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Riot games FPS thoughts?
Australia halyxd 
whats r ur thoughts on this fps game
2019-10-16 03:57
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downgraded overwatch
2019-10-16 03:59
Switzerland sl4p3z 
tbh its a paladins copy paste lmfao 100% copy and paladins is a cheap copy of overwatch already
2019-10-16 04:32
Team Fortress 3
2019-10-16 03:59
Looks more like a competitor to TF2 and Overwatch than to CS
2019-10-16 04:00
2019-10-16 04:16
Looks trash
2019-10-16 04:17
cant even maintain league at a decent point going to ruin +5 games nice
2019-10-16 04:21
f0rest | 
Mexico bfish8 
Looks like CS:S mixed with James Bond's Golden Eye from n64 mixed with LOTR PS2 magic abilities woof
2019-10-16 04:23
Stocks RIOT UP>UP>UP>UP after this presentation
2019-10-16 04:23
Looks bad and it'll still probably be better than OW
2019-10-16 04:25
India TheSuspect812 
Just an FPS where they made champions to make money off heroes' skins etc.. not close to CS
2019-10-16 04:29
Germany PeKay 
Looks like Mix of ow tf2 and cs source
2019-10-16 04:30
why the fuck do companies keep buying into class based shooters. I was hoping that since riot was developing it that it would actually be good and well thought out
2019-10-16 04:32
Oceania Rusuli 
>Character based This is why I don't play your other shit game
2019-10-16 04:35
Canada ProvexPyker 
I'm excited, so many new introductions. I love that their expanding into so many genres and media's
2019-10-16 06:42
looks like cs+ow
2019-10-16 06:43
United States fpsBonkers 
Looks interesting, but characters look generic Ill try it out
2019-10-16 06:44
soyboy fps, looks like a new paladins or some shit like it
2019-10-16 06:56
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