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flusha cheating clips
Slovenia LiL_SMRKY 
Since some new and unexperienced matchmaking players in my last thread started claiming it's just a coincidence, i'll post a few more flusha clips aswell as many other blatant cheating clips from the past, just to show people who weren't following CS those days that cheating was blatantly present. Note that these was couple of years ago and these aimlocks rarely happen these days, cheats are coded and made way better these days, i'm just trying to show everyone the fact that cheating was present on pro scene and there is no reason why it couldn't be present these days, players who cheated mostly got away with it but that doesn't mean they should keep getting the support of the community. Pro's talking about flusha and other pros cheating: Flusha's aimlocks explained (watch this if you don't understand how these low fov aimbots worked: Flusha few more clips: Thoorin and Richard Lewis discussing these clips: Subroza (an upcoming talent) cheating online aswell as high tier lans: Thooring on Subroza clips: k0nfig blatant failed aimlocks: Niko's locks: Byali: There are of course many more, search for them yourselves. tl;d cheating was blatantly present on pro CS:GO scene in 2014-2016 because older cheats weren't coded as good as the new ones, and to be honest, it was getting ridiculous to see those blatant aimlock fails.
2019-10-11 20:12
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who cars, obv he suked gabens dick, u cant ban him now
2019-10-11 20:13
cars.. suked? fucking bird brain
2019-10-13 18:18
shox | 
Europe Toxic91 
newfag spotted
2019-10-13 19:09
newfag spotted
2019-10-13 19:12
Feel free to post some of the clips and videos you found most blatant, just to educate the newer audience, also please try not to spam and insult each other, i understand that most of you are just some casual matchmaking players and you DON'T WANT TO believe that cheating was/is a thing on pro level of CS but try to keep an open mind and keep the discussions civil. Also, once again, please watch the aimlock explanation videos just to understand what's going on, i'll post a few down below:
2019-10-11 20:18
2019-10-12 02:33
And what's wrong with the video i posted? He literally explains everything perfectly.
2019-10-12 02:43
It`s because Dan M became a MEME.... despite the fact that he always said the right things about cheating.
2019-10-12 03:30
World memyselfandI 
So, because he is a meme, you choose to laugh at him instead of going with him, when you agree with him. You are superfucking beta mate. Not standing up for yourself, but choosing the most popular road instead.
2019-10-13 16:41
I didnt say that i mock Dan M... btw i agree with a lot of things Dan M says.
2019-10-13 23:18
koosta | 
United States yghj 
ok no he didnt ALWAYS say right things about cheating. also he got banned so hes an idiot cheater as well. There is a place for people who analyze cheating clips but i dont think that these people who are analyzing them are the ones needed to bring these issues into mainstream discussion. I legitimately believe i would do a better job than these egotistical posers like koncept and DanM
2019-10-14 01:34
0/8 bait
2019-10-13 19:14
Romania decis1ve 
reported for being stupid as hell
2019-10-12 18:51
2019-10-13 19:19 golden locks onto dupreeh through half the map shox getting some aim assist onto the second target while peeking before switching to the closer player simple, the fastest aimbot in the wild west. these clips are about 1 week old. they all still cheat, they just got a little bit better at it. just a little bit.
2019-10-13 19:17
You can't be serious with this shit ahahahaa
2019-10-13 19:24
watch that last clip from simple in slow motion and tell me that you think he actually moved his mouse with his hand there
2019-10-13 19:26
ahahaha are you dumb? The reason pros spam walls is because they think a person might be behind it s1mple's crosshair movement is always like that, watch clips of his stream and everything
2019-10-13 19:27
exactly, he aimbots all the time
2019-10-13 19:34
are you dumb he moves his crosshair like that not only when he aims at an enemy ahaha
2019-10-13 20:24
are you dumb his crosshair is snapping to an enemy at elevation through an unbangable wall why on gods green earth would you do that if you arent aimbotting, and how.
2019-10-13 20:28
why dont you download some of your own demos and see that you in fact happen to have your crosshair cross over an enemy through a wall all the time
2019-10-13 20:36
cross over but not stop on most of the time. and the few times that it does stop on an enemy, i dont actually know that it stopped on him so i dont get any info from it. cheaters do get info from it and thats how you can tell they are cheating. if they dont use the info, their cheat is useless, if they do use it, they can be spotted.
2019-10-13 20:38
also, legit players dont usually stop their crosshair in the middle of an unbangable wall when they hear someone shooting close to them on the map. they tend to keep their crosshair in places where they can actually hit enemies.
2019-10-13 20:40
he stopped it for literally half a second IF THAT, your evidence is so retarded
2019-10-13 20:41
half a second is about 3 times as much time as i need to spot him when he toggles
2019-10-13 20:41
his aimbot can literally do a 180 in less than half a second, its configured that fast
2019-10-13 20:42
ok im convinced this is bait now
2019-10-13 22:05
if simple wanted to spam the wall, he would just aim at 1 of the 2 wood walls and spam it at the right time. instead first he locks on to the enemy to see which side he is running to and then spams that wall. he was even a bit late with the spam, probably because he realized he fucked up with the aimbot.
2019-10-13 19:37
Nowadays pros dont cheat. Maybe before, but not anymore. /closed
2019-10-11 20:15
And why is that? It's just something you want to be true or do you have an actual argument about that? btw. it's obvious almost nobody uses these blatant low fov aimbots, that's why you don't see any more aimlocks happening, at least not often.
2019-10-11 20:16
Its not worth it. Why would pros on top level risk their career?
2019-10-11 20:17
How do you think some of them got to the top? Why do you think blatant aimlocks suddenly stopped in 2016/2017? And nobody says "all pro's cheat", not even most, but cheating always was and it always will be present, considering cheat coders will always be ahead of anti-cheat teams, nothing will change unless tournament organisers start taking drastic (realisti) measures such as providing players with new equipment on lans, it's shocking that we're in 2019 and pros bring their own equipment from home, some even have custom made mice.
2019-10-11 20:21
problably the same guy that work for the anti-cheat team also works as a cheat coder, and sells it to pro players
2019-10-12 19:14
Maybe it stopped because hacks got better
2019-10-13 16:39
serious question: how old are you? did you ever see any other sports? why would a tour de france pro use steroids and risk anything? obviously to stay at the top so fucking hard to understand?
