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MSL would be the perfect choice for Faze but Faze players don't respect him or any players such as him for that reason. So the next best solution can be Fallen. He can awp and igl. He has not been in form for a long time but i think he is the only igl that would get respect from niko. Cold being there would help as well.
2019-10-14 15:30
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Howbout give faze chance first
2019-10-14 15:31
No team with no real IGL and proper roles will ever have continuous success. That is a fact. Faze has neither. Guardian should not have been kicked. Olof should have been kicked for Cold. Why not start by getting a proper IGL?
2019-10-14 15:36
true. but cold and fallen had a falling out i thought.. so who does fallen replace? olof?
2019-10-14 15:54
Russia harvard 
they lost the opportunity to pick up blamef. that is where they lost. they've had like 6 months+. MSL is too default heavy for them, same with aleksib. Fallen is a god and might get them to understand late round but its already kind of not their style. unlucky :(
2019-10-15 06:23
Fallen is a terrible igl. For 2 years he had insanely skilled lineup and won absolutely nothing. 2 years
2019-10-15 09:02
Netherlands rikdebeste24 
So a "real" IGL is something you just are, and you can never become? Everyone started somewhere. Why will NiKo never be a "real" IGL?
2019-10-14 15:57
A real igl knows how to call based on what players he has. Niko calls around himself, kinda like shox did. That will never be successful for a long period of time. All teams where niko has called have sucked and have not won anything. If that isn't proof enough for you i don't know what is. And yeah someone CAN become an IGL but first they have to DEDICATE their entire career into doing it. Niko wont do that.
2019-10-14 16:02
Netherlands rikdebeste24 
I take it you personally know the ins and outs of the FaZe org and also know NiKo personally? I guess they know what they are doing...
2019-10-14 16:15
There's no point in having this discussion with you because you are biased towards niko. I don't need to know NiKo or even Faze for that matter personally, to understand the problems in this team. They can be simply observed by their past results. Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting things to change.
2019-10-14 16:35
they have coldzera, anything is possible with the GOAT of csgo, you're an idiot you shouldnt make threads
2019-10-14 18:17
Albania Edjon 
2019-10-15 08:53
Argentina Joedash 
i do not agree with the "keep GuardiaN", cause he was playing badly and honestly, olof is playing better with awp. NiKo is taking more seriously the IGL paper since he is sacrificing for his team a lot, he's been the bottom fragger for the last matches(except vs mouz), and now i think they are on a bootcamp. Right thing is to wait some time and then say anything, faze has been changing roster month by month and people were upset bcause of that, and now they want again to change the roster not even passing 1 month of being together? I know that NiKo IGL isnt the greatest idea but well... as a faze fan i gotta deal with this xD
2019-10-15 01:54
You think Karrigan just was naturally gifted and born with igl instincts? No it takes time to become an igl. Thats why niko has SO FAR stopped calling around himself and trying to let other individuals perform
2019-10-14 16:25
That remains to be seen. Judging by the past that is not going to happen and sooner or later this team will replace broky/rain/olof.
2019-10-14 16:36
Meh. Personally the problem for faze was never being able to close out maps imo. They did fine when they showed up whch at most imes they did, they just had a huge struggle closing games
2019-10-15 03:01
I mean niko has won some tournaments calling? get your facts straight you nonce
2019-10-14 18:16
Like 2 Blasts with only one bo3 in the entire tournament.
2019-10-15 03:09
ive seen no evidence of niko calling around himself. hes been setting up olof and cold a lot and letting them awp
2019-10-14 18:27
Argentina Joedash 
lately, before the actual niko, when he was IGLing, it was always around him, and now it seems he is more matture
2019-10-15 01:56
United Kingdom Cryaosic 
"All teams" implying that shit mouz line-up could have won anything anyways
2019-10-15 06:19
This is NiKos third time trying to IGL. If he can’t step it up now then he will never be a good igl.
2019-10-15 03:08
oof | 
Luxembourg HLTVPolice 
olof is playing good wtf
2019-10-14 18:19
But igling has impacted niko’s fragging ability in a big way. He’s gone from a absolute star to just a good pro player! He has also put up really dismal performances lately. He’s best off leaving igling to someone else and play like an absolute beast like he used to !
