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biggest recent issue in your country / state ?
Australia hltvyoyoskixx 
I love learning about the world politics and big law changes or events etc so hit me up with what you got ! 1 here in aus there is a big drought at the moment affecting the farmers 2 a cashless card is being trialled for welfare recipients where you can only shop at the biggest brand shops ( the idea is to prevent people spending their welfare on drugs/alcohol/gambling ) 3 the welfare allowance isn't covering cost of living that's all I can think of at the moment
2019-10-17 02:25
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and the government is doing this robo debt thing which incorrectly applies debt onto people who are accused of working and receiving welfare at the same time, forcing the person to pay the debt off.
2019-10-17 02:27
Germany Schwimmer 
2019-10-17 02:28
Germany Sonnabend 
Discounter Brötchen jetzt 15 Cent
2019-10-17 02:36
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