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NiKo come here
Romania heryu321 
Since you suck so much as a IGL on any T-side, I can give you some instructions: On mirage pistol round you can rush B but without those sily smokes that you guys usualy throw Try to go smokes A, you can learn them by downloading a workshop map Never go A, it is usually 3 A 2 B so B is easy men))
2019-10-16 01:25
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2019-10-16 01:26
2019-10-16 01:27
Spain elskio 
- YNK + heryu321 ez fix
2019-10-16 01:26
you coach assistant and perfect
2019-10-16 01:27
nt karrigan
2019-10-16 01:28
2019-10-16 01:31
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