2019-10-11 21:21
What have I done to you?
2019-10-11 21:23
I just dont like naive and dumb people, thats all if you are at the age of 12 everything is fine though
2019-10-11 21:25
Why do pros make mistakes when aiming? Why do they miss easy kills sometimes? Why is inconsistency a thing if you're cheating?
2019-10-11 21:30
its like 1000 times before, you are the one who has no fucking clue how they used cheats back then. it wasnt just for aiming, it was much more for getting info do you believe they trigger it on every kill? tell me how inconsistent fnatic was back then serious question: you really believe besides kqly, smn and sf no pros were cheating?
2019-10-11 21:34
Did you even read my comments?
2019-10-11 21:36
i reacted to #8
2019-10-11 21:38
Maybe read the previous comments before replying to know the context
2019-10-11 21:40
JaCkz | 
France xVrael 
If pros used cheats on a regular basis it would be obvious and would get them instantly banned. Simple as that. If there are cheats, they are used for intels during games, and sometimes, flukes happen. As for your comment about why would pros on top level risk it ? Well, not so long ago forsaken did (even if he wasn't at high tier), and even top players like KQLY did it in the old time. So, of course IF there are cheaters still present in the scene (nothing can be 100% sure) then only a few would have the ball to do it on a tournament. But as for the risk, if managed, it becomes quite worth it if you they don't get caught in top tournaments. (Because obviously cash prizes are high). I'm not saying that there really are pro who cheats, but you can't affirm that no one cheats. It is a possibility, and players like flusha make that possibility believable.
2019-10-12 01:17
Someone who believes in a global cheating conspiracy claiming others are naive. Laughable!
2019-10-12 03:20
World memyselfandI 
Many players wouldn't have a career without cheats, you ever thought of that? Sticker money & Prize money. Don't underestimate the value of these. I know one top 10 IGL to be cheating for sure, but will not name him. Anyway. Risk vs Reward is clearly in the favor of reward. People risk jailtime for way smaller rewards, and still you think the scene is legit?
2019-10-13 16:44
"I know one top 10 IGL to be cheating for sure, but will not name him." Source: trust me bro
2019-10-13 16:45
World memyselfandI 
"Nowadays pros dont cheat. Maybe before, but not anymore." Source: trust me bro
2019-10-13 16:47
It was an opinion, you stated that you know
2019-10-13 16:53
World memyselfandI 
You should learn to phrase your sentence as an opinion. Because that's not what you are currently doing. But I do know, and I suspect a hell of a lot of others of cheating. Why wouldn't they? They have a ton to gain, and almost nothing to lose.
2019-10-13 16:57
Almost nothing to lose? They have their jobs to lose lmao
2019-10-13 16:59
World memyselfandI 
Risk vs Reward And many of them wouldn't have that job if it wasn't for cheating in first place, which I already wrote to you, but you choose to ignore it, obviously.
2019-10-13 17:04
We havent had any proof of top level pros cheating in like 5 years. Just 12 year olds screaming VAC in twitch chat when someone has their crosshair aimed at someones legs through a wall. Im ignoring you because Im tired of answering the same arguments over and over again, so please, stop bumping this thread.
2019-10-13 17:15
World memyselfandI 
Stop telling me what to do. And stop acting like I belong to a group of 12 year olds. You are the young one of the two of us, I am 99,9% sure of that.
2019-10-13 17:17
I'm sorry if you feel that way, it was not my intention
2019-10-13 18:09
World memyselfandI 
Now I am going low :D Go back to reddit with that "I'm sorry" attitude! J/K :D
2019-10-13 18:12
just that fact you mention, that in so many years, not a single western pro player has gotten busted for cheating, while prize pools increased massively and anticheat at tournaments seems pretty weak, should be enough of a reason to be very suspicious. in most sports a lot of people constantly get busted for trying to cheat. but not in csgo.
2019-10-13 19:39
what is the risk, if no one ever gets caught?
2019-10-13 19:10
2019-10-13 19:17
see, when you have to react to valid arguments like this, you should know youre on the wrong side.
2019-10-13 19:18
How is that a valid argument
2019-10-13 19:19
if the chance of getting caught for high tier players is 0, and the prize pool at tournaments is millions of dollars, then it pays to cheat.
2019-10-13 19:20
If nobody is getting caught for anything, how can you be so sure that anyone is cheating in the first place?
2019-10-13 19:21
i have eyes
2019-10-13 19:24
I thought #204 was the weakest argument on the thread, but this is the new weakest one /closed
2019-10-13 19:27
again, if you need to be this rude, you probably already know that youre wrong
2019-10-13 19:34
link me any random csgo match i'll send you some clips of ppl cheating
2019-10-13 19:25
How do you know? People will always cheat. In every sport.
2019-10-11 20:33
Source: trust me bro
2019-10-11 20:33
2019-10-11 20:39
Why not
2019-10-11 20:40
you're danish
2019-10-11 21:01
2019-10-11 21:02
where is shox?
2019-10-11 20:16
you really think people will watch all these? aint got time
2019-10-11 20:17
People seem to spend a lot of time playing this game and following the pro scene, i dno't see a reason people wouldn't want to educate themselves.
2019-10-11 20:19
World memyselfandI 
Why waste your precious time telling us this?
2019-10-13 16:45
United States 10YearBansRUs 
evidence /=/ proof
2019-10-11 20:19
Nobody said certain players should be banned based on a clip or two.
2019-10-11 20:24
United States 10YearBansRUs 
Wtf are you talking about, im just saying evidence /=/ proof
2019-10-11 21:05
World memyselfandI 
Tell that to your government next time they are about to invade a country based on (false) evidence.
2019-10-13 16:46
Im living in the UK but i guess your point is still valid ;(
2019-10-13 16:49
World memyselfandI 
Most governments are like that. They present evidence, and act as if is proof. I am danish myself, and the danish government didn't blink an eye when they chose to trust US reports about Iraqi WMD's, based on a tiny vial of false evidence. It's very common nowadays to present evidence as proof. Politicians, commercial workers, journalists, reporters....even scientists are jumping the bandwagon. Speak against global warming using science, and you will be treated as a heretic. IE, the scientific community is becoming religious. Some things are not to be questioned, or you will get the doomhammer.
