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Liquid is giving no faith to any of their fans rn. At this rate, Evil Geniuses will shine in NA and Liquid will fall back in the shadows. Liquid needs to get their shit together or roster change ASAP
2019-10-04 23:54
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EU will (and already does) shine and NA will fall back in the shadows
2019-10-04 23:55
EG is rising
2019-10-04 23:56
Denmark FazeUpAssDown 
alright NA xDDDD
2019-10-04 23:57
toxic dane ofc
2019-10-05 00:08
Denmark FazeUpAssDown 
Chill :/ EG is looking strong AF these days
2019-10-05 00:18
lol how was that toxic
2019-10-05 07:36
alright Aussie xDDDD
2019-10-05 08:27
Too bad Germany fucking sucks
2019-10-04 23:59
2019-10-05 00:07
LULQUID upgrade: -stewie +autimatic -NAF +WARDELL
2019-10-04 23:55
hmm interesting but could work actually
2019-10-04 23:56
Germany Fabbsen 
or +Brehze +Cerq
2019-10-05 00:17
EG new roster, dont gonna happen
2019-10-05 00:18
Germany Fabbsen 
i just meant it'll be interesting obviously its most likely not to happen in the near future
2019-10-05 00:22
-NAF +Automatic will bring them to higher heights
2019-10-04 23:56
Hope so, I think that's their best choice atm
2019-10-04 23:56
Germany Fabbsen 
+Brehze and +Cerq would be interesting aswell
2019-10-05 00:18
I dont think EG would five up those two
2019-10-05 07:30
Germany Fabbsen 
me neither but on paper this would be a strong lu and they would actually have a dedicated awper again
2019-10-05 12:16
Why would they kick their best player?
2019-10-05 07:37
Europe letqpena 
Stewie is the urine which makes Liquid piss.
2019-10-05 00:19
uhh weird analogy but k
2019-10-05 07:30
- Stewie2k + Brehze Liquid back on top. They don't need any other roster changes.
2019-10-05 08:10
EG wont give up Brehze, or any EG players atm probably. Unless they swap with a Liquid player
2019-10-05 08:25
gla1ve | 
Denmark flapdur 
I think their roster is good enough, even if 2K has been failing. They are young and can improve. It´s more a mindset problem. Maybe they got carried away by their own succes and were on cruise control. I see their ridiculous "new jerseys for every tournament" as a sign they had arrived at the top and thought they would be safe there for a long time. One month time out, with hard work on map pool and new plays, like Astralis did, and they can be back on top (they are likely to lose #1 spot with new ranking on monday).
2019-10-05 08:21
Maybe, but with a roster change rumor I don't think this line up is going anywhere atm. It's been down hill since the player break
2019-10-05 08:26
it's been weird for them. They lost their mojo during the player break. They're trying new strats but they don't look comfortable with them. They've pretty much went to all the tournaments this year and they seem like the most promoted CS team which means a lot of advertising and PR obligations. Might be a combo of burn out and loss in confidence. It really feels like it's only Elige showing up
2019-10-05 08:34
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