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Peek advantage
Germany k0rb1 
Sometimes I feel like peek advantage is just shit.. Face it lvl 8 but getting rekt while holding angles.. Mb my reaction just bad today but Im really pissef.. Just saying
2019-10-08 12:14
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cyx | 
Germany Shadyy89 
Yea they should check them pc and game
2019-10-08 12:15
Maybe they using game deficit
2019-10-08 17:19
ZywOo | 
France Zywho 
ZywOo insane cheater
2019-10-08 23:19
what is game deficit?
2019-10-09 08:54
That’s part of copypasta by some indian (zywoo skilled enough but this very very insane... maybe he using game deficit, need to check him pc and game)
2019-10-09 09:06
2019-10-09 09:38
ZywOO skilled player but that is not normally, This very very insane....They need to check him pc and game.....Maybe he not cheating but maybe he using the game deficit ...and this cant seem on game screen..He needs to check-up....Day0s FPL Cheater with Streaming.....I think day0s still cheating...Zyw00 using game deficit on PRO scene ,ON BIG Events.Maybe everyone dont knows him trick.He incredible....I want to ask his where is the comming of your skill's ?
2019-10-09 10:06
buy 144hz and take better angle ez win
2019-10-08 12:15
2019-10-08 12:18
buy 240hz monitor and g pro wireless mouse, gg ez pz
2019-10-08 12:36
Why g pro wireless?
2019-10-08 13:23
Gives you freedom like America did to middle east
2019-10-08 13:33
What type of freedom you can get from a mouse?
2019-10-08 14:07
2019-10-08 16:02
literally WIRELESS
2019-10-09 11:08
Sweden swediztann3 
Shit mouse just buy a ec2-b divina and a paracord cable
2019-10-09 09:57
bullshit, g pro wireless is the shit
2019-10-09 10:59
Sweden swediztann3 
Shit shape only positive is that its wireless but a paracordcable + bungee and its solved
2019-10-09 11:16
shit mouse, rival 650 wireless a way better
2019-10-10 11:20
Finland rolezK1 
I feel you, i play scrims against 3k elo people and rekt them but then get fucked in faceit by some random retarded peekers
2019-10-08 12:15
Sweden FujinWoW 
Dont use common angles then????
2019-10-08 12:15
forsaken | 
Germany noirGG 
kannst valve für diesen drecks netcode thx sagen
2019-10-08 12:16
Csgo best netcode All other games are worse Either get better reactions or don't play online
2019-10-08 12:52
aha sag das mal der desync wo es bei dir aussieht als würde dir der gegner im laufen oder im sprung geben du dreckshurensohn
2019-10-08 13:15
give me a game with a better netcode i never said, csgos netcode was good, only better than others, so its the best. Doenst mean its actually good and stfu, 15 year old silver
2019-10-09 08:52
rede doch nicht von irgendwelchen netcodes wo du weder source kennst noch überhaupt weißt wie das funktioniert, machst dich eh nur lächerlich du fucking kid
2019-10-09 09:43
15 year old mad kiddo trying to tell me I don't know what I'm talking about. Lmao
2019-10-10 17:15
hallo wat?? hows a netcode good when a 100 ping guy gets advantage against a guy w 30-40?
2019-10-08 13:17
Thats wrong
2019-10-08 15:56
yeah, thats what im talkin about
2019-10-08 15:58
actually ppl with lower ping have advantage over others who have higher ping how ever the difference is not noticeable and cannot make profit of it unless your ping is over 200ms than your hitreg and movement would be bad still ppl with lower ping have advantage over you
2019-10-08 22:35
have u heard of lagcompensation? yeah bruh it aint cod2 where the guy w the big ping got fucked
2019-10-08 22:41
yes it is high ping = killed ez
2019-10-08 23:09
heaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheahea BEST NETCODE, REALLY<?>
2019-10-08 15:31
give me a game with a better netcode i never said, csgos netcode was good, only better than others, so its the best. Doenst mean its actually good
2019-10-09 08:51
PUBG heahehaehahehahehaehahehahehaea
2019-10-10 11:21
Lmao :D
2019-10-10 17:16
he is just a retarded fucking kid who baits without a reason
2019-10-09 09:48
best netcode? You are joking right now right?
