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Australian shuffle
Australia opzy 
I think if grayhound and renegades combined their best prospects, au could have a top 5 team Jks Dexter Sico Ins Azr/liazz
2019-10-16 02:52
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nvm ins isn't ins
2019-10-16 02:54
Spain JasonRacism 
Just replace Gratisfaction with a better AWPer from anywhere in the world lol
2019-10-16 02:57
New Zealand Drag0n_ 
Did you see the several months that smooya was on the team instead of gratisfaction. That was their worst period of time as a team.
2019-10-17 01:23
Spain JasonRacism 
Because they knew Gratisfaction would come back? Prac isn't beneficial when you know you're playing with a player you know won't be permanent
2019-10-17 01:25
Frankie | 
Israel kahe123 
JKS lurk dexter igl sico awp erkast entry liazz entry
2019-10-16 02:59
Sweden hoey 
>australian >erkast
2019-10-16 03:10
i tried tho
2019-10-16 03:11
yes nt
2019-10-16 09:18
2019-10-16 09:28
allistair instead
2019-10-16 03:12
Sweden hoey 
alistair is an awper
2019-10-16 03:13
i thought zeph used to awp for them? havn't watched them for a while tho
2019-10-16 03:23
Sweden hoey 
zeph and alistair arent in the same team anymore
2019-10-16 03:25
"used to" ?
2019-10-16 03:28
Sweden hoey 
your wording makes it seem as if you thought he was still on the team but i am very autistic so i may have misunderstood
2019-10-16 03:29
2019-10-16 04:06
Does it matter
2019-10-16 03:20
Albania JonZherka 
>Sico >Australian Pick one
2019-10-16 04:57
ez rekt
2019-10-16 05:11
Australia CaZeR01 
Wtf azr way better igl
2019-10-16 05:22
as in skills? or in igling? cause in skills it's quite obvious who the better one, in igling it is less
2019-10-16 06:09
Australia CaZeR01 
I mean in igling, but i guess you right, its less obvious but azr just has way more experience in the higher levels or cs
2019-10-16 06:32
jks dexter aliStair INS jkaem If you're excluding jkaem for being Norwegian then take liazz instead
2019-10-16 03:01
I dont know why hltv thinks alistair is good. If you arent australian then please tell me why you think hes a good add
2019-10-16 05:28
Denmark baccster 
Any AWPer is an upgrade from gratisfaction. AliStair hasn't had a chance in a good team.
2019-10-17 01:15
Well grat when he played in au/nz was the best awper. maybe that was because he was in the best team but he definitely looked better than all the other awpers, but since moving to na he has been shit. I dont see why alistair (who even in aus with grat was a worse awper than him) would be a better fit. I think they should either get sico or an NA awper
2019-10-17 01:37
Denmark baccster 
I would've liked to see them keep Smooya permanently.
2019-10-17 01:38
where is dickstacy? ??
2019-10-16 03:03
making dick joke with other 9 year old grayhound fans
2019-10-16 03:04
he will raise the teams spirits, very important for team chemistry people like him are the reason you comeback from 15-8 -> 15-19
2019-10-16 03:05
he is genuinely terrible. people like him are the reason you lose 16-0
2019-10-16 04:47
2019-10-17 01:18
Brazil bernog 
+1 australian CS have so much potential maybe -Sico +aliStair in this team tho
2019-10-16 03:09
Australia CaZeR01 
2019-10-16 05:22
Australia Finiro 
I also just wanna see how far Grayhound can go with their lineup and renegades probably only replace grat if he doesn’t get some good performances
2019-10-16 03:13
Renegades already have top 5 oce players. Sad eu slaves and burgers think they know the Oceanic scene
2019-10-16 03:14
Bruh top 5 Australian/NZ players are 1.Jks 2.Dexter 3.Liazz 4.Sico 5.INS
2019-10-16 03:18
More like 1. jks 2. dexter 3. liazz 4. AZR 5. Gratisfaction
2019-10-16 03:22
if your talking about fraggers then you're on drugs. For a lineup then sure, maybe
2019-10-16 05:30
name doesn't check out
2019-10-16 03:18
Australia opzy 
I am au lmao. renegades probably wont be consistent top 5
2019-10-16 09:31
Jkaem is fine, azr is an igl, Liazz played a lot better recently. Just remove Grat, he is the most inconsistent awper in the world
2019-10-16 03:16
Dexter is definitely a better igl and has been playing much better as one then azr, though I'd like to see azr as just a fragger again.
