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Scoobyxie is really good
Morocco xXxDragonSlayerHDYTPRO777xXx 
He could be in navi, but noooooo they signed guardian... Maybe he can find a spot in forze / winstrike -bondik +scoobyxie would be huge
2019-10-07 19:14
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still sure that sdy would be the best option for navi
2019-10-07 19:15
scoobyxie >>>> sdy pls, he is just a baiter that has impact 1 / 3 maps, scoobyxie has been carrying vega ALL the fucking matches, he is too good for him
2019-10-07 19:16
don't really like the comparison between a guy in not even a decent t3 teams playing with even worse opponents with a guy in a decent t2 team even visiting t1 events with a good performance
2019-10-07 19:18
Winstrike -bondik -krizzen/lack1/El1an(If they dont perform) +sdy +scoobyxie
2019-10-07 19:20
ok then we found the solution
2019-10-07 19:21
AM | 
nt scoobydoo
2019-10-07 19:21
2019-10-07 19:22
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