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C9 roster fix
Qatar PrisMcsgo 
-mixwell +Wardell -someone +stew
2019-10-03 23:46
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United Kingdom Sky_Nightmare 
I wanna say swap stewie and auti but idk i feel like Auti has just stopped trying lately
2019-10-03 23:47
Sweden crittaN 
not surprising considering hes stuck on c9
2019-10-03 23:53
frozen | 
Canada Swume 
+1 hard to have motivation stuck in that shithole for over a year
2019-10-04 00:06
yeah hard to do your job when you get paid 10k a month:PPP
2019-10-04 04:26
Sweden crittaN 
How do you know his salary?
2019-10-05 00:50
Iceland BuioCS 
he played pretty well recently
2019-10-04 00:03
Why? He's had a readjustment period with his rifling but over the past few games he's been playing well. And theoretically, I think joining Liquid would motivate him like nothing else.
2019-10-04 00:05
United Kingdom Sky_Nightmare 
That's true and i think it would be a great move for them just saying he is unmotivated and it may affect his chances of being picked up by Liquid
2019-10-04 00:10
Latvia T45TY 
honestly auti for stew
2019-10-03 23:49
2019-10-03 23:51
Sweden bakish 
Just buy EG, they should be cheaper then $3m after Dreamhack :Pp*PpPp
2019-10-03 23:51
-cloud9 +tricked
2019-10-03 23:51
Latvia T45TY 
2019-10-03 23:53
too ez for god hunden mens))
2019-10-04 02:27
disband /closed
2019-10-03 23:52
United States jay_320 
As a C9 fan who literally almost cried after Boston if this Daps team doesn't show real promise in 6-9 months they should disband. Because at that point they will be wasting what is left of Autimatic's career which could have been and hopefully still can be very very high level. I'm not even kidding either. C9 has been out of the top half of CS for too long. Just sell the pro league and ECS spots while you have them and let someone who gives a shit run things because Jack doesn't clearly. Too much wasted time/talent. I think Tenz is going to be a future star so I really hope this team becomes good and they don't he doesn't get sucked into the churn. C9 used to have ALL the NA mind-share. They have like 5% of it now. This team has to work or all that good will built up will be gone.
2019-10-03 23:59
+1 they need to show more. This was supposed to be the chosen roster. The one that would bring C9 back to the top and I believed it. So far TenZ has been pretty inconsistent, but that's to be expected considering he just came onto the scene and he's getting used to playing against top tier players. Koosta I think has been actually very good for the roster and I don't understand why people are calling for him to be kicked. If I'm being honest if they were to make roster moves this second I think he and Auti would be the only roster locked players. Autimatic just transitioned back to rifles and he was shaky those first few maps, but slowly got back into the groove of it and his game picked up quite a bit. Daps honestly looks the worst out of all of them because not only is hos fragging power pretty low, his strats look outdated almost like he's still playing in 2018. Finally, Mixwell has been hugely inconsistent but we all know the skill ceiling is there. I think he is probably the biggest question mark in the roster and potentially the player that could either pull them out of this slump or make it crash and burn harder.
2019-10-04 03:48
i am praying that things will turn around for them. this is the chosen team, the team that will bring c9 back into the top 10 at least. if it doesn't work out, disband and we should honestly bring back some guys like stew, or ska, or n0thing. these are all great players that still show promise.
2019-10-04 03:51
Me too, brother. Although I truly think if this roster fails C9 will pull out of csgo because there just aren't a good mix of experienced and inexperienced talents that could replace the ones on this team unless they were to go international or European. C9 are used to being a top caliber team in whatever esport they invest in and I just don't think they could disband and put together a tournament contender
2019-10-04 03:58
autimatic wardell tenz meyern felps
2019-10-04 00:00
Portugal R4nger)( 
don't change sharks just yet lets wait a little more .
2019-10-04 00:01
i like them but i dont like drunky and jnt is meh boltz felps exit luken meyern this roster would be lit
2019-10-04 00:03
Honestly... with the way it's going Drop mixwell Drop koosta +moose ( recently left reunited ) +Wardell ( main awp, and decently skilled) Lineup Daps Autimatic Wardell Moose Tenz Definitely better than what they have now and at least could get them into the top 30 again
2019-10-04 00:15
United Kingdom SkaTyce 
Defo drop koosta for wardell but I think mixwell could still succeed in this lineup
2019-10-04 04:02
Mixwell is inconsistent really, I just think Wardell would excel in daps structure. Koosta is just terrible, so picking moose over him is no brainer. If we keep mixwell Then you wouldn't pick up Wardell. So. Daps Autimatic Tenz Moose Mixwell? It's possible to still break the top 30 with this lineup so.. Yeah fair enough, either could work.
2019-10-04 04:24
-Autimatic +NAF
2019-10-04 03:56
13:30BIG vs Brute
16:55LDLC vs TheDice
14:00AVANGAR vs mousesports
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