2019-10-13 17:11
This is a thread about aimlocks dawg
2019-10-13 19:19
there is almost no chance that global warming is either not man made or is not going to kill millions of people. soon it will be similar to denying the holocaust.
2019-10-13 19:20
2019-10-11 20:19
Instead of typing 0/8 because you feel insecure about the possible truth, why don't you watch some of the clips buddy?
2019-10-11 20:22
show me proofs, not random crosshair placements
2019-10-11 20:24
This isn't random crosshair placements, watch the videos explaining what aimlocks are.
2019-10-11 20:25
these aint even locks lmao
2019-10-11 20:26
Based on what did you get to this conclusion? Watch the first video explaining how aimlocks work and comparison to flusha's mouse movement in 2014, literally identical.
2019-10-11 20:28
it was 5 years ago, nobody cares anymore and nobody will unless you have proofs
2019-10-11 20:32
This is proof enough for anyone that understands how cheats work(ed), i didn't say you acn just ban players based on some clips but it's good for waking up the community.
2019-10-11 20:33
ok bcko go play faceit, leave after lost knife round and then go on hltv, create thread where you say that someone who has played like 10k hours and have many years of CS career, casually cheats based on crosshair placement lmao
2019-10-11 20:40
Europe Vallon3 
Your stance changed from ''these aren't aimlocks'' to ''it was long ago, nobody cares anymore''. Pretty obvious you think they weren't legit as well.
2019-10-12 19:06
Germany ayyy 
imagine getting your opinion from a youtube channel called fortnitecheating
2019-10-11 20:34
I don't get my opinion from a youtube channel, i just post videos that literally explain what's happening. You should think with your own head and actually watch the videos instead of deciding to just ignore everything based on your own feelings and desires.
2019-10-11 20:35
Germany ayyy 
1. just because someone explains something doesnt mean its automatically true. just because some morons have arguments on why the earth is flat or the moonlanding was fake doesnt make its a true observation right? 2. "You should think with your own head" "watch the videos" guess you are even too stupid to understand whats thinking with your own head means, congratz on that. 3. i never stated once what my opinion on this topic is, yet you act like i ignore everything based on my own feelings and desires lmfao. if you want to be taken serious you should consider stopping to act like a retarded 12yo that is entangled in contradictions in his arguments
2019-10-11 20:51
"if you want to be taken serious you should consider stopping to act like a retarded 12yo that is entangled in contradictions in his arguments" "imagine getting your opinion from a youtube channel called fortnitecheating" This makes total sense chief :D
2019-10-11 20:51
Germany ayyy 
wanna explain where the contradictions is? do you even have the slighest clue what that word means?
2019-10-11 20:55
You are acting like a child by setting your opinion based on a name of the channel that uploaded a useful video for this discussion.
2019-10-11 20:56
Germany ayyy 
are you the one deciding whats a useful video and what not?
2019-10-11 20:59
Actually yes, in this case i'm providing you with information, based on that argument nothing ever could be used as any sort of evidence or proof.
2019-10-11 21:01
World memyselfandI 
Don't forget that everything you wrote applies to both sides of a party, not only the side you disagree with.
2019-10-13 17:13
Romania decis1ve 
watched all of them. Shut the fuck up mussolini, thx for losing my time with this bait
2019-10-12 18:53
and 9/11 was an inside job
2019-10-11 20:25
This has nothing to do with conspiracies, watch thoorin and RL videos i posted above, people who actually attend these events confirmed and agreed that cheating definitely is/was possible and basically only morality of individuals is the factor, at least until tournament organisers provide players with brande new equipment, which hasn't happened on a single event, ever.
2019-10-11 20:26
Europe Vallon3 
Lmaoooo, imagine actually believing 9/11 wasn't an inside job in 2019.
2019-10-12 19:07
World memyselfandI 
I believe it was an outside job (US government are not the ones orchestrating it, but several parties in the government knew what would happen, and played along with it) "By way of deception thou shalt do war" Google this, and you will find those I suspect to be behind a LOT of terrorism.
2019-10-13 17:16
Even if these cheats are coded by a genius, they are going to have to translate into an in game advantage one way or another, and this can be seen by the movement of their crosshair. so either way if pros were still cheating to this day then it would be possible to detect it just by looking at their POVs, but i'm guessing its just alot harder because theyre probably more slick with it and know how to make it look natural...
2019-10-11 20:25
Just a simple offset on an aimbot would do the trick and players could use it for info without worrying about these blatant clips. There are also very advanced new cheats, such as this that make it completely impossible for anyone to tell if someone is cheating:
2019-10-11 20:27
ahaha stop posting bckos threads, he is mentally instable
2019-10-11 20:28
This is just a random reddit post, what's wrong with it? Contains a lot of usefull informatio, that's like saying "stop posting DAN M" links because he's dumb, still doesn't change the fact he made a lot of valid points.
2019-10-11 20:29
vacsucks is on the same level as conspiracy subs
2019-10-11 20:33
There's plenty of idiots on vacsucks, doesn't change the fact you can find usefull info there aswell, HLTV and vacsucks are the only places where we can actually discuss things without getting censored ;)
2019-10-11 20:34
Flusha disgusting cheater beyond me how people root for that fat fuck
2019-10-11 20:38
No point in insulting people this way, just gives mods a reason to ban you.
2019-10-11 20:37
Oh no what would i ever do with my life if that happens
2019-10-11 20:38
He lost weight though.
2019-10-11 20:42
If he really cheated, imagine how much fnatic won and it was all just fake
2019-10-13 16:55
Same as any other cheaters in whatever sports
2019-10-13 19:08
They should just give 2 majors they won against NIP to NIP tbh
2019-10-13 19:10
Doubt its ever gonna get proven
2019-10-13 19:12
Serbia TheSerb 
Okay so if these players are or were cheating flusha,niko,sub,byali,k0nfig explain why would they stop and why does every player of those mentioned suck atm (i dont mean litteraly suck but compared to theyr old form they are pretty average atm) Niko 1.03 rating K0nfig 1.04 Subroza1.10 ( he played only a little t1 or t2 cs) Byali 1.02 Flusha 1.05
2019-10-11 20:53
Europe twitchy_ 
It's obvious that 3 or 4 years ago you could cheat easily. Why do you think that now you cannot connect and usb directly to the pc, they don't have internet connection, they need to give drivers and cofings one hour before the match, they cannot have their mobile phones on stage...? Because all of those where ways to hack really easy back then, that's why there are a lot of aimlocks from that time. It's common talking that fnatic had a hack where their phones did small vibrations when an enemy was close to them. Is that true? Maybe is not and is a conspiracy, there's no proves about it but when it comes from multiple sources... It's like when they found Kqly hacks, you can find the code out there. Do you think he was the only one using them? That doesn't mean that you cannot cheat nowadays, which I'm pretty sure, some players still do, but is not that common and obvious as it was before.
