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United States EG_REAL_TOP_1 
Very sad to see HLTV staff bend to the elites in their ivory towers complaining about having to see the opinions of the common man. Now that sport mode exists the elite tournament staff will lose any communication or connection with the opinions of the average CS lover. When frankie checks the hltv results, she should be enticed to see what HLTV users would do if Angela Merkel was on their bed. That's what keeps you connected with the community. That's what keeps you human.
2019-10-15 22:43
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+1 beautiful
2019-10-15 22:44
United States EG_REAL_TOP_1 
2019-10-22 23:54
If an individual wants to turn off sports mode it is very easy to do so... most people dont though bceause hltv is full of revolting subhuman boomers
2019-10-15 22:45
United States EG_REAL_TOP_1 
Sad to see another person internalizing how the elite talk about the commoners. Disgusting. HLTV represents the views of the big cs fan that loves the game and loves the tournaments, and it's honestly sad that those in power in the cs scene are too sensitive to interact with them. This change will erode all connections between talent and community, leading to talent holding themselves in to their twitter hugboxes.
2019-10-15 22:51
you can use a different term than elite if you are actually trying to bait me, your comprehension skills are absolute shrivel and your ability to correspond diction with syntax fails to execute eloquently or efficiently. there is no logic behind typing like jonty when you do not even hold a parcel to his intelligence, you are far more of a failure than the "elite talking about the commoners".
2019-10-15 22:53
United States EG_REAL_TOP_1 
You fucking buffoon. You absolute retard. You think you can hold an intellectual conversation against me? I only dumb down my words so that your feeble mind can hope to understand them, and even then you fail to grasp even 1/1000th of the subtle meaning of each letter I choose very carefully to craft an extremely complex message. I hold over 5000 degrees in analytical philosophy, I have mastered numerology and big bang theology, and performed lobotomies using telekinetic psychology.
2019-10-15 22:56
Congratulations on being one of the thousands of disposable 25 year old level 6 15 kills average boomers on hltv working a trade job with a girlfriend who is fatter than they are, your "intellect" is equivalent to the dirt on my shoe, an invaluable, revolting speck among billions upon billions of useless, minuscule, and obsolete failures.
2019-10-15 22:59
United States EG_REAL_TOP_1 
I have a mastery level knowledge of every subject. Every word I choose works in tandem to form an agglomeration of millions of cultural references, satirical jokes, and wordplay. It would take you a thousand centuries to even hope to understand the complexities of my mind and the depth of cognition I have achieved. It is amusing and very expected that you choose to attempt to attack the aspects of my material reality as if they are of any importance to me. All the matters is knowledge, those who wield it, and those who can never truly reach it. I laugh thinking about the simplicity of your mind and the utter hopelessness of your inability to grasp even the most basic of concepts. I'm laughing as I type this right now.
2019-10-15 23:05
If you were concerned that I was attacking your character and stated that is an inherently fallacious method of argumentation I would have maybe reconsidered my assessment of you, but I can thoroughly understand by your choice to condemn "[my] attempt to attack the aspects of my material reality as if they are of any importance to me." Potential to be smart means nothing if you do not properly capitalize upon it in real life. Sad to see you are quite consumed by your delusions, I hope for the best
2019-10-15 23:13
United States EG_REAL_TOP_1 
Yet another person whose mind is rotten to the core with belief in rules and is completely incapable of comprehending the varying complexities of reality. I did not claim your attack on my material reality to be "inherently fallacious" because it is only fallacious in a certain context. Whether or not you are making a fallacious argument depends on your goal in talking to me. If you are still trying to prove something about HLTV sport mode, then most attacks on my character would be irrelevant, unless you were attempting to use me to create a wider example about the argument. However, that is not what you appear to be doing at all. You don't seem to quite care about the focus of the discussion anymore, you care about knocking me and my character down. If that is your goal, it is not fallacious to attack my character, because you are not attacking my character to attempt to prove something irrelevant, you are attacking my character for the purposes of attacking my character. However, you are unable to comprehend this nuance, as you simply know that ad hominem is supposed to be bad and don't understand the underlying reason. I have capitalized on my capabilities. I have stated as much. I have also simply stated that I can see that you are someone that wishes to be intelligent, but you have neither the ability or will to capitalize upon that wish.
2019-10-15 23:20
2019-10-15 22:53
Sweden Golden_shower 
well said
2019-10-15 22:54
me not
2019-10-15 22:57
Poland Hanse 
can we please make it a new pasta
2019-10-15 22:57
Very well said 😢
2019-10-15 23:08
Watch out this is probably a honeypot
2019-10-22 23:57
The elitists are taking over!
2019-10-23 03:04
United States EG_REAL_TOP_1 
The elitists have had control for far too long. It's time to take it back.
2019-10-24 23:22
Sweden changrai 
Very beatiful text
2019-10-24 23:25
I very much agree with you!
2019-10-24 23:26
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