2019-10-09 09:52
Then give me a game with better netcode Csgo might not be great but better than all other competitors Ever played pubg, battlefield or call if duty? Complete dog shit netcode
2019-10-10 17:17
Europe tweekzter 
I have to agree. CSGO netcode is great, compared to most other games.
2019-10-10 11:39
Malaysia ez4harimaumuda 
what is peaker's advantage
2019-10-08 12:16
Nigeria H!elo 
u have advantage when peeking from ur right side
2019-10-08 12:17
like u appear faster than the person holding the angle could see?
2019-10-08 12:18
no, you will see the opponent before they see you
2019-10-08 12:20
oh nvm actually same explanation as yours
2019-10-08 12:21
What you're talking about is camera&model misalignment which favors peeking to right side. But when most say peekers advantage they mean lag compensation which is why it's different on LAN. If you held correct angle (right-eye) and you get peeked with left-eye then you have the advantage.
2019-10-09 10:04
thanks man
2019-10-09 11:12
Nigeria H!elo 
sadly yes
2019-10-08 12:35
2019-10-09 10:03
Finland mustiGOD 
u just getting rekt by prefire, u probably holding shit angle
2019-10-08 12:17
peekers advantage is only true when you as a peeker knows where the enemy is. you have the advantage as a peeker when: 1. you know exactly where the enemy is 2. its almost(but not) a prefire 3. you dont have 3rd world internet speed otherwise, the angle holder still has advantage. lots of novas keep peeking an AWP/stupid angles cus "muh peekers advantage"
2019-10-08 12:19
3. Very relevant for Israel
2019-10-08 15:58
1 and 2 in incorrect. You might not know exactly where the enemy is, but simply preaiming and clearing each angle as you enter site, is enough to have the so-called "peekers advantage"
2019-10-09 10:10
WRONG peekers advantage is almost non existent it is a fallacy that nova youtubers spread because theyre dogshit at holding angles and cant adjust accordingly to the aggresive peeker its more of a "i have shit aim and therefore cant succesfuly hold my angles" so people come up with excuses like peekers advantage
2019-10-10 09:57
WRONG peekers advantage is almost non existent it is a fallacy that nova youtubers spread because theyre dogshit at holding angles and cant adjust accordingly to the aggresive peeker its more of a "i have shit aim and therefore cant succesfuly hold my angles" so people come up with excuses like peekers advantage
2019-10-10 09:57
Lets agree to disagree
2019-10-10 10:13
Sweden Lagge15 
You could actually have peelers advantage with 3rd world Internet. It is a quite huge issue that the median ping is favored instead of best ping in online servers
2019-10-09 12:10
Dont hold obvious angles dummy
2019-10-08 12:19
Lol silver mm talking😂😂
2019-10-08 12:21
Says the guy who CANT HOLD ANGLES Fuck me you are dumb as dog shit
2019-10-08 15:15
Lol dude add me for some silver matchmaking Omegalul u mad little 16 yr old
2019-10-08 15:29
Imagine using twitch emotes in an argument and having the audacity to call me 16
2019-10-08 15:39
imagine being a shitty person like u and being actually 14 yrs old
2019-10-08 17:02
"being actually" You sure im the 14 year old?
2019-10-08 17:15
Other Phinks 
Don’t feed the...
2019-10-08 23:14
Try to awp more, it trains your reaction better.