2019-10-14 20:07
Why kick the consistent player Olof for the rollercoaster Guardian? Olof is good, and accepts the hard low kill roles when needed. Something Guardian doesn’t do.
2019-10-15 08:22
Russia supostatekx 
Wake up dude, Olof is the second best player in faze in past 6 months, it would be dumb to kick him. -guardian was obvious as he is at the edge of retirement and lacking motivation which ruins teamwork. They could -rain but he is vital part of faze and nikos good friend
2019-10-15 08:46
Look at liquid. Their igl, nitro picked up that role just a few years ago. They have no dedicated awper, and they kicked their support player for a star player, and it worked
2019-10-15 09:08
Brazil eoteamo 
just won't work
2019-10-15 06:21
Australia flashi 
how about just disband
2019-10-15 11:01
Says nip fan LULW
2019-10-15 14:55
NAF | 
United States skzl_ 
how about FaZe disband and stop taking players and then ruining their careers ty
2019-10-14 15:31
They have the tools to succeed imo, they just need some structure role wise and a leader.
2019-10-14 15:36
How about 25k pay structure xaxaxaxa
2019-10-14 16:16
It wont happen since he is a godfather of brazilian cs and he is kinda with that brazil and things like that so he wont come to other teams imo
2019-10-14 15:32
Unless he cares that much about that title then yeah. But id rather join faze than be stuck in this dead mibr team.
2019-10-14 15:37
arT | 
Brazil theuso 
But he won't leave tho. As he said, he is the " godfather of brazilian cs" and he probably will always play on a brazilian team
2019-10-14 17:22
he will probably stay at mibr until he retires though :D like he cares that much I think
2019-10-14 18:47
Sweden Sw4de 
faze wont get any better until niko and rain leave
2019-10-14 15:35
2019-10-14 16:04
2019-10-14 20:10
Brazil eoteamo 
2019-10-15 06:22
2019-10-15 03:16
2019-10-15 11:05
2019-10-15 11:05
no man, mibr>faze
2019-10-14 15:38
Rofl. Gold nova mm mix > MIBR. They are playing in NA, there are only 2 good teams there and they haven’t played either. Qualifying from NA mean nothing!
2019-10-15 08:24
1. fallen is washed up individually 2. fallen is completely burned out as an igl 3. fallen is expensive 4. cold doesnt want to play with him anymore yea, the best solution my ass
2019-10-14 15:38
I didn't say the best. I said the next best.
2019-10-14 15:53
no, its HORRIBLE idea
2019-10-14 15:54
Cool that's your opinion.
2019-10-14 17:06
opinion based on facts...
2019-10-14 17:08
broky | 
Latvia Iatvia 
Cool that's your opinion.
2019-10-14 17:10
Brazil d1rk 
fact that is in your mind. calling a guy that won every single event in counter strike a washed up. lol you.
2019-10-14 17:13
"calling a guy that won every single event" what this has to do with anything? i never said that he wasnt good...gtr also won everything and is washed up
2019-10-14 18:01
Worst logic ever. Just because you have won previously in you career doesn’t make you good now. Fallen is crap right now.
2019-10-15 08:25
"washed up player" with better stats than 60% of Faze and still being IGL... expected from "world" flag
2019-10-14 18:09
i never compared him with faze players or did i? but from top sniper and top2 player in the world to this: yes, washed up
2019-10-14 18:11
won't even check those links there's no point in that logic mibr sucks now a days, how can he keep the same level? U can use your logic to Niko as well, to cold, rain... not to mention olof...
2019-10-14 18:14
"won't even check those links" bcs you arent able to handle arguments? "mibr sucks now a days, how can he keep the same level?" cold was able to play on very high level almost till the end. fallen is on this level 2 years already "U can use your logic to Niko as well, to cold, rain... not to mention olof..." i could but that doesnt change anything about fallen or does it?
