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Gender transformation thread
United States Stoical 
2019-10-13 02:38
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Oh shit nvm. Only the first two are traps. The rest are just some Glo ups.
2019-10-13 02:40
Brazil de_lite 
person who tweeted this was way cuter as a guy.
2019-10-13 02:40
and they are still a man, though they are injecting a hormone cocktail which must be very healthy
2019-10-13 02:40
Happy | 
Russia Jovik! 
You can hang up whatever gender on yourself but you will forever be that one sex as you were born.
2019-10-13 02:42
Reunion AlexTenebrae 
I am not religious guy, but I hope that they will be burning in hell for eternity.
2019-10-13 02:43
What the fuck?
2019-10-13 02:46
That's so obviously a man bro. Strong chi, big nose, eyebrows sitting right above the brow, low cheekbones, vertical not rounded head Just disgusting. Imagine if you had a son and he was struck by this mental illness and everyone encouraged him to fuck up his body. Just imagine reading that from your son. Why does mental illness and communism have so much relation?
2019-10-13 02:51
People already encourage each other to fuck up their bodies and brains transgender narratives are no different.
2019-10-13 02:51
So we should be excepting of even more ways for people to ruin themselves? No thanks lol Keep your disgusting ideology to yourself
2019-10-13 02:53
Who is "we," excepting you mean accepting? You are criticizing one thing because you claim it is particularly harmful yet where is your condemnation for all the other things? You in the same breath deny one thing but disregard the others for the same reason. There is no reason to care about the morons who make themselves eunuchs because they are mentally ill. There is no need to pretend to feel empathetic, there is nothing you can do to stop them on your own. Let them castrate themselves and that will speak for itself.
2019-10-13 02:55
2019-10-13 02:53
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