2019-10-08 12:37
Czech Republic realProkda 
Play mm vs silvers = ez win
2019-10-08 12:44
It depends, if enemy prefires often holding an angle is a bad idea
2019-10-08 13:17
-Dont use common angles everytime, try to catch them by surprise. -Learn your reactiontime (how far you need to aim from the corner to hit them as soon you start shooting, because usually people overpeek so its bad to hold too near to the corner) -Try to jiggle corners, again the person to peek first has the advantage so dont stay still for more than few secs, it also makes your reaction time slower because you are looking at a still image -If you have cover that you can peek for more than 1 spot alter between them, makes it much harder for them because they have to flick to the otherside while you can imagine them allready in your head when peeking. -Sometimes if the enemy knows where you are (example behind quad on A cache) its better to just not peek. Let ur teammates kill them on a crossfire while they focus on you and after your friend starts shooting you can peek aswell
2019-10-08 13:25
i would correct something in the last one: 'after ur friend dies, u can peek aswell' now its correct
2019-10-08 22:43
2019-10-09 09:02
United States KKonian 
Holding common angles never works when going against peekers advantage. Just an instant headshot
2019-10-08 13:26
7k hours played. Gold nova 1. Im a really sick at peek advantage but always bad teammates((
2019-10-08 13:31
flag checks out
2019-10-08 13:33
I think its pretty good tbh
2019-10-08 13:34
smooya | 
United Kingdom 1ARMgod 
brother would you like to queue some time?
2019-10-08 15:18
Peakers advantage works only if you know enemy's position so your reaction time would be much better its like you are prefiring but your not
2019-10-08 16:00
United States Troglxdyte 
Peekers advantage isn't really a thing in csgo. There's a YT video explaining why this is. When somebody peeks you, you actually see them for a longer amount of time than they see you. The peeker usually kills you before you shoot because they're anticipating an enemy to be where they peek. Anticipation speeds up your reaction time
2019-10-08 16:14
Indonesia Exodd 
Just play MM
2019-10-08 17:17
Move left and right while holding angles EZ
2019-10-09 10:19
I'm lvl 1 and always ferraripeeking n00bs like you 😎 😎 Sit down boomer 🤣 🤣
2019-10-09 11:10
Peekers advantage is a myth caused by early criti isms of csgo, notably the clipped video from n0thing. Regardless if it exists or not, since it does not apply on lan play either way therefore practicing is just letting in bad habbits. If there is any advantage to peeking then it is fact that angle holder in the moment is stationary target, thus easier to kill. However peeker still have to react and counterstrafe before opening fire, thus adding some delay. Additionally peeker have to avoid stopping in middle of enemy's crosshair placement, thus making it worth peeking wide rather than reacting as fast as possible. Meanwhile angle holder is already ready and aligned to press mouse1 at blink of an eye.
2019-10-10 10:19
Wrong. Depending on your role, wide peeking is never optional. You often expose yourself to multiple angles with a grester risk of facing two people at once, or with little to no chance to escape after 1 kill. Only new people prefers to widepeek beacuse it's easier and doesn't rely as much on pure aiming skills.
2019-10-10 10:19
I think peeking is almost always a suicide, unless it's a prepared scenario. There is no easier target, than one stops right where your crosshair position was aimed at to begin with. Depending on map circumstances you can ascertain where unlikely will be multiple people holding same angle.
2019-10-10 10:32
The chances of you shopping exactly in the middle og the enemies crosshair is very small. But yes, it should never be an advantage to peek unless the CT is making a mistake by being in a bad position. But doesn't make the peekers advantage any less real. You have a higher reaction time, stationary enemy as well as moving yourself (even it's not that much)
2019-10-10 11:18
There isn't much of a wiggle room where for player to stop by reacting naturally. Player with good crosshair placement knows exactly where to aim for that. Do you mean somehting like for onetapping peeker in head? From my experiences that's fool's errand to go for headshots against peeker.
2019-10-10 11:26
Man dis gaem is shit. Quit it.
2019-10-10 10:20
Don't think so, ofc there is such thing has prefire, spots that usually there is people, and people actually can't react fast enough, but other than that holding an angle is way stronger, and that's what's bad with this game, to many shit on the map, that creates a lot of spots and angles.
2019-10-10 10:30
Only peekers advantage i believe in is davey's show with semphis. topkek cs podcast. i recommend 20/20
2019-10-10 10:32
sakula | 
Other kaiske 
peek them instead
2019-10-10 10:33
s1mple | 
India YETl 
If the peeker has high ping, the angle holder is screwed
2019-10-10 11:29
Not neccessarily. If peeker have high ping, it'll also take that delay for his shots to register. Rather opposite is the case, if angle holder have high ping then he's screwed. p.s. maybe this is where the myth comes from. The higher ping the more risky is to hold angles, thus leaving peeking as more viable option.
2019-10-10 11:33
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