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100T roster announce
Norway Luke Skywalker 
If they really want to compete, just dropping a good idea. - Kjaerbye - k0nfig - poizon - kioShima - Xizt Reasoning: There is no better free agent IGL than Xizt, he isn't on his best but he isn't a bad fragger either, with a good roster he will be just fine. k0nfig said he will grind and become a beast again, him and Kjaerbye have crazy firepower. kioShima the support plus he knows good English and is free agent and poizon one of the most underrated youngsters because he is Bulgarian and not French like ZywOo. Same as CeRq, never gets credit but he is jailed at Windigo and should join a big team.
2019-10-06 11:17
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Turkey Devilevils
2019-10-06 11:19
better than turkish scene
2019-10-06 11:20
Australia Leftistt
idk if Norway should be talking about another countries scene ;d
2019-10-06 11:26
1) I just reply like that when the one replying isnt making an agument and just says something shitty like this guy 2) If Norway assembles a team it will be top15, what about TUrkey?
2019-10-06 11:27
Do u really think a team like Jkaem rain Cromen Hellzzerk Gradisfaction or some shit like that would be in top 15??
2019-10-06 11:29
just jkaem rain and hallzerk are needed for top15
2019-10-06 11:32
Netherlands ZoMilan
I think it could, with some luck
2019-10-06 11:32
Do you think Gratisfaction is from Norway?
2019-10-06 22:32
2019-10-06 22:36
i meant radifaction
2019-10-07 15:11
2019-10-06 11:29
space soldiers was rank 12 men wtf
2019-10-06 11:32
lmao xantares isnt even turkish so space soldiers rank 12 is irrelevant, fakeflagger german carried them
2019-10-06 11:33
Australia Leftistt
2019-10-06 11:37
his parents are turkish so i donno what you are on about and he/his family speaks german when interacting with each other, enough said.
2019-10-06 11:39
Australia Leftistt
XANTARES? XANTARES was born in Istanbul, Turkey. Idk what German ur talking about it could be either Gob b or Ngin
2019-10-06 11:40
yeah cus being born in somewhere makes you the countries citizen, his parents have been living in germany for his whole life.
2019-10-06 11:41
Xantares and his family have no ties to Germany. They emigrated from Macedonia in the mid-1900s. But they are Turk and Muslim
2019-10-06 11:50
nice lies, he is from germany, stop spreading false information.
2019-10-06 12:14
If HE is from germany why cant he speak german?
2019-10-06 22:41
he can.
2019-10-06 22:42
i heard that he cant wtf. how do you know this?
2019-10-06 22:43
Croatia DNM_ii
He can't. He was taking lessons for BIG.
2019-10-06 22:50
you cant prove that, i do take english lessons and im fluent in english.
2019-10-06 23:35
Yikes very much obv bait. But you got them lmao
2019-10-06 22:43
Australia Leftistt
1) Alright fair point 2) Norway has multiple talents but it's a honest fucking shame Apeks nor Nordavind is working out currently. Norway has insanely talented players. As does Turkey, they have woxic who is an insane player and extremely hardworking. XANTARES who has dropped off a lot recently due to reasons idek he plays very well in pugs and was a fucking beast in OnlineSoldiers. Calyx is an overrated player by the Turks but overall he showed his talent in OnlineSoldiers and he's playing well in Windigo Maj3r fucked his career by joining LDLC but he showed HUGE fucking potential as an IGL Ngin has stepped up his game recently in Demise Paz who is another very talented player, shame he had to bench himself on SpaceSoldiers for a while due to his mother passing on Immorr and l0gicman are two both insane awpers and the future for Turkish counter strike. And then you have no namers who are decent like Eneshan, Furiousss and Beyaz
2019-10-06 11:35
>Mirbit >no name pick one
2019-10-06 11:34
Australia Leftistt
Oh shit it was a mistake ty for correction mens
2019-10-06 11:34
2019-10-06 11:35
Look bot scenes can create a good team that could reach top15 but both wont because their best players play abroad
2019-10-06 11:36
Australia Leftistt
And there's much more opportunity for those players to play abroad as well, it allows for the scene back home to expand.
