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tenz aiming style
World soapingwet 
god i hate how much he flicks its awful learn how to play properly instead of flicking everywhere like s1mple lul
2019-10-14 04:02
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tenz aiming style = missing
2019-10-14 04:02
2019-10-14 04:03
United States vikingswine 
2019-10-14 04:57
New Zealand Eauor 
shooting stationary bots
2019-10-14 08:00
United States darth_mac 
2019-10-14 11:22
United States 1for1discount 
silver spotted
2019-10-14 04:11
??? i would destroy tenz in a dm server, probably have already
2019-10-14 04:12
United States 1for1discount 
2019-10-14 04:13
Silver! Hahahahhahaha
2019-10-14 08:02
Denmark baccster 
2019-10-14 08:19
I do the same thing, Its really inefficient, but its the only way I can actually do anything.
2019-10-14 04:12
I feel ya bro, I can't hit a shot with deagle without flicking
2019-10-14 04:26
flicking with a deagle is much easier than with an ak (at least for one taps)
2019-10-14 12:16
Seems to work on deagles
2019-10-14 04:15
s1mple | 
India markOreo 
2019-10-14 04:25
tfw youre aimbotting and still suck
2019-10-14 04:28
It's possible to say his aim is intenz
2019-10-14 04:44
i fully unironically hate you. like i will genuinely celebrate every bad thing that ever happens in your life
2019-10-14 04:56
I fully unironically forgive you. May the love of God enfold you and help your soul from anger.
2019-10-14 06:20
karrigan | 
North America Jkhes 
"I fully unironically forgive you. May the love of God enfold you and help your soul from anger." good line :P
2019-10-14 12:17
imagine trying this hard to be funny
2019-10-14 06:50
Imagine not understanding the meaning of trying hard. That was as dry and self-ironical as it gets.
2019-10-14 07:44
imagine coping this hard
2019-10-14 08:33
Imagine acting cool with that name.
2019-10-14 11:21
lmfao imagine talking about names while having ReanuKeeves as yours unironically back to reddit aka nova containment chamber
2019-10-14 12:01
Lol that one hit hard I see.
2019-10-14 12:14
Switzerland sl4p3z 
imagine imagining
2019-10-14 12:20
Ugly playstyle for sure.
2019-10-14 04:46
tenz aka another NA anime kid who spends 4 hours a day playing aim_botz and is still so incredibly fucking bad
2019-10-14 04:49
United States Shmikeb0b 
he aims with his keyboard bet
2019-10-14 04:51
takej | 
Japan Inliving 
he practice aim_botz too much with deagle, he forgot how to play with rifler
2019-10-14 05:01
probably the result of spending hours per day on aim_botz. It's not a natural aiming environment and if you're a pro you should only use it for warmup rather than practicing your aim, that's what you do in pugs and dm servers.
2019-10-14 05:15
The absolute best way to train your aim is on aim_ servers like redline or 100hp. It teaches crosshair placement and flicking.
2019-10-14 07:50
i disagree, how does it improve crosshair placement when you're standing still (or moving a little) most of the time flicking back and forth in an environment that isn't same as pugs? I would say that its a good way to warmup quickly as its a very intense type of aiming In ffa maps you practice pretty much everything you need aim-wise to perform in matches. Crosshair placement, spray, taps, movement. It's the best place to practice overall aim since its in the same environment as pugs.
2019-10-14 09:21
If perform much better in comp if I've warmed up on aim_ servers compared to normal DM or aim_botz. DM spawns are too sporadic and frequent, on aim_servers you always know where they'll spawn.
2019-10-14 15:37
For warmup yea, aim servers are great for warming up due to the intense aiming like i said earlier. I'm talking about training aim though and you said earlier that aim maps are the best to train aim which is what I disagree with. Aim maps are definitely more effective time-wise to improve your mechanical aim (not getting shot from behind, a lot more kills per minute) but you can only improve on a handful of things were as in ffa you practice your aim in much more various ways that can be useful in matches. Best thing to do is obviously to combine different types of practices rather than only doing one, if you're ONLY doing aim maps and aim_botz your natural aim might be good but you won't have good enough movement to compensate for it. If you're gonna practice your aim for 30min-2hrs you should probably dm, if you're going to warmup your aim for 5-10 minutes before a match then aim maps are great.
2019-10-14 15:56
Yeah, my movement and crosshair placement is already really good. If I warmup on aim servers I pop heads like crazy in comp
2019-10-14 16:11
You won't come far if you already consider it ''really good'' I consider mine trash so I have the will and motivation to keep improving but you could be 3.5k elo for all i know
2019-10-14 16:17
He's a shroud wannabe, the other day he was using 1920, shroud's crosshair, flicking everywhere like a tard. Typical NA bitchboy
2019-10-14 05:25
Too much aimbotz have make his crosshair placement be trash Good crosshair placement is obligatory in pro cs Decent players will not give him time to flick lol He is like "tHeSe bOtS ShOot bAcK"
2019-10-14 06:25
After watching pros ive realised that the huge edge that they have versus casuals is their movement. You can have the best mouse aim in the world but if you're not able to move effectively and compensate for your aim it will go to waste. Atleast 50% of being able to have precise crosshair placement is to move effectively. Aiming with your keyboard is what makes pros aim look so clean and precise. Put time into effectively moving around the map, jigglepeeking, widepeeking, sidestepping etc.. and less time standing staticially while flicking back and forth between bot's heads like this tenzclown.
2019-10-14 16:07
+1 plays like hes in a frag movie
2019-10-14 06:47
You mean he should learn boring prefirng and preaiming one spot the whole time? Like all. the baiters with low sens? No, he will perfect this s1mple style and be even better than s1mple and top 1 till 2021.
2019-10-14 06:59
shox | 
United States finedenim 
you're not even a good baiter
2019-10-14 07:04
He'll be a convicted felon by then. daily reminder weebs are pedos
2019-10-14 07:06
Netherlands Jonasio 
Name & flair checks out.
2019-10-14 07:10
shox | 
United States finedenim 
Why the fuck do you care? Why is tenz relevant?
2019-10-14 07:04
shox | 
Italy DaDoar 
he plays and acts like his only career objective is ending up in a cancerous superstitum video where he will show only clips of him flicking so 12 year olds think hes god, then adds on garbage unfunny “HUEHUEHEU TRAPS ARE GAY XDXDDXDXDXD” Memes
2019-10-14 08:11
Ukraine s1v9mple 
13 year old spotted
2019-10-14 08:15
shox | 
Italy DaDoar 
im 14 and you just hurt my feelings :(
2019-10-14 08:51
people have different preferences you dumbass
2019-10-14 08:15
South Africa nimmaJ 
Nothing wrong with flicking or tracking, just with missing
2019-10-14 08:18
Philippines laiff 
maybe he would hit his shots if he didn't change his sens, viewmodel, crosshair etc, everyday dude is fucking inconsistent
2019-10-14 08:21
atleast he can get record on betways aim map and shoot bots very fast xd
2019-10-14 09:23
United States 10YearBansRUs 
2019-10-14 09:45
flusha | 
Other awzaq 
Flicking occasionally helps refresh your muscular memory and not get distracted
2019-10-14 09:25
African Union mikecool 
RNJesus aiming
2019-10-14 09:33
Lithuania Mr|Julius 
2019-10-14 11:28
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