2019-10-16 03:20
Dexter is an igl? I didnt know that. Azr's aim became much worse, he wont be back, but still i would only replace Grat. Sico was good in Malmo, but overall im not sure. There is this Chellos guy as well, he seems to be a god in ur scene
2019-10-16 03:24
Yeah chellos looks good but who knows if he'd be that good against proper teams cuz the best team he's ever actually faced is grayhound.
2019-10-16 03:40
At least he passes eye test. He seems to be hitting everything. He carries every game, but i read some bad about his attitude.
2019-10-17 00:44
nah just renegades -gratisfaction +alistair
2019-10-16 03:20
zonic | 
Denmark Phoey 
Dexter Sico Liazz Jks Azr
2019-10-16 03:21
Renegades are honesty a top 5 team, if it weren’t for the visa issues and playerbreak their hltv rank will be higher. Just wait they are going to get back into the top 5 in the next few events
2019-10-16 03:25
North America daesoulae 
grat sucks, and so does azr.
2019-10-16 04:13
What has this got do with anything I said
2019-10-16 04:38
North America daesoulae 
i think i responded to the wrong comment lmao mb
2019-10-16 04:49
I agree that Grat is really inconsistent but AZR is honestly pretty good for an IGL. He used to be a much better fragger but he's stepped up into the IGL role really well and I don't think that switching him out would actually make the team better.
2019-10-16 04:50
Aussie cs !! lul! never going to happen.
2019-10-16 04:12
North America daesoulae 
dexter sico jks liazz jkaem
2019-10-16 04:13
Australia TotalEclipse 
Honestly I think RNG are a top 5 team and there isn't really any reason to add or remove players. Give the boys at least two more major runs before that starts being looked at, to make a roster move now could be an absolute disaster (regardless of how good or bad you think Grat is).
2019-10-16 04:27
OCEAN (Entry) Gratisfaction (AWP) HUNDEN (IGL) Liazz (rifler) jks (lurk)
2019-10-16 04:56
Albania JonZherka 
2019-10-16 05:01
albania! LOL! nice try but you are already disadvantaged
2019-10-16 05:07
Albania JonZherka 
Currently living in Canada driving a range rover and am the most well known bouncer in Vancouver.
2019-10-16 09:19
jks dexter Sico jkaem Liazz/AZR/Hatz/INS
2019-10-16 05:29
New Zealand Eauor 
Keep Jkaem ffs
2019-10-17 00:45
Australia opzy 
Yeah, I was just putting ideas for a full oce team
2019-10-17 01:12
New Zealand Eauor 
ah got it
2019-10-17 01:44
jks liazz INS Sico dexter decent tier 2
2019-10-17 01:16
New Zealand Drag0n_ 
If renegades got more invites ect, they would be a higher ranked team. They barely play big events outside of majors because they aren't getting the invites.
2019-10-17 01:25
United States jay_320 
At this point I'd rather JKS just get signed by an NA team. I don't think there is much talent in AU beyond him. However JKS is legit as fuck and could play on a good tertiary NA team if a guy with a shit ton of money put him on a team with a rising 16 year old talent and new up and coming Danish IGL. Then they signed Wardell. Or something along those lines.
2019-10-17 01:40
New Zealand Eauor 
I want to see Jks and TabseN together on some sort of team. Both of them are in kinda similar situations - way too good for the teams that they've been in for almost their entire career. I think these two would be a great base for a sick team.
2019-10-17 01:45
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