2019-10-13 17:16
Serbia TheSerb 
You know whats funny about the kqly situation you newboys dont even know the story he never cheated on lan he was testing out software on pugs (esea or faceit) and someone caught him, also 99.9% of hltv users never been to a bigger lan than theyr local game store lan these are just assumptions why hasnt anyone came out with evidence and you also think an org like Esl would close theyr eyes so teams win 150 200 500k? Those are multi bilion orgs if something came out it wouls ruin them. Also it would kill the teams that the suspect was caught on.
2019-10-13 18:54
it would already hurt a lot if something came out, thats a reason for them not to look too hard for cheaters
2019-10-13 20:24
Europe twitchy_ 
Nice try Kqly. Papito loves you. 90% hs on lan, doing hs with awp with no scope. He was banned on that game? No, he was clearly legit and it was pure skill, gamesense, mouse movements and because he's a proplayer and we are all silvers. Am I right? Seriously, this is the last I can expect, people believing that cheaters caught on vac were trying some mouse software or something and they are legit... Esl, dreamhack, volvo or whatever, don't ban pro people with overwatch, they need to take it down using anticheats or it will be pretty hard to put the line where someone has a lucky shot or someone is cheating or they could even get a lawsuit because they have no hard proof. You can look to Pharsyde, they win an ESEA final against X6tence one month ago or something like that. You only need to see the game to see that they where pushing long when nobody was there, they were doing prefires before they have any info, doing wallbangs...some of those players are banned on faceit, but guess what? ESEA anti cheat cannot find that cheat so they are allowed to play on tournaments with money on it doing things like this. You can search for NIP dennis twitter and you'll find how he's complaining about them having to play qualifiers against the same cheaters for Dreamhack and how Vitality Alex says the same. It's not about ruining the scene or covering hackers in a conspiracy, the hacks are simply one step ahead than the antihacks.
2019-10-13 22:03
Serbia TheSerb 
Online qualifiers are different than lans why do those cheater teams never show up at lans. Becouse they cant cheat there they know it you get a new pc from the store with only windows steam and cs admins monitor the pcs so nothing is instaled. You give your config,equipment etc 1 h before match so its checked. Tbh the only suspicious clip of all is the konfig on cache nothing else stands out that much.
2019-10-14 01:30
if everyone has cheats, having cheats is not an advantage anymore these days the acceleration on the aimbots is a lot lower, except for some idiots like simple who just set their aimbot to teleport their crosshair onto enemies so most guys who were super blatant in the past dropped off a bit.
2019-10-13 19:24
Poland joeb 
2019-10-11 21:02
omg always again the same Dan M shit, that guy has no clue about cs
2019-10-11 21:12
He actually knows how those cheats worked, unlike most of this community.
2019-10-11 21:19
i dont care about cheats, most of these clips are normal gameplay, which he obviously doesnt know shit about.
2019-10-11 21:24
He actually does know quite a bit about the game, ofc some of his videos are fails but most of the time he has decent points. Also, why do you deny cheating or bash dan m if you don't care about cheats?
2019-10-11 21:26
because most of the clips in his videos are not suspicious at all. I didnt say anything about you not having a point but Dan M is a moron if he really believes himself to be the sherlock holmes of CS:GO
2019-10-11 21:30
he doesnt, he is just a cheater who saw pro players do the same shit he does in his mm games and thought he could make some money making youtube videos about it.
2019-10-13 20:25 I know, dan m clip and shit but how can people really believe 0:55 is no cheat? lmao flusha, byali and shox were so damn obvious. you can argue bout others but how adult people cant see that these three were hacking like hell is just unreal
2019-10-11 21:24
Vegi | 
Poland Kazk 
2019-10-12 02:49
son, get a life. don't torture yourself. what you do here , is not normal.
2019-10-11 21:27
Exposing people in a game i love and have followed/played for over a decate is not normal? Also, fan of flusha lol
2019-10-11 21:28
exposing. look what year it is.
2019-10-11 21:31
and? glad to see people show atleast new viewers/players how fucking obvious cheating was back then
2019-10-11 21:35
Read as "flusha eating chips".
2019-10-11 21:28
0/8 or gold nova hilarious how funny kids that play cs for 1 year max want to talk shit on flusha you need to be so dumb to think he is or was cheating zZZzzZZzz he literally plays exacly in the same way nowdays and no one gives a fuck, ppl used to cry over him cuz fnatic was the best and wasnt friendly just pay attention to guys who made most noise in the scene, fucking semphis, thorin, bunch of NA ppl, etc fuck em, flusha won majors, these guys won tears
2019-10-11 21:31
as i said in another thread, flusha can be happy this community is full of naive and dumb kids who believe there is no deception
2019-10-11 21:37
dude you can literally make acusations based on clips to anyome, dan M did it and a bunch of idiots who dont know cs followed him, whats the point cuz if flusha was cheating he is probably cheating this whole time, cuz he still plays in the same style, I like to watch him play so I know that
2019-10-11 21:41
He doesn't play nearly the same style, stop making hit up, there haven't been any fully blatant aimlocks from flusha since 2016, maybe a few sketchy things but nothing as blatant as robotically locking onto people.
2019-10-11 21:44
ok, but you say that cuz u just see youtube and hltv reddit shit, I watch his povs here and there, he still does the same shit, exacly the same, shoot truh smokes, take slow clutch decisions, good at rotating, positioning, """"fishy""" keyboard hits the only difference is that fnatic isnt top1 anymore, so kids like you usually change the target to whoever is top1-3 atm
2019-10-11 21:46
You are just making things up just to make yourself feel better because you don't want to believe it. Stop umberassing yourself because you clearly don't know anything about how cheats work even though i provided you with informational (educational) videos. How about instead of denying you actually watch thos videos, even experts such as Thoorin and Richard Lewis, people who attend these events talked about it in the videos i posted, you really think you know better than them?
