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Imagine having in your roster s1mple,flamie,mou,adren,dosia,hobbit,oskar,styko Who else? At least 8 players who were im top5 teams and dont reach nor titles nor finals, except that famous bo7. 6 of players were in major final under Zeus leadership.
2019-10-12 14:24
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Cheater | 
China imd0g 
zeus build a team to win a major from nothing and people still say ZEUS is a shit IGL this kids don't understand that people don't care anymore there is who play since 2001 its enough its time to look at their lifes
2019-10-12 14:27
Some people too retard to understand that thing
2019-10-12 15:08
Not from nothing Gambit already was successful at t2 events with hooch 2 times dreamhack winners if i remember correct
2019-10-12 15:15
Cheater | 
China imd0g 
they beat astralis in a bo3 to reach thefinals without zeus gambit is shit
2019-10-12 15:19
Ukraine COV@ 
OMG schoolkids from NaVi Junior > that HR with Ange1 hahahaha
2019-10-12 14:31
People said that scooby and flarich are prodigies btw
2019-10-12 14:32
flarich is pretty damm good, the team around him is not performing at all scobby is good as well but far from a prodigy
2019-10-12 15:17
I don't understand how Ange1 is still being given these chances and is still on HR, now im only praying for nukkye to be saved from it...
2019-10-12 14:30
he is co-owner of hr, so he'll stay there as long as he wants
2019-10-12 14:31
rlly??? loool
2019-10-12 14:32
kinda funny how an "angel" is a co-owner of HELLraisers
2019-10-12 14:34
+1 :D
2019-10-12 15:28
Finland neksu 
i wonder what the fuck ange1 was smoking when he came up with that lineup :D
2019-10-12 14:32
+1 wasnt crush also an IGL at some point?
2019-10-12 14:33
Finland Cucumberous 
yup he was igl for vega
2019-10-12 15:10
They want to at least get to tge minor axaxaxaxaxa
2019-10-12 15:17
I forgot about major champion znajder And woxic
2019-10-12 14:41
it was schneider back then no?
2019-10-12 15:17
2019-10-12 15:20
All of them at different times and when they were not at their peak form
2019-10-12 14:43
Why they were at peak under Zeus?
2019-10-12 15:05
Imagine losing from navi junior xD
2019-10-12 15:08
CIS chlenixon 
Virtus.Pro, Astana Dragons, old HellRaisers AND NOW THIS xD Btw, ange1 led those teams, and they were quite fking good, you young stupid plebs. he's not the problem, this lineup is not on par with their ambitions.
2019-10-12 15:15
Yeah yeah of course I fucking forgot that he have Guardian as well
2019-10-12 15:22
CIS chlenixon 
first team to unseat NiP. Top 3 in the world. But i guess its not good enough ;/
2019-10-12 15:23
It is Bcs its 2013 Nip, vg and somebody else in top3 Its like saying ence or furia top5 team, both defeat Astralis on nuke
2019-10-12 15:26
CIS chlenixon 
Yup, pretty much, but the early HellRaisers lineup was top 10. with legit teams. not every team can win the major.
2019-10-12 15:28
They were good t2 team But half of players doing better in other teams. Half of mouz lineup is HR lineup for 3-4 years And mouz>hr
2019-10-12 15:35
There was a pro match with 7 maps?
2019-10-12 15:27
Mouz hr With 1-0 lead to team in upper bracket
2019-10-12 15:27
Update: angel played with 8 major finalists in team
2019-10-12 15:28
08:30srry4waht vs really weird
really weird
17:55Heroic vs maquinas
14:00North vs BIG
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