2019-10-06 11:37
Agreed, for Turkey its sad about "mini" he was an amazing talent and idk where he is now, paz was very decent too, both got lost, as for Norway, hallzerk could ez play for international team and Marcelious is decent too but then theres Mystic one of the biggest wasted cs talents
2019-10-06 11:41
Turkey Armades
mini is playing for Demise now.
2019-10-06 13:16
2019-10-06 12:40
0/8 you're trash at making/fixing teams
2019-10-06 11:21
You are right, that's why whenever i say a team fix change it almost always happens. Stupid idiot I said that Jamppi would be on NBK-Aleksib roster I said smooya to return to BIG I said HEN1 to FURIA I said -Zeus and everyone said he is fine Just stfu idiot
2019-10-06 11:23
Australia Leftistt
-Smooyas return to BIG was obvious asf -Everyone already KNEW that Zeus was retiring Btw I gotta give credit you did guess that Jamppi would join NBK-Aleskib so props to that
2019-10-06 11:28
Yes u are right but many people hated when they learned about smooya return and said they will be worse same as when they heard about -zeus they said navi will be worse, and suddenly they call zeus a BOT. there's many more players i called but u will see
2019-10-06 11:29
Australia Leftistt
You see a lot of people on this site are fucking clueless when it comes to cs idk why you listen to anyone.
2019-10-06 11:34
This comment.
2019-10-06 23:12
You're pathetic, read the comments on your threads, 90% is negative comms
2019-10-06 11:28
Your comments ofc, you always hate my threads for no reason, if u dont agree dont comment. U hate my lineup with no reason, why do u care? Why dont u tell me ur lineup to see the "so damn good" lineup u have compared to mine?
2019-10-06 11:30
90% of negative comms are mine? Lul, you're fucking pathetic, i barely reply at ur stupid threads. Why i don't tell my own lineup at ur threads? Cuz i'm not stupid team fixer
2019-10-06 11:34
cuz u dont know shit about cs, stop replying to my threads u disgusting creeper
2019-10-06 11:34
> - Kjaerbye - k0nfig - poizon - kioShima - Xizt >i don't know shit about cs LUL kkkkkk, you're literally zero at cs, clueless kid that just gathers up all best available players and put them in one team, your knowledges are pathetic. You keep creating those team fix threads but don't see the problem at faze lineup, if you were competent you could clearly see this faze roster has more weaknesses than advantages. You keep rejecting all my arguments towards faze, saying "they just added two new players, give them time bla bla bla". That's why i hate u, cuz you're biased fan, you can't think objectively. You're biased faze kid that keep fixing all the teams in the world but not faze, yet all those other team fixes are fucking GARBAGE!
2019-10-06 11:43
Here we go again about Faze, stop being obsessed. I don't do about fucking faze because they just added two new players, why tf would i do? I like the roster and idgaf if they lose now that it's early days. As for my roster, this roster would have huge potential, stop saying bs even yourself wont believe deep inside
2019-10-06 11:46
hahahah you seem to not even read my post properly "You keep rejecting all my arguments towards faze, saying "they just added two new players, give them time bla bla bla". " "if you were competent you could clearly see this faze roster has more weaknesses than advantages. " YOU'RE FUCKIGN BIASED!!!!
2019-10-06 11:49
Did u even read? I said they just added 2 new players and there a lot of strong competition with all these teams improving massively, why would they change anyone after their first event with 2 maps and 0 practise? are u mental?
2019-10-06 11:56
DAMN, you seem to be even more stupid than i thought. It's fucking pathetic you can't read properly, you just keep on bending your line no matter what. You're already in my "stupid hltv users" list but now i should add one more list and call it "unique retards". It's conversation is over, talking with you is equally talking with a monkey. /closed
2019-10-06 12:11
Croatia DNM_ii
Except kio just joined Heretics and I doubt North would let another players go if they loose valde to OG. Poizon maybe and Xizt is literally the only player on your expected team that might actually go there.
