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teams that should disband
KrizzeN | 
Sweden Onkov 
Teams that should disband: astralis liquid eg fnatic vitality avangar mouz ence navi rng nip furia mi16r g2 forze grayhound tricked north faze crazy vp heroic ex-de big illuminar aristocracy sprout envy sharks syman teams that should not disband: BESIKTAS
2019-10-15 11:33
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Nice thread
2019-10-15 11:34
2019-10-15 11:36
Lithuania Mr|Julius 
Are you sure you wish to report this thread?
2019-10-15 11:40
Juliano top1 flower 2019
2019-10-15 11:41
Europe black1ch 
2019-10-15 11:42
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