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snake under obama, snake under trump. reagan/bush looked the other way when saddam was killing the kurds with cyanide gas. now trump is treating them like a used condom. look at russian allies most of them more or less have a state/independence despite having to have fought NATO forces on the ground and EU/US maximum bullying. Eastern Ukraine fighters had Surface to Air missiles. they even shot down a dutch passenger air liner by mistake if i am not wrong. kurds are given 3000 AK-47s probably taken from taliban 20 years ago and told to go "figure this out" kurds have been on that land for 2000-3000 years, turks showed up 800 to 600 years ago, despite this kurds can not have a state the size of northern cyprus, but dont worry if you "convert to become turks" then the butcher in Ankara might let you live.
2019-10-10 09:45
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WHiTE | 
African Union black1ch 
2019-10-10 09:52
it's turkish lands
2019-10-10 09:56
religion checks out.
2019-10-10 16:42
Stop telling lies about our great nation
2019-10-10 10:25
Czech Republic I_eat_burgers 
The USA is a nation but mediocre
2019-10-10 10:34
I think you meant "big nation" or "obese nation" right ??
2019-10-10 16:59
Once great nation I could accept, but Trump made a joke of it and the GOP has allowed the joke to become a tragedy. The Russians must be laughing so hard, the little money they put into Trump has been such a great investment. Clearly greed and vanity ruel the US now, with more than a third of the nation either buying the lies Trump is selling or not caring due to fear that the invading armies of refugees will take everything away - again more lies by Trump and the GOP.
2019-10-10 19:49
United States FarCentrist 
I want george bush back.
2019-10-10 22:47
United States jay_320 
Fuck me the truth hurts.
2019-10-10 23:42
Why you think vietnam ended as a loss? Simple. american government promised to bacvk the south government after america pulls out if the north invade again... well the north then continue to invade the south and america looks the other way. 0/10 allie i think america is worsts allie in the world. not a true friend
2019-10-10 10:29
if i am taiwan i'd be scared shiteless. there is absolutely nothing stopping china from taking it militarily. nevermind hong kong Israel would be in even worse shape than the kurds today if it didnt have nukes.
2019-10-10 13:11
Don't forget South Korea on your list.
2019-10-10 19:50
No, not the worst. Check it out
2019-10-10 21:51
The winner takes the prize. If they want to survive they need to defend themselves.
2019-10-10 10:32
snake under obama, snake under trump. reagan/bush looked the other way when saddam was killing the kurds with cyanide gas. now trump is treating them like a used condom. America put Sadam in to power R-tard, we also supported Bin Laden.
2019-10-10 10:35
United states of Two-Faced Toledo
2019-10-10 10:44
United States of USA
2019-10-10 13:12
they did it 2 you as well. remember obama cancelling missle defense in favor of "advanced technology". i fear we are headed towards massive nuclear proliferation because that seems to be only way to ensure defense for most ppl
2019-10-10 13:23
last great POTUS was Kennedy
2019-10-10 16:44
yea probably
2019-10-10 16:47
you mean Truman
2019-10-10 21:47
North America 007DBR9 
Truman cringe
2019-10-10 23:15
Truman was one of the last real mens)
2019-10-11 07:42
>Turks showed up 800 to 600 years ago Expected history education from a burger Check "battle of manzikert"
2019-10-10 16:50
>> thinking kurds were not there many many many centuries before turks showed up >> giving lectures about history pick 1 and then go back to your country to help kill some more kurds.
2019-10-10 17:04
>thinking kurds were not there many many many centuries before turks showed up when did I say that you delusional basement warrior?
2019-10-10 17:08
Netherlands Lurox 
Stopped reading at "treating them like a used condom" because i roffl'd and went to type this.
2019-10-10 16:57
2019-10-10 17:11
what is "lul"?
2019-10-10 23:03
North America 007DBR9 
2019-10-10 23:16
2019-10-10 23:37
North America 007DBR9 
2019-10-11 00:48
Lol. "lul" - is perverted senseless beacon
2019-10-11 01:31
United States Trump2020KAG 
I agree about the Kurds. Except the weapons part. They have America gear and weapons. But with out our air support they are just sitting ducks for Turkish air support. Trump pulled a scumbag move on this. They deserve our backing
2019-10-10 17:03
wrong. not only do they lack air power or any kind of air defenses, but also they have been denied anti-tank or MANPADs at the request of turkey for the last 5 years. They were even denied requests for long range sniper rifles because it scared Turks from the start. They are literally fighting tanks and f-16s with AK-47. Even Iran backed houthis have better than this
2019-10-10 17:08
here see this: its houthis shooting down a saudi f-15. they appear to be using an air to air missile improvised and removed from a MIG-29 Iran must've smuggled it there hidden among potato "humanitarian aid package"
2019-10-10 17:14
United States Trump2020KAG 
Oof. F-15?? That’s a ancient beast. Any half modern technology could shoot that thing down. All that money Saudi got and they still rock out with f15ssss. Even tiny ass countries like Netherlands who don’t fight wars with anyone got 35s
2019-10-10 17:50
?? are you high ?? I was saying houthis are 1000x better armed than kurds. you repeated the bs "massive amounts of weapons and money" that he was tweeting. AK-47 is not massive amounts of weapons and money
2019-10-10 18:47
United States Trump2020KAG 
I think u got the wrong idea about me. I against Trump pulling out of Syria I’m against Turkey invading. I support the Kurds. I think 100% we should be backing them. I think the Kurds should just fall back let them have the so called buffer/safe zone. They still have a good portion of the land in Syria.