2019-10-11 21:48
dude, you are not paying attention here, you noobs need to understand something, no one ever catched anything on flusha, EVER. thats a fact. a pro player of titan, one of the biggest teams got a ban for example, and in his past there was footage of incredible hs % etc etc etc flusha plays the same style since day1, is not me talking, its a fact, if you dont watch him play and dont pay attention, dont bitch to me, do your homework you kids are the one talking shit, you kids need to prove shit, not me or flusha or 99% of pros. you can show me 2349823042384 videos of how a cheat try to emulate real cs and blablabla, but the reality is, if you hunt for "fishy" clips you will find about everyone (dan m proves that), but the only conclusion you can get is that YOU think its fishy, thats all, thats 100% it. its impossible to prove it only by povs, if all you have is the flusha clips, how stupid you need to be to not understand that????????? a cheat try to emulate a normal situation, the cheat is copying the pros, not the other way around LOL so do something and prove he is cheating, or get da fuck out, cuz you are just repeating the same crap all the noob kids cried about all these years, and guess what, you kids got NOTHING, flusha is one of the legends and u guys can keep crying all u want, nobody cares, I'm just saying all that to make u realize how stupid this is lol
2019-10-11 21:52
Once again you prove that you have no idea how developed cheating scene is and how cheats work. Watch the videos i sent you, stop being delusional, watch the Thoorin video explaining that no pro with a good cheat coder will ever get banned because private builds of expensive cheats literally cannot be detected. People like KQLY didn't use a special, private build, why do you still argue if yuo don't even know what you're talking abuot.
2019-10-11 21:54
but dude you still dont understand, by that logic anyone can be cheating, alright, I get it, but that dont prove shit you coming here and posting videos of a pro's fishy moments mean shit, nothing thats my point, on the conspiracy theory shit, u can believe on what u want
2019-10-11 21:56
#87 my friend tell me please what you think about the scene, its not even about your friend flusha but probably for me the most obvious aimlock fail
2019-10-11 22:01
Yes, everyone could be cheating, that's the whole point, that doesn't mean everyone does cheat and that's exactly why it's important to keep an eye on certain players. It's a proven fact cheating is possible and only thing that stops people from cheating is the high stakes and morality, and those are things that have been ignored in every single competitive sport.
2019-10-11 22:01
yeah but my point is, cheats been good for years now, they are not those retarded shit from 1.6 or something, I get it, everyone knows it already, you guys can discuss that all you want, but u guys need to understand that bringing clips doesnt mean shit, unless its a clip like forsaken or the guy has 100% hs ratio every single match outside that, you can have your doubts but is just irresponsable to go out talking shit, specially if all you have are clips, and you seem to not keep up with flusha, I swear i'm not talking bullshit here, you listed a player that I like to watch specific for long time, if he was cheating before, he never stopped, thats a fact. by realizing clips cant prove shit, you guys need to change the aproach, thats what I'm saying, go on other paths, cuz explaining how cheat works and showing a clip doesnt mean shit, and thats a fact.
2019-10-11 22:04
HS ration has nothing to do with cheatin, you can set your cheat to act randomly and literally set the percentage of HS accuracy.
2019-10-11 22:05
I know, but that doesnt mean shit, I just used this as example of something so retarded that you could use pov as proof, cuz then its solid go watch old dan m videos about pros and listen to moe responding, its so obvious but its like, even if there was no answer, its a fucking pov, that proves nothing, specially a guy who plays 234923042304324 maps per year, and you can find 5 fishy clips, looking for the clips 24-7 like FBI investigating a mafia guy or something, thats so dumb
2019-10-11 22:07
moe responding? The same moe that cheated with literal 20 minute video of him setting up his cheat recorded by people that sold him the same cheat? LMAO
2019-10-12 00:03
yes, you just told me you knew a lot about how cheats works, to check out videos about cheats etc, a guy who knows cheats, used cheats (moe) is talking about cheats and now shoudnt count? nice logic
2019-10-12 04:15
He doesn't know anything about the cheats though, the video i'm talkinga bout literally proves it, it took him 20 minutes to figure out how an low fov aimbot works LMAO
2019-10-12 04:21
the only thing thats obvious from moes responses to dan m videos is that moe is a cheater
2019-10-13 20:43
>but dude you still dont understand, by that logic anyone can be cheating, that is the point. anyone could be doing it. and tournament organizers and valve are not doing nearly enough to prevent it. especially given how large prize pools are. even if you dont believe anyone cheats, you should agree that that is strange.
2019-10-13 20:32
I dont think its strange at all if I watch a tournment with a dan M look about it, I would probably think its weird, but I dont I saw many talented players play in person even being t2 shit, and I know for a fact that you can be super good and have insane game sense, do a cs-FBI investigation, but till there, you have no argument, just thoughts, you swear it makes sense but at the same time isnt something solid, so let it go dude if u really think everyone is cheating go out of this game, cuz shit wont work, and tehre will always appear cheaters on online cs and tier5 lans
2019-10-13 21:31
online and tier 5 would be understandable but it also happens at tier 1 lans in csgo. ive never seen so much cheating, before i started playing this game.
2019-10-13 21:40
nt dan m
2019-10-13 22:50
dan m is a cheater as well
2019-10-13 23:02
because his cheat got updated
2019-10-13 20:26
look, i dont want that there is cheating in cs i would love to know that there was never cheating before and everything was ok but thats just not how it is you have to be neutral and think neutral just watch the clip how shox talks about the inferno clip he just knew exactly whats up and he wouldnt have talked in that way if he would have thought the discussion gets published i dont like dan m too, but please explain me that clip and tell me what you see at 0:55
2019-10-11 21:47
I play CS:GO since 2013 and I have around 9000 hours. People who deny cheating are usually the casual players with no basic knolwedge who never played on a higher level than valve's matchmaking.
2019-10-11 21:39
I'm 27, first cs I played was 1.5 you are a noob if you really think flusha is cheating, same type of kid who see shox following people truh the wall and "HIS CHEATINNN!111" lol read #77
2019-10-11 21:42
Okay, provide me with a link to your steam/faceit profile, i would like to see thousands of hours in the game.
