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Hungary subzera what do the stars on your flag mean? they look like theyre placed randomly. do you know how many stars your flag has? would you be able to draw the flag and put them all in the correct spots?
2019-10-08 03:35
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Brazil NahT_ 
27 stars in total, 26 being 1 for each state and 1 for the federal district, about the stars places i have no idea
2019-10-08 03:37
Hungary subzera 
interesting. what does ordem e progresso mean
2019-10-08 03:43
World Sins 
order and progress but this is not the truth, nt b8zera
2019-10-08 03:45
device is the goat
2019-10-08 03:46
Brazil NahT_ 
means order and progress "Ordem e Progresso is inspired by Auguste Comte's motto of positivism: "L'amour pour principe et l'ordre pour base; le progrès pour but" ("Love as a principle and order as the basis; progress as the goal)"
2019-10-08 03:48
Brazil dr0wning 
+1 can confirm
2019-10-08 03:49
Hungary subzera 
thanks mens:)) i appreciate it
2019-10-08 04:11
Brazil NahT_ 
no problem hf
2019-10-08 04:25
GuardiaN | 
Brazil Anux 
Progress and order are order/call words usually in progressist and totalitaries governments... Thoughts that did guide leaders was founding the new republic.... Anything like this.
2019-10-08 04:27
xeta | 
Korea minixeta 
Its how the stars are placed in the sky of the southern hemisphere
2019-10-08 05:12
The stars symbolize our 26 states and the federal district. And no, I don't think I'd be able to do it.
2019-10-08 03:38
Brazil Bina1 
shit flag
2019-10-08 03:42
Brazil lazaiko 
2019-10-08 03:58
Brazil NiceBrazilian 
Empire's flag was better, btw this one stills good
2019-10-08 05:00
Brazil Sputy 
the stars are in the same position as it is in the sky... some constelations like "cruzeiro do sul" can't be seen above the ecuador line, so you probably never saw those stars
2019-10-08 03:50
2019-10-08 04:33
Brazil aquaplayy 
The distribution of the stars on the Brazilian flag was made from the characteristics of the sky of Rio de Janeiro, on November 15, 1889. On the day of the fall of the Brazilian Empire and Proclamation of the Republic
2019-10-08 03:56
each star represents some cry baby in 2016 and 2017 which had suicided after hear "CRYISFREE"or "COLDZERATOP1" "FERGODTOP1"
2019-10-08 04:22
Hahahahahahahahahaha boa
2019-10-08 04:27
GuardiaN | 
Brazil Anux 
Non-mom kiddu talks something bullshit um internet
2019-10-08 04:28
Forward Brazil
2019-10-08 04:27
You know , even tho i think the Brasil flag is great , i think the Argentina flag is better because it has no meaning , it can mean whatever you want , symbolizes a lot our far right libertarian beginnings. The Argentina flag imo is just cold , clean water bands with a silver stripe in the middle with capitalism warm in the center (originally ofc thats not right now) , Brasil flag is more like well maintained grass with a diamond shape gold plate and a water pool circle , silver band and grass or diamond letters.
2019-10-08 04:39
+1 lul
2019-10-08 04:47
Brazil NiceBrazilian 
Of course we know, since we are loyal and smart xd They represent each state of the country and the federal district, and "ordem e progresso" means "Order and Progress".
2019-10-08 04:58
2 majors 5 world cups 10 piston cups 1 nobel prize 3 world surf cups 6 pack boys everywhere "Ordem e progresso" mens "Bolsonaro is a dictator, free Lula"
2019-10-08 05:07
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