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nerf Krieg
gla1ve | 
Canada tym2die55 
Everyone saying big words like adapt or stop crying, no nerf is required. It was in game since the starting and they didn't use it back then. Honestly all the pros are just cry babies. You and every other person who thinks like that is retard**. 1) its not about weapons its about economy. 3-4 years ago you didn't get 1900 when you lost pistol round and most importantly sg553 was still 3300$. During cs:go early years krieg cost was 3500$. now tell me why da fak will you buy a gun with shitty spray pattern when you have mastered ak47 and can just buy awp for 4750$. Back then awp had same movement speed as todays ssg08 aka scout. 2) also before economy update it was very easy to break your opponents economy. Legit watch any game from 2013-2017. Even T couldn't buy as much as they can buy in current CS meta. 3) i just think you haven't even touched sg 553/6/Krieg and used it ingame. Try mastering it and only then you will know how broken it is. Thanks 4) you scope put dot on enemy's head and one-tap. At least make it a 2 tap kill and reduce firerate ffs. 5) If yall don't want it nerfed then buff aug back again.
2019-10-16 14:30
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nah Krieg is fine, but need increase price slightly to avoid when Ts has better buy after planting bomb on pistols 2900-3k would be perfect dont touch gun's mechanic
2019-10-16 14:33
+11111111111111 and buff aug a bit
2019-10-16 14:34
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