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CS is finally competitive again
United States NA_1_OCEAN_EU_0_OCEAN 
It's been almost two years since the last truely competitive time for CS happened in SK vs Faze. Now we have many teams fighting for number 1. We have astralis looking a step down from their former self, yet still able to take tournaments. Liquid is coming off of a 7 tournament win streak ready to fight back to the top. EG is looking fresh and promising with stanislaw at their helm. Vitality has been revitalized with shox after their hiatus from CS.summit. fnatic have just reshuffled their roster and downed the Danish Giants. Navi seems to be sharp with the veteran blood of gaurdian and flamie being led by the new meat of boombl4. Avangar came out of nowhere with a major final and a blast win. New top tier teams are forming before our eyes. Take a moment, can you smell it? It's the fresh scent of competition returning to this game we all love. Breath it in boys. Savior it.
2019-10-16 03:22
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biN | 
Israel _laden 
2019-10-16 03:23
Denmark AstralisGOAT 
2019-10-16 04:58
Australia jsl54 
2019-10-16 03:23
Sweden JorgenKlopp 
Haha +1
2019-10-16 05:56
vitality lul dead team
2019-10-16 03:24
Canada Kry^tech 
excited4na cs top5
2019-10-16 03:28
"new meat of boombl4" kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
2019-10-16 03:29
Bloomb4 big meat 😍😍
2019-10-16 04:49
s1mple | 
Russia fnyke 
Veteran's blood of flamie? He's 22 lol
2019-10-16 03:30
Kazakhstan bjornzz 
only 22? wow
2019-10-16 03:34
He joined Navi right before turning 18 4 years ago
2019-10-16 03:40
but he is a veteran on the navi roster right?
2019-10-16 03:41
s1mple | 
Russia fnyke 
In this sense yea
2019-10-16 04:10
so stop misunderstanding and reflect on what they mean before you write a stupid comment
2019-10-16 04:16
2019-10-16 04:27
People love to nitpick and be smartasses
2019-10-16 05:09
s1mple | 
Russia fnyke 
Veterans are usually expirienced AND older ppl. Calling young player a veteran sounds a bit off
2019-10-16 06:37
he said navi has veteran blood in flamie and guardian, and i think guardian has played longer in navi than all except flamie. and tbh i feel like flamie is still in the "old guard" of pro players, he has been at the top level for a long time
2019-10-16 07:01
And he's the longest standing player on Navi?
2019-10-16 04:06
Still a veteran
2019-10-16 04:27
fer | 
World loopoos 
yeah and the greatest of them all: mibr, with kNg G O D. wait for majoer I have crystall ball
2019-10-16 03:43
name checks out
2019-10-16 04:14
Brazil |witcher| 
I can smell it
2019-10-16 04:26
i can smell ur gay
2019-10-16 04:41
gla1ve | 
Netherlands arTvamp 
stop sniffing between his buttcheeks man.
2019-10-16 05:02
North America X3phyR 
Where's mouz at m8?
2019-10-16 05:01
gla1ve | 
Netherlands arTvamp 
Nice, I can smell it so fresh. ...... I want to fuck, eat, sleep, game, smoke, drink and see them all compete now.
2019-10-16 05:01
competitive, but i prefer a dominant team where all the teams work harder and try to beat that team. i think that is when the quality of cs is at its highest
2019-10-16 05:06
Brazil Florastation 
i'm actually with you lmao tier 2 teams have a solid shot vs tier 1, tier 1 is very competitive between teams such as vitality, eg, astralis, liquid and mousesports
2019-10-16 05:11
EG would be top 1 if they added alpha male Entry Elige
2019-10-16 05:58
United States vikingswine 
ya know.,.. I actually agree whole heartedly with you bro! CS is kinda competitive again
2019-10-16 06:24
2019-10-16 06:26
only read the last line and cringed
2019-10-16 06:36
ahhaasasashn stopped reading at "We have astralis looking a step down from "
2019-10-16 06:37
India dragoblood 
what about faze? pepehands
2019-10-16 06:38
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