2019-10-10 18:53
i dont care how much land they have. we cant give them armor piercing rounds because it might offend turkey, we are not gonna recognize statehood no matter what. its also not like we are gonna protect them from assad/iran/russia Trump is the biggest snake/cuck i've ever seen and he is gonna get everyone following him killed. he did this to paul manafort and michel flyn as well. half of his staff are sitting in prison on trumped up charges with bs political trials in washington dc's communist activist courts. rudy guiliani is up next. watch him get charged on some lobbying mis-registration charges or some other bs and CNN call him a felon. trump will sit there in cuckold and watch. as soon as he is out of the white house they'll get him too. and i dont think any1 will give a crap anyway
2019-10-10 19:31
Even if he speaks like a total retard sometimes, Trump is a logical man. He had to make a choose between Turkey and some sand gangs with AK47s. On the one hand he has Turkey; - A long time, westernized partner of NATO. Actual country with rooted history&state mechanism, has 82m population, probably the most westernized majority muslim country on earth (good role model for other muslims) On the other hand he has 10-20k gangs without actual country, no institues, no tradition of international relationships..etc a total gambling So, he mad the sensible choice.
2019-10-10 17:07
You are wrong on so many points. - Turkey is a de facto dictatorship. Not a great role model. - The Kurds did the heavy lifting dealing with ISIS, the US turning their back on a ally is such a bad move. The right move for Trump would have been to insist that Turkey needs to stay peaceful and find a solution with the Kurds, that would have send a good signal to the World and would have made for a much better situation in the long run. Now instead who will trust the US on anything, already Trump has stepped away from the Paris accord, the Iran deal, the TPP, burned friends with tariffs, choosing dictators over allies.. and now this.
2019-10-11 00:00
spineless nation full of spineless people it's expected
2019-10-10 17:07
Agreed. UK talking LUL.
2019-10-10 17:09
sorry let me correct myself spineless retards
2019-10-10 22:25
United States EZ_FOR_NINJAS 
i love u 🤤🤤🤤😎
2019-10-10 17:10
Hungary Hunnic_Empire 
butthurt kurd spotted
2019-10-10 18:52
nope. butthurt turk spotted.
2019-10-10 19:00
Yes, that's true. Allies of Russians receive very good weapons in exchange of future energy projects. Maybe if you offer America something, they'll send you better weapons.
2019-10-10 18:58
United States EmperorTrump 
Living in Midwest for 6 years, haven't seen a single snake. Nt canadacuck but our country is still Greatest.
2019-10-10 19:33
Protect yourself, we can't babysit you people. I fucking hope China becomes the most powerful country, and they put an end to ZOG.
2019-10-10 19:34
i dont know what Protect yourself means? just stay away from usa and trump and you wont end up like paul manafort. as for middle east, it was fucked yesterday its fucked today. it will be fucked 2mrw. only with nukes most likely.
2019-10-10 19:42
Hobbit | 
Iran Tajik! 
They have been snakes for a long time already
2019-10-10 19:40
u r wrong, russians shot down dutch passenger air liner.
2019-10-10 21:42
thats what i said. the point was that russia gave SAMs to its ally usa is leaving kurds to rot. not who was operating the system at the time you dumbass. what is it with Ukrainians as soon as you say something about ukraine they get enraged and correct the record LUL
2019-10-10 22:41
Including those who pressed the button were russian regular army people. All operation was organized, controlled and executed by russia.
2019-10-10 23:13
I guess u call russian puppets - colaborants on Donbas as "Ukrainian fighters". Typical russian propaganda. Ukrainian fighters are soldiers and vovolunteers who defend Ukraine from russian agressors.
2019-10-10 21:48
If Russia wanted, they would take Ukraine for long time ago. Stop that hate pls
2019-10-10 22:45
United States gtmaniacmda 
we just do what Israel wants, don’t blame us
2019-10-10 21:51
what do u do if israel is gridlocked then?? like now
2019-10-10 22:43
United States FarCentrist 
Retarded move by trump. Turkey is an enemy to the civilized world.
2019-10-10 22:49
Fact, USA put Sadam in to power as our puppet. We funded Bin Laden in Afghanistan. What do you expect? The plane was shot down because Putin was coming back from a trip flying over Ukraine and it looked like his plane. Notice how that story vanished, they tried to say it was the Russians that shot it down but realized it was not and just stopped talking about it.
2019-10-10 22:51
you are forgetting that 9/11 was an inside job and corn pop was a bad dude
2019-10-11 01:06
blaming the US is the dumbest thing you can do. they are the reason why pkk/ypg stole the territory of syria. never forget that. this pkk/ypg kurds should kiss the feets of USA and be thankfull that they got 1/3 of syrias territory.
2019-10-11 01:12
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