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Lost all respect for USA
flusha | 
Finland bliplbob 
So, Kurds were pivotal in the fight against ISIS and fought side by side for 4 years with USA. Then Erdogan calls Trump on Sunday and after that Trump withdraws soldiers, goving green light for Erdogan. How can anyone trust USA with this retard in charge. Other chapter is The brainless muslim Erdogan, who just wants to do an ethbic cleansing of Kurds because he can. And why Trump is doing this? Who benefits the most out of this? Not USA, not it’s allies, but Russia. Tldr: Trump is delusional, insecure puppet of Putin.
2019-10-15 13:02
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NAF | 
United States skzl_ 
haha, roger that 😎
2019-10-15 13:03
haha, roger that 😎
2019-10-15 13:19
What is the motive behind "ethnically cleansing" Syria of its Kurdish population? What is to be achieved by doing this?
2019-10-15 13:06
flusha | 
Finland bliplbob 
Erdogan thinks it will make Turkey more geopolitically secure. If there is a group of people your people has massacred, probably you want to destroy them totally so they cannot revenge.
2019-10-15 13:14
fer | 
United States y4kob 
who cars 😎 we have burgers, you have war 😎😎😎😎😎😎
2019-10-15 13:16
rain | 
African Union Bruce U 
cool, cya at the next school shooting 😎😎😎😎😎😎
2019-10-15 17:51
Brazil RmM_oo 
Look to the bodies in the ground.
2019-10-15 17:55
" probably you want to destroy them totally so they cannot revenge", wtf. There is no possible way to totally destroy a group of people. Especially when there is a considerable number of Turkish citizens who are Kurds. To make Turkey more Geopolitically secure, the YPG/PKK who has been carrying out terrorist attacks on Turkey for over a decade must be removed. Not every Kurd
2019-10-15 13:19
But now they are waging war against the Kurds that fought ISIS, not the terrorist group.
2019-10-15 16:11
YPG is just a different name for PKK. The Soviet Union also fought the Germans. But they invaded your country too. Same thing. They fight one enemy, but also attack you
2019-10-15 17:34
Yes, but they also wanted to make a buffer from Finland to feel more secure. That’s what Turkey says it’s doing, and I don’t think it’s right to kill civilians and drive people from their homes just because you want to create a buffer against a small terrorist group.
2019-10-15 22:20
Russia LeGoBoys 
Usa just left from another country so did what everyone wanted and now this is their fault? Why hating states because kurds cannot protect themselves? It’s only their fault
2019-10-15 13:05
flusha | 
Finland bliplbob 
They were USA allies, you don’t just desert your friends like that. Eventually USA should have left Syria, but not like this. Trump had a right idea, but he did it so wrong that the result is worse than it was before. Now Syria will destabilize again, Russia will have more power in the region and Europe will be weaker bcs of refugees coming fear of ISIS. USA should have started to support Al-Assad now that he won the game. That would have pushed Russia, Iran and Turkey out.
2019-10-15 13:11
United States Trump2020KAG 
Got nothing to do with Russia or Putin. But I agree he should have never turned his back on the Kurds. They have been a bigger ally of America and Israel out of any one in the Middle East.
2019-10-15 13:06
I simply can not agree that the Kurds are a more beneficial ally of the US and its allies.
2019-10-15 13:08
United States Trump2020KAG 
Not beneficial. That’s 100% the Saudi’s. But as far as fighting and simply being in the Middle East and being a ally of both US and Israel is huge. Especially for Israel who is HATED by 90% of the people in the area.
2019-10-15 13:13
The YPG has assisted the US in the war against Daesh. Who happened to have not attacked Israel even once. I do not see how they have been beneficial to Israel so far. Expessialy now with their cooperation with Assad Meanwhile, Turkey allows for logistical support in the middle east, an important airbase for the US, US rocket sites within its borders and can provide military support, as it possesses the 2nd strongest military in Europe
2019-10-15 13:24
United States Trump2020KAG 
I’m not talking about America vs Turkey. I’m talking about the Kurds. Turkey isn’t even a true Middle East country. I’m talking about actual MIDEAST countries and MIDEAST allies
2019-10-15 13:52
Ok, it’s usually that many Americans I come across on this site seem to classify Turkey as a middleeastern country.
2019-10-15 17:36
United States Trump2020KAG 
It’s Europeans who call u guys Arabs Middle East etc. This site is also 90% trolls who’s life goals is triggering people so I would pay much mind to the majority of users.
2019-10-15 17:53
I lost all respect for u because u had any respect for usa at same point
2019-10-15 13:07
2019-10-15 13:15
United States FarCentrist 
We dont need turkey handing f-35 schematics to russia and china. This whole ordeal is a disaster.
2019-10-15 13:15
literally VROOM VROOM
2019-10-15 13:18
its funny this ppl are so idiotic. all the harm they do to themselves. if u think back the beginning of humanity it took 2 ppl to form the 3rd and then some years later the other 8 billion. in reality we're all equals and all related to eachother somehow. but lets just bomb eachother bro.
2019-10-15 16:14
Not just about the retard, it is also about the GOP that are so spineless they let hum get away with all his crimes.
2019-10-15 16:55
United States FaZe_Burger 
Help the kurds perform, and have a chance to win a package for your team!
2019-10-15 16:59
no, the kurds couldn't do shit on their own and they are savages. the american people dont want endless wars in the middle east for israel so neocon/ neolib/ marxists like yourself get btfo'd
2019-10-15 17:02
2019-10-15 17:47
United States CaliNinja 
2019-10-15 17:51
2019-10-15 17:56
2019-10-15 17:58
The idea is right, execution is an abomination.
2019-10-15 22:23
not everybody respects the GOAT nation is normal. but agree trump is retard
2019-10-15 17:54
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