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The Game Changers!
Belgium drcasual95 
did u watch this documentary / movie? its pretty interesting and if its true they have been lied to us since very long time. our ancestors all have been vegetarians. the roman empire and their gladiators/soldiers have all been vegetarian. meat industry, just fkin around with us guys im telling u.
2019-10-10 16:56
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2019-10-10 16:58
I watched this. but I dunno what to think about it. also funny that Arnold Schwarzeneger is slowly becoming a vegan and still staying in crazy shape.
2019-10-10 16:59
2019-10-10 16:59
All mages, witches and aliens are vegetarians. All ancient wisdom races were vegetarians. /close
2019-10-10 17:07
idk about your ancestors but mine were meat-eaters...
2019-10-10 17:11
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