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ScreaM wasted talent???
Bosnia and Herzegovina V3DO 
I think he used to be top 5 player in france tbh, G2 2017 -bodyy/NBK +ScreaM wouldve been sick. After he didnt make it to G2 he had to play in nV (shit team tbh) and he was in nV for 1.5 yrs which wasted his talent heavly, he was probably losing confidence by time and thats why he became so shit /discuss
2019-10-11 20:29
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Lithuania HitHite 
i aren think true that
2019-10-11 20:30
Bosnia and Herzegovina V3DO 
I are men
2019-10-11 20:31
he just stop giving fucc and stream
2019-10-11 20:30
Bosnia and Herzegovina V3DO 
Could be
2019-10-11 20:31
Australia liazz_top2 
2019-10-11 20:31
2019-10-11 20:32
He had sick aim, legendary one taps. but cs is more than that, especially now. Same as Snax, both of them didn't adapt to the meta changes and thus got lost in the wind. Bear grills was right after all: Adapt and overcome
2019-10-11 20:33
New Zealand Reubydoobydoo 
Him and shox were the best duo in 2017 and he and scream were the only team able to go against LG in their prime essentially 2v5. He was in great form and had changed his playstyle from always tapping. But then g2 merge happened to try get kenny but instead they got bot NBK as well and since he hated scream he kept body who became a bot on that roster anyways Scream was stitched up tbh and I think he lost motivation after that
2019-10-11 20:51
oh right, i totally forgot him having revival for a time with shox, my bad
2019-10-11 22:39
arT | 
Brazil WdoFer 
For me his game is just aim, nothing more
2019-10-11 20:43
Maybe... if he had talent
2019-10-11 21:01
France FrighTyyy 
2019-10-11 21:01
Croatia feelsbadmane 
ScreaM Adriano of CS!
2019-10-11 21:02
mimi | 
United Kingdom KlyksmaS 
2019-10-11 21:21
Not wasted talent, he just wasted his career by himself. He should change his playstyle, be more a team player and then he would be still insane player in good team. What is the point playing 1 taps? look at twistzz, so much better aimer and he is not tapping like scream.
2019-10-11 21:02
Croatia feelsbadmane 
but NiKo taps more than he sprays too
2019-10-11 21:03
No, he sprays more and using taps in good moments.
2019-10-11 21:06
Finland Smoonah 
PuB* asScreaM
2019-10-11 21:02
Poland Greavick 
Imagine scream + sg
2019-10-11 21:04
Turkey Thunderball 
*washed up Corrected for you
2019-10-11 21:18
stopped reading at talent
2019-10-11 21:19
Brazil subconsious 
washed up
2019-10-11 21:23
shit player
2019-10-11 22:40
Duki | 
Argentina CillaMMM 
Shit playerrr
2019-10-11 22:42
some time he will come back in good team, he still aim machine and good player
2019-10-11 22:42
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