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wat2study men help
Australia s1lenceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 
i tried mobile & web application development with a double major in networking but did not like it at all, idk what to study or if i should study at all at uni, nothing interests me in terms of career pathways or courses etc wat do men :( i dont wanna study/work something i will not be fulfilled with or enjoy ;/
2019-10-15 04:28
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Should've went into medical school
2019-10-15 04:30
"i dont wanna study/work something i will not be fulfilled with or enjoy"
2019-10-15 04:31
But sometimes you have to
2019-10-15 04:31
2019-10-15 04:42
You don't enjoy making 6 figures. Your loss I guess
2019-10-15 04:32
yes im not a 3rd worlder who is desperate for money, i have the luxury of being able to choose what i want without worrying about the money as much as others which i am thankful for
2019-10-15 04:34
You need to learn to be greedy
2019-10-15 04:43
2019-10-15 04:43
United States me_0_major 
porn production
2019-10-15 04:33
absolutely haram
2019-10-15 04:39
Europe black1ch 
Why ? It’s funny
2019-10-15 08:02
Become HLTV mod
2019-10-15 04:33
but im straight
2019-10-15 04:35
respect Martin wtf
2019-10-15 04:36
NEO | 
Canada chedca 
learn traditional east asian medicine
2019-10-15 04:38
lmao wtf men
2019-10-15 04:39
What do you like to do? have any hobbies or some shit? The best option is to do something that relates to something you like, even if it's not your dream shit.
2019-10-15 04:50
Only you can tell what you want to do. You didnt even said what tf do you like, how we gonna help you?
2019-10-15 04:52
well my hobbies and stuff are normal things and not necessarily something to make a career out of, normal stuff like books, movies, games, outdoors etc
2019-10-15 05:40
You really just have to do this mostly by yourself. Only you are going to be able to know what you would enjoy doing. But start asking some broader questions like do you like helping people? Do you like working with your hands? Do you want a 9-5 or do you not care if you work irregular hours? There isnt much that we can help you with on this.
2019-10-15 05:46
Canada ProvexPyker 
Sometimes it doesn't even have to be about the job, but the person. What person do you envision yourself becoming in the future? If you don't have a career goal, what type of person do you want to be for OTHERS, if not for yourself? Reliable? Trustworthy? Leading people? Helping people? Or maybe just your family?
2019-10-15 07:04
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