2019-10-06 22:59
i posted it b4 kio got announced
2019-10-07 01:51
2019-10-07 01:50
Windigo is looking better than this team LOL
2019-10-06 11:21
in ur dreams maybe
2019-10-06 11:24
LoWeL Poizon Styko Xantares Dycha Coach: Jamppi Very good
2019-10-06 11:28
Australia Leftistt
Looking at Jamppi being the coach gives me a fcking headache
2019-10-06 11:36
sorry i meant jumpy xd
2019-10-06 13:29
Hungary fasomlul
jamppi is not a coach xDD jumpy is one
2019-10-06 12:33
sorry xd
2019-10-06 13:29
The core of aleksib and nbk is just pretty much more proven than what youre suggesting
2019-10-06 11:33
every single player i mentioned is proven
2019-10-06 11:34
Proven in creating new teams from scratch? Proven as an IGL?
2019-10-06 15:15
2019-10-06 11:36
name a better free IGL i will wait
2019-10-06 11:37
it's better to have none than xizt
2019-10-06 13:57
2019-10-06 13:58
i expect something like letn1, ottond, espi, jks, jkaem and then bench letn1(as a coach for major spot) and sign for example kio or maybe some player that you mentioned whole lineup for free and with major spot.
2019-10-06 11:37
But that won't happen because crzy alreay announced new roster
2019-10-06 11:38
still can happen. according to sources their contracts are really bad and they can leave if 100T will come with good offer im pretty sure that players would accept it
2019-10-06 11:38
But why announcing emi and Shipz then and not just buying the 3 core players?
2019-10-06 11:41
i dont not saying that it will happen but it could if 100t will offer them(espi, ottond and letn1) good offer with good salary...and they can leave crazy anytime without buy out
2019-10-06 11:45
It would be the most reasonable thing to do, but now that shipz and emi are brought in i think it's too late, i would give this cr4zy roster a chance but i would 100% sacrifice emi and letn1 aka major spot for 2 much better players. As for 100T i think Nadeshot just said it for attention about the new shop for 100T. It's taking so long it's boring
2019-10-06 11:49
"i would 100% sacrifice emi and letn1 aka major spot for 2 much better players" they can just do what hr they can have only espi and ottond in their starting lineup and list someone as coach and keep major spot
2019-10-06 11:52
yeah could, i hope they impress either way
2019-10-06 11:55
Gade - entry, 2nd caller Aizy - support Msl - igl, awper Cajunb - lurker Kjaerbye - whatever role he Has rn
2019-10-06 11:39
Decent roster apart from the fact xizt is an awful igl
2019-10-06 11:43
good team but the worst igl possible
2019-10-06 12:01
Norway poolchamp
gtr and guardian
2019-10-06 12:05
maybe: kjaerbye MSL hallzerk tenzki aizy
2019-10-06 12:13
you my friend know nothing about xizt and how shit he is as a igl -1 from me
2019-10-06 12:41
Dexter jks Sico liazz Ins
2019-10-06 13:31
xizt ._.
2019-10-06 13:59
jks tabsen IGL jkaem poizon awper tizian support you would ruin 3 teams but i think it would be worth it
2019-10-06 15:19
tabsen igl? bruh, free him from the igl duty hes legit a top 10 player
2019-10-06 22:36
then -tizian + a good IGL but who?
2019-10-07 01:45
Fetish 🤠
2019-10-07 03:10
Better then xizt
2019-10-07 03:23
Croatia mds818
Xizt is shit(can't frag, can't call) Kio is taken
2019-10-06 22:48
kio is in heretics
2019-10-06 22:51
Albania og_quiche
i like the idea of building a team around konfig and kajerb
2019-10-06 22:55
North America karalumano
should consider msl. msl igl vde kjb kfg jgi
2019-10-07 03:19
Albania og_quiche
yeah not to bad, jugi is fools gold tho
2019-10-07 04:33
United States theory^
No one wants to go to NA they should just buy renegades and go from there
2019-10-06 23:36
LOL. KioShima sucks.
2019-10-07 01:47
They are already buying out the renegades players.
2019-10-07 03:13
North America karalumano
lol xizt is fnatic problem look where they at after kicking bot xizt
2019-10-07 03:18
-poizon +cromen
2019-10-07 03:55
North America onionmesh
kio just 2 year sign
2019-10-07 04:35
2019-10-07 04:45
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