2019-10-14 18:19
Arguments? Which arguments? Are you able to follow one single logical line in your head? You told me (through those links) fallen couldn't keep his level in the last year, but the same aplies to the other players I mentioned. "...doesnt change anything..." Ok, then Fallen is washed up, just like Niko, cold, rain and olof. Now I get it.
2019-10-14 18:42
"Which arguments" those that you didnt even open lmao... "but the same aplies to the other players I mentioned" did i say otherwise? no? good...
2019-10-14 18:45
dude, u must got smt like 13 in any iq test
2019-10-14 19:54
yea sure bcs obviously biased hltv user like you said it lmao
2019-10-14 19:59
cuz you clearly can't follow your own logic
2019-10-14 20:01
you are inserting words in my mouth that i never said. fallen is washed up which is fact based on his performance. period
2019-10-14 20:03
which words? "fallen is washe up" I said I got it, just like Niko, cold, rain and olof are washed up as well
2019-10-15 01:13
"I said I got it, just like Niko, cold, rain and olof are washed up as well" and why do you talk about them all the time? i didnt say single word about them lmao...this is completely irrelevant to fallen
2019-10-15 05:53
Pretty silly list tbh. First, who cares about LAN, go big events. Olof player support for most of the year, the last month when he didn’t he has better stats than Fallen. Rain has better than Fallen at big events. Broky has only played for a very short time in Faze, hardly relevant of fair to compare with.
2019-10-15 08:36
Brazil aquaplayy 
>cold doesnt want to play with him anymore Fallen is very respected in the BR scenario. Cold already said in an interview that he would go back to MiBR if he wanted. Fallen has been playing well. The only MiBR player who is playing better than him is Fer
2019-10-15 02:04
cold left bcs of fallen(and fer)
2019-10-15 05:53
Brazil aquaplayy 
he never said that
2019-10-15 08:14
Why else would he leave? He didn’t like the house keeper? Of course he was sick of dictator Fallen faking being a good guy.
2019-10-15 08:33
he did say that. he said that he left bcs of their outdated view on the game and bcs of their outdated playstyle that they didnt want to change. he literally named fallen and fer there. on top of that he also said that he is upset and that they started to put fans against him cant find the second link right now
2019-10-15 08:40
Europe braxtey 
MSL AWPing sucks dick!
2019-10-14 15:38
It gets the job done. He is not there to be a star awper.
2019-10-14 15:52
Europe braxtey 
but he needs to make and impact with AWP!
2019-10-14 16:00
He has 4 other people for impact. He is a supportive awper. And i'd get MSL more for his IGLing than his awping but that is clearly not going to happen.
2019-10-14 16:03
Italy CHEBBOxxx 
toileto and coldzera won't play together again
2019-10-14 16:04
Never say never in cs.
2019-10-14 17:07
Thats what they said with s1mple and GuardiaN
2019-10-15 01:57
LUL nobody cares about respect from Niko. people only laugh about him.
2019-10-14 18:10
2019-10-14 18:13
do you really think fallen is going to play with coldzera ever again?
2019-10-14 18:18
Don't understand the MSL hype. The guy got aim like Karrigan, but is a worse IGL.
2019-10-14 18:20
Indonesia lukerey 
Karrigan aim way better than MSL
2019-10-14 18:20
I actually agree, which makes the MSL hype even less understandable
2019-10-14 18:26
Indonesia lukerey 
Maybe because he's available. And you kinda doesnt need extra firepower on faze side because you already has niko & cold on the team. They just need brain & average player like MSL
2019-10-14 18:37
World nakTriceps 
Jame would be the best option. IGL and Awper.
2019-10-14 20:01
USA | 
Czech Republic Antiii 
Whole Avanagar are supports... You don't have that in faze and you don't want that, Jame's calling is actually worst choice lul
2019-10-14 20:17
World nakTriceps 
Jame is a very good awper. FaZe need an awper.
2019-10-14 20:18
Indonesia lukerey 
Could work. But i doubt it he speak english. And his play style kinda the opposite of how faze wanna play.
2019-10-15 01:42
Indonesia lukerey 
Hunter & nexa should probably join faze than g2. g2 was fine with lucky & kio :( I cant see fallen leave brazil any time soon so if ex6tenz/xizt still put good hours on csgo love to see them back on scene.