2019-10-11 21:43
why? lol I dont have to, and obviously I dont have the same acc since I was a kid, but... if you really think those guys are cheating, s1mple, zywoo, coldzera and niko in 2016-2017, all those guys are cheating right? cuz everytime theres a dominant team, kids like you start to talk shit to whoever is the star player of the team you dislike lol and please, explain me why flusha is cheating all these years, and still is tier5 for the last 2 or 3 years? is it normal a guy cheats and his team be shit? please explain this
2019-10-11 21:44
He was literally on the top when the aimlocks were present, been pretty shit since aimlocks stopped with few exceptional tournaments every now and then. And stop making shit up, you are clearly just a casual player who's probably still stuck at playing matchmaking.
2019-10-11 21:46
dude wtf he won majors, fnatic went on that run with dennis all after the aimlock kids putted out LOL dumb kids like you were in the pro scene too, dont forget semphis actually cursed at flusha at an event, cuz like you, him being a noob coudnt explain how good flusha was, so he though the guy was 100% cheating LMAO
2019-10-11 21:48
2019-10-13 19:23
+1 #flushaGOD top 1 #flusher #senorvac #mothafuckasAintReady
2019-10-13 19:28
he was cheating
2019-10-13 20:33
Lol this is nostalgic, I think I argued with you about this like 3 years ago
2019-10-15 12:58
LOL @ the niko clip, its a fking standard pre, what a silver scrub made these clips lmao, practise at the game before making retarded statements
2019-10-11 21:37
It's not the standard prefire, if you were then at the time you would know that people also posted him doing the same ivy peek later and earlier in the game, never trying this angle. Also, first clip is pretty much indeniable, how come you simply just ignored that one?
2019-10-11 21:40
Imagine forsaken not being cought. People would tell others that he is not cheaters and call others just a noobs
2019-10-11 21:39
The difference is top level cheats cost literally thousands of dollars and f0rsaken used a 50€ public cheat, the funniest part he never got detected by the anti-cheat, only after people started sending clips admins looked into anti-cheat logs and saw shit they would usually just ignore.
2019-10-11 21:41
Poland Lukovsky 
he got flagged by the anti cheat at least twice stop making shit up to support your braindead thesis
2019-10-13 01:42
There was an article saying the anticheat flagged him on an event prior to the one he got banned at and that the reason admins decided to check it is the blatant clips combined with checking out the ac logs.
2019-10-13 05:05
that Dan M clip LMAO
2019-10-11 21:41
fu17ng nub people
2019-10-11 21:45
2019-10-11 21:51
Why did you make this post, bro, you know what kind of answers you're gonna get.
2019-10-11 21:53 can you guys tell me what happens here at 0:55? is this byalis amazing gamesense or something different?
2019-10-11 22:03
stops for 1 second... Byali: Let me just shoot randomly! Not like my position is given away or anything
2019-10-12 11:11
not gonna lie, those niko ones, if I were to see this shit in overwatch I would definitely vote for ban lmao (byali too)
2019-10-11 22:06
u not alone dude me to
2019-10-11 22:53
United Kingdom KainZ 
That Niko deagle kill is literally a standard prefire on ivy. The gifs though are big sus sus
2019-10-11 22:04
It really looks weird considering it happens the moment he presses his weapon switch button.
2019-10-12 00:46
This is one of the most blatant ones.
2019-10-12 01:54 I made kind of the same thread a year ago :D
2019-10-12 02:04
Glad to see not everyone is a delusional bot. Literal fucking legendary eagle players thinking nobody cheats because they spend all their time jerking each other off on reddit where pro cheating discussions are a bannable offense :D
2019-10-12 02:16
I mean, it's so obvious that people tend to find ridiculous excuses xD
2019-10-12 02:18
2019-10-12 00:49
LMAO last i played MM was 2015, glad to see there are still newbies playing it, hopefully you're having fun :D
2019-10-12 02:02
LMAO last i played MM was 2015, glad to see there are still newbies playing it, hopefully you're having fun :D
2019-10-15 22:49
wow... amazing thread. I would NEVER have expected this much quality from an unknown user like yourself. This would be expected of one of the smartest and well known users on this platform. Please accept my +1 with honor.
2019-10-12 02:18
If you think pros cheat you should try ranking up out of SILver frist, nice to see that even after Flusha has lost his prime the salt continues to flow.
2019-10-12 02:34
I have 9000 hours in CS:GO but hey, keep playing MM thinking you know basics of the game by wasting your time there.
2019-10-12 02:44
nice bait, youre still silver with all those hours my goodness!
2019-10-12 03:02
the amount of non-arguments on this fucking thread is killing me
2019-10-12 02:44
Typical delusional matchmaking players. You know how low their IQ is when you see them writnig "stfu idiot he not cheating he godplayer" or "stfu silver" lmao Typical defense mechanism.
2019-10-12 02:46
the ones that piss me off as well are the ones that know that this shit is fishy but are like "and? stop talking about it, you're obsessed!" wtf is wrong with trying to expose the cheaters and bring more awareness.
2019-10-12 02:47
Literally this lel, i see it as a sign of insecurity, even if there's 1% chance someone might be cheating, it should be looked into and discussed about but these people would rather keep living in their peachy, perfect fantasy world.
2019-10-12 02:51
they are probably cheating themselves
2019-10-13 20:35
Byali's clip on cobblestone which you didnt include is the most obvious example of a pro using cheats
2019-10-12 02:58
you are trash that's all i want to say trash and no lifer
2019-10-12 02:59
Imagine being so insecure about the subject that you insult people for making you think, truly pathetic.
2019-10-12 03:16
You are so insecure that you think Flusha cheats, convenient that this thread is posted after flusha wins a big LAN
2019-10-12 03:21
I've been posting threads about flusha and other blatant cheaters since 2014.
2019-10-12 03:31
Turkey JoshDAA 
Since 2014 but you account was made in 2018,
2019-10-12 19:03
Yes, this is definitely my first and main account.
2019-10-12 19:17
2019-10-12 09:20
Great argument, just shows how dumb people like you are.
2019-10-12 09:21
Fnatic under this years malmø also used aimlock. There is plenty clips already. and ofc its not the same as the old days. Not even used the same way. today its not used to lock on the head of a player. they all shoot pretty well.. its more to gain information about where the other players are. And well fnatic did that so much there.. Can see them knowing where players are even when they are not in places they should be. and moving after those things even without having engaged the fight but knowing the player are there and such. So its still there sadly.
