and good preparation
2019-10-03 16:17
So you are saying Flukia is not a fluke?
2019-10-03 16:19
Finland level3onfaceit 
Basically yeah
2019-10-03 16:20
Well, that’s fine. Its the same as thinking Cloud9 at Boston wasn’t a fluke. Flukia and Fluke9 are both great examples of flukes.
2019-10-03 16:22
You dont win many majors by luck
2019-10-03 16:24
I would say for c9 it was much more of faze choking not so much skill. Obv they did have a lot of insane rounds but alot of how they played in the actual final was very reminiscent of FPL you see them play in their streams. Along side that Karrigan even admitted they choked hard. As much as I love c9 they should not have won that major
2019-10-03 19:27
"I doubt Astralis got this much shit from NA when Furia beat Astralis."
2019-10-03 16:15
Why did you quote it.
2019-10-03 16:18
United States NotASmurph 
They got a lot of shit but NA gets more shit no matter who they lose to. Even if they win NA is shit on more then EU is shit on when EU loses
2019-10-03 16:19
Exactly, EU always has something to cry about. And I say, CRY MORE LULW.
2019-10-03 16:20
ofc grayhound will fall off from beating world #1 team, they are based in australia lmfao, prove me wrong though boys <3
2019-10-03 16:25
Liquid not #1. Astralis is clearly #1.
2019-10-03 16:51
??? Liquid (862 points) ??? Astralis (774 points)
2019-10-03 16:53
That will change soon.
2019-10-03 19:12
Canada thelegend27 
grayhound vac banned check hltv
2019-10-03 16:52
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