2019-10-14 18:21
Zero out of fucking eight lul
2019-10-14 20:01
Indonesia lukerey 
Shut up no scene.
2019-10-15 01:42
Poland Lukovsky 
Shut up no scene.
2019-10-15 06:36
Indonesia lukerey 
Bntet > every poland player except michu
2019-10-15 10:23
Shut up ladyboy
2019-10-15 10:50
Poland Lukovsky 
Bntet > every polish player
2019-10-15 10:51
Brazil bruno4tw 
"Cold being there would help as well." mibr players hate coldzera, just as he hate them. but would be great, faze needs an awper and fallen would fit great
2019-10-14 20:09
you cold have made any shitty faze has fallen from top5 axaxa but no, explain urself
2019-10-14 20:20
That would never happen, it's almost impossible for Fallen to separate from Taco and Fer. And it's also very difficult for him to want to get out of mibr. Another factor is that he is not so intimate with cold because of recent internal problems.
2019-10-15 01:21
Portugal tc91 
Fallen was been an awful igl for over a year now, just look at Mibr....
2019-10-15 01:24
Brazil aquaplayy 
Cold said the problem with MiBR is that players are never on the same level and dedication and also because of external problems. Fallen isnt a problem
2019-10-15 02:07
Portugal tc91 
Do you watch them play?Old as fuck tactics, they always do bad in vetos, etc and that is his fault. Also is individual level as seen way better days.
2019-10-15 02:17
United States FaZe_Burger 
They just need to add some depth to their T-sides. Their CT setups are usually strong but I play better T-sides in Gold Nova MM
2019-10-15 01:44
ture. and they need to set up their mind when they are losing. i think NiKo&co are nervous atm :/
2019-10-15 03:11
Fallen's stratbook is stuck in 2016 meta sorry
2019-10-15 05:57
FAZE to rebrand to mibr
2019-10-15 05:58
Sweden xLucah 
2019-10-15 06:02
United States SammyFattal 
FalleN will never abandon MIBR!
2019-10-15 06:20
FalleN will never leave their friends... He doesn't play for the money.
2019-10-15 06:21
+1, fallen not is judas
2019-10-15 06:38
"Friends" lmfao. I guess boltz steel felps are his friends as well considering he kicked all of them (even taco). Not to mention he sells cheap gaming gear rebrands it to GA fallen and raises its price so his brazilian supporters buy them and get scammed. But i dont care about that i was talking about him as a player.
2019-10-15 10:21
I don’t know if you’re a Brazilian fakeflagger. But their gears are cheaper than Zowie’s, Razer’s and etcetera. Regardless, FalleN is a very rich person and lives well in California. He would never join an european squad. When it comes to the roster changes, it always happens. It’s nothing personal. It’s all about business. Don’t be naive.
2019-10-15 21:17
This is not a bad idea, I really think that Faze could be better with someone like Fallen, but we need to give this roster a chance first.
2019-10-15 06:42
Yeah i agree. After that they should kick out Niko olof and rain and bring in Fer, Kng and Taco and make faZe a Brazilian team
2019-10-15 06:43
2019-10-15 08:24
United States IceAndHigh 
-broky +fallen number 1 again
2019-10-15 08:28
Australia liazz_top2 
fallen broky niko poizon olof/rain
2019-10-15 08:31
Europe AlohaNamaste 
FaZe TabseN - IGL & rifler
2019-10-15 08:32
clown org and clown team. tell me the team development concept of faze csgo 2019! You cant, because there is no concept, it`s just a fucking clownfiesta.
2019-10-15 08:33
You're actually right.
2019-10-15 10:21
Norway Nikki_96 
problem is that faze is building team from players that has kind of different mindset and generaly they prefer individual power over good team synergy...because all faze players are highlight players...
2019-10-15 08:33
2019-10-15 10:21
Do you consider FaZe a real team after they kicked GuardiaN and paid 1m for cold, kicked igl and added broky and left igling on niko, who isnt fragging because of it? For last 4 months i was a faze fan only cuz of Ladislav. Glad he has been kicked
2019-10-15 10:33
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