2019-10-12 03:01
China Yao_Ming 
NA steel said Flusha was cheating 100%
2019-10-12 03:03
Steel is a literal manchild.
2019-10-12 03:20
So shox is also a child? krystal is also a child? You know better than the players that actually play on these lans?
2019-10-12 03:32
United Kingdom Nokzide 
interesting to see some of these clips again
2019-10-12 03:12
Just reply to prevent this thread sink into history.
2019-10-12 04:26
2019-10-12 18:35
Didn't know dan M was Italian
2019-10-12 18:52
get a fucking life op
2019-10-12 18:55
Why does this make you so insecure?
2019-10-12 19:18
oBo | 
France LauraS 
Honestly, I still can't understand the reasoning behind some of the old Flusha clips. I know there used to be a lot of demo bugs, so maybe that can explain a tiny percentage of some of the older clips (for example, Fallens AWP kill on Cobblestone that looked robotic, but was later explained as a demo bug). I guess the crowd can be used to explain some too. The Niko clip-on train is irrelevant, he was pre-firing it most of the times he went to Ivy. You can also see these same pre-aims and pre fires in some of his newer Faze demos. If you think these aim-locks do exist you might want to look at 'switch/weapon-switch info locks.' I'm personally on the fence about the subject, but I know people who take it very seriously. I truly do not believe we'll ever find out if people cheat or not, and it's probably for the best.
2019-10-12 18:59
what the fuck do you mean its for the best lol worst attitude ever, my dude the truth shall prevail
2019-10-13 20:45
oBo | 
France LauraS 
I mean it's best for the scene that we never find out how many people were, if at all, cheating. I can only imagine how quickly the game would die because of sponsors pulling out and TOs leaving. I enjoy watching CS, and if it died, that would suck for the viewer base, and all the teams that have clean players. That's what I mean by it's probably for the best. Defeatist to an extent, but it's for the best.
2019-10-13 22:12
it wouldnt suck at all if they all got busted even sponsors pulling out would be good. less money involved, less cheaters. teams with clean players, if any exist, can only benefit from that, because right now they cant win any prize money. what sucks is having to watch people blatantly aimbot and win boatloads of money that should go to people who dont cheat
2019-10-13 23:01
Turkey JoshDAA 
This was in the past, i would think without a doubt that pros cheated in the beginning of the pro scene, but after qkly got banned i would think all the pro cheaters stop cheating too. Cheating was too dangerous at that time now, i think nobody cheats anymore so stop bitching around and enjoy the game. I bet you made this thread because there is no italian scene. 0/8 bad bait. /closed
2019-10-12 19:02
I'm not even Italian LMAO
2019-10-12 21:05
its not dangerous at all, kqly got busted because someone ratted him out and gave his cheat to esea.
2019-10-13 20:46
if you think he didnt cheat, explain all the amount of clips in that period compared to now zero clips, its not like he just stopped "lifting his mouse". all the clips suddenly stopped for a reason
2019-10-12 19:05
2019-10-13 16:37
2019-10-13 20:31
i could still post at least 10 clips from flusha every year but whats the point? it wont change anyones mind any more.
2019-10-13 20:37
India JW_BesTesT 
Since some new and unexperienced matchmaking players in my last thread started claiming it's just a coincidence, i'll post a few more flusha clips aswell as many other blatant cheating clips from the past, just to show people who weren't following CS those days that cheating was blatantly present. Note that these was couple of years ago and these aimlocks rarely happen these days, cheats are coded and made way better these days, i'm just trying to show everyone the fact that cheating was present on pro scene and there is no reason why it couldn't be present these days, players who cheated mostly got away with it but that doesn't mean they should keep getting the support of the community. Pro's talking about flusha and other pros cheating: Flusha's aimlocks explained (watch this if you don't understand how these low fov aimbots worked: Flusha few more clips: Thoorin and Richard Lewis discussing these clips: Subroza (an upcoming talent) cheating online aswell as high tier lans: Thooring on Subroza clips: k0nfig blatant failed aimlocks: Niko's locks: Byali: There are of course many more, search for them yourselves. tl;d cheating was blatantly present on pro CS:GO scene in 2014-2016 because older cheats weren't coded as good as the new ones, and to be honest, it was getting ridiculous to see those blatant aimlock fails.
2019-10-12 19:05
United Kingdom Jonty04l32 
I'll break this down in Layman's terms for you: These professional players may or may not be cheating. To you these are "dodgy clips", to others they are wastes of time simply poking fingers at that which they are not experienced enough to understand. Personally for me these are not cheat-worthy clips. Especially because some of the uploaders are of people previously exposed on knowing very little of the game. Ins, bcko, Dan M -- the fact you claim to have 9k hours and oodles of experience to then contradict all of that by believing in these ridiculous clips is both folly and ironic. Everything shown here I've wither done myself or worse, so it would be very arrogant of me to accuse this of cheating considering I do not cheat myself. Your posts prove outright you know very little of the game you claim to know and your belief in these horrendous clips shows it. Cheating is and always must be treated as a possibility and nothing more. No facts, no objectivity, no stretching the truth, simply a subjective and fair standpoint if what YOU assume these clips to be. Do you think these clips show cheats? Good for you. Do you think these clips are ridiculous? Good for you. Both opinions should be respected as this thread is borderline defamatory, so it'll get ugly real fast. Have a good day.
2019-10-13 14:46
Denmark Zaerdna 
2019-10-13 14:50
Your entire argument is based on the fallacy on who's saying it? wow gj
2019-10-13 16:38
World memyselfandI 
Jonty always goes directly for the messenger, always, no exceptions at all. His somewhat smart choice of language make some young people think his mental standpoint is as strong as his vocabulary. It is not.
2019-10-13 18:15
+1 cringe jonty
2019-10-13 18:57
2019-10-13 19:09
idk how it isnt immediately obvious for everyone from his choice of words that he's just blowing it all out his ass
2019-10-13 20:48
World memyselfandI 
Don't forget that people risk jailtime for way smaller rewards. Risk vs Reward has little correlation when comparing to other places in life. Always start with the motive. And the motives to cheat are plentiful, as the punishment is nothing compared to what can be gained. Welcome back to the forums. I see you still lack a balanced approach to this subject. It's not innocent until guilty. This is not a courtroom, and cheating in games is not covered by law anywhere, except S.Korea. Pro's will, and should always be subject to suspicion, especially when other parties are not doing their best to eliminate this suspicion (TO's still allowing private gear)
2019-10-13 16:55
Wow when did you become so open-minded? You used to absolutely deny all cheating on pro scene.
2019-10-13 19:43
he isnt openminded, he just started saying this "i respect your opinion" bullshit in between all the insulting stuff so he wouldnt get bullied as much. hes still a giant faggot.
2019-10-13 20:47
Good job smart idiot.
2019-10-13 19:45
Europe MrEurope 
You.... you.... are still alive...havent seen you for ages.
2019-10-16 00:02
where are you?
2019-11-17 15:59
Denmark Zaerdna 
Daily silver post OMEGALUL
2019-10-13 14:51
World memyselfandI 
You really seem like an awesome player when you call cheat accusers for silvers. Shit like that gets old, very fast.
2019-10-13 18:13
it got old in 2015 already
2019-10-13 20:48
Brazil Vicmar 
Where is SK?
2019-10-13 17:30
Netherlands poeya 
ok everyone already seen this clips xddd
2019-10-13 18:17
Netherlands poeya 
you must be happy find 2 ''aimlock;'' clips of niko in his career silver..
2019-10-13 18:19
there are a lot more
2019-10-13 20:48
flusha never cheated
2019-10-13 18:23
Subroza (an upcoming talent) ??????? The dude has been around for a while and still made no impact on the NACS scene. Definitely not an upcoming talent
2019-10-13 18:27
I meant as if upcoming talent at the time he cheated and the time those clips are from, not right now LMAO. With his locks dissapeared his stats :D
2019-10-13 19:42
he was an "upcoming talent" in the same way that stewie2k and automatic were because they knew how to press the aimbot button, but he was too blatant to get picked up by any serious teams
2019-10-13 20:49
Coinsidence, goat wouldnt cheat /close
2019-10-13 18:56
That M4A1-S clip is so goddamn retarded, he is running and it is just a lucky ass coincidence shot. Running is inaccurate and his crosshair is just all over the place because he's trying to kill a guy whilst running
2019-10-13 19:22
2019-10-13 19:26
shox | 
Europe Toxic91 
> subroza: cheated, thats well known to everyone, nothing to say about that > konfig : 1) was just spamming the smoke thinking someone was being sneaky 2) danM really? that guy is the biggest idiot on youtube > niko: 1) unlucky movement, thats why it looks like hes tracking through the wall > byali: 1) i dont see why he'd cheat to know where someone firing his ak is? probably just unlucky movement 2) the clip on mirage is definitely very fishy, thats not natural movement... > flusha: definitely cheated at some point, no doubt about it, seems like hes done with it though
2019-10-13 19:26
after KQLY got banned flusha started playing way worse than usual, that's a red flag.
2019-10-13 19:33
if subroza cheated then half the NA scene is cheating and then EU logically must be as well because they beat NA teams usually which leaves AUS and asia cs and sadly those cheat as well.
2019-10-13 20:50
shox | 
Europe Toxic91 
what you just said doesn't make any sense but whatever
2019-10-13 21:10
subroza didnt get banned. if subroza cheated, then everyone in the leagues he played in is probably cheating, and everyone those people (the whole NA scene) ever lost to, is probably cheating as well.
2019-10-13 21:11
shox | 
Europe Toxic91 
First off the fact that he didnt get banned means nothing, secondly i dont see why everyone should be cheating aswell if he did. I think I understand what you mean by "everyone should be cheating" but that doesnt make any sense, following your logic everyone that won against optic india before forsaken was caught was cheating too. He has way too many suspicious clips, like an insane number that arent explainable with logic.
2019-10-13 21:18
yes because he held the button down like a monkey instead of using it a bit more responsibily
2019-10-13 21:27
that he didnt get banned means there are a ton of guys still out there using the same or similar cheats but just not as obvious as him
2019-10-13 21:28
shox | 
Europe Toxic91 
so now you are saying subroza cheated? you dont really make any sense mens (((
2019-10-13 21:33
I've looked through a lot of my demos. This shit happens occasionally.
2019-10-13 19:28
but you dont know when you aim at an enemy through a wall and you dont get info from it.
2019-10-13 20:51
Thanks OP for reminding everyone that flusha is a fucking cunt.
2019-10-13 19:32
Im surprised this thread wasnt taken down
2019-10-13 20:48
it will be, cheating threads always get deleted
2019-10-13 20:51
Iran Tajik! 
So legit
2019-10-13 19:54
Sweden wyv0 
He's cheating, now move on. He can't cheat on LAN secured VAC servers.
2019-10-13 20:37
Israel Trust_me_bro 
2019-10-13 20:51
Poland Adisky 
Flusha is the best cheater in the history ofcs. Pls respect
2019-10-13 21:30
2019-10-13 22:13
Europe twitchy_ 
Hey mens! Can somebody explain me how to get this game sense? ((((( (13 sec) Can't wait to hear some stories from hltv pros that does this all the time to do wallbangs randomly
2019-10-13 22:16
oBo | 
France LauraS 
It was because the T was spraying the wall, you see and hear the shots that go towards fork from squeaky.
2019-10-13 22:58
I remember one really blatant one from Shox in Dust 2 doors. Anyone have that clip?
2019-10-13 22:26
Europe twitchy_ 
I don't have shox, but I have flusha.
2019-10-13 22:58
Delete shit topic!
2019-10-13 22:55
Friis | 
Canada uhJake 
ugh post screenshot of rank any server fuck even bhop server you are just new 2 game.
2019-10-14 01:40
Asia LHY 
I also have this type of clip. Do u want to see?
2019-10-15 13:09
hommii | 
Iceland ban1c 
bruh the maps are small and confined, your crosshair is bound to stop over somebody at some point, once you play for a really really long time you also get a good feeling for where players can be and can predict with some accuracy where to place your crosshair.
2019-10-15 13:51
noone can deny his inferno clip. that was blatant
2019-10-15 22:56
cyx | 
Europe jujin_Ss 
2019-10-16 00:06
they've been using blatant cheats back then
2019-10-16 01:09
My monthly bump!
2019-10-25 17:52
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