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Virtus.Pro WTF
Why VP CEO just do not disband them and sign Forze i don't get it.
2019-10-17 18:14
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2019-10-17 18:15
I aren't know
2019-10-17 18:16
Poland KozkowskyPL 
Ojojjoj kumplu
2019-10-17 18:36
New fag spotted.
2019-10-17 19:29
sodaH | 
Estonia rafio 
vp should be ukrainian
2019-10-17 18:16
2019-10-17 18:17
They placed 2nd at V4 which just bought them an extra 6 months of being garbage
2019-10-17 18:19
After that they lost to every fck shit team
2019-10-17 18:17
Zero | 
Poland Zer0Kurw0 
+1111111111 when they are at "last chance" tournament they start to playing good for a few weeks and then start to play trash again
2019-10-17 18:23
Poland kinkers 
forze is nothing without sexpower, not worth signing the whole team
2019-10-17 18:17
Still better than actual squad even pasha said that they are trash
2019-10-17 18:18
Poland Shlatter 
i don't get it, how polack want thinks like this
2019-10-17 18:20
Lost to illuminar like 2 or 3 times idk
2019-10-17 18:20
Poland Shlatter 
so what?
2019-10-17 18:22
Who cars about snax's team? He betrayed their friends talked shit on everyone why we should car about it
2019-10-17 18:23
Poland Shlatter 
coz it's still polish team, and you should be proud of it, that we actually have 3 top30 teams. You are blindly staring at some ideas that you read somewhere from other idiots and you make no sense taking time with a normal ppl.
2019-10-17 18:25
Everyone know that snax made shit so...
2019-10-17 18:29
Poland Shlatter 
interesting, what would you do in his place with such a proposal :)
2019-10-17 18:30
this is polish mentality btw
2019-10-17 18:26
Because they don't deserve to play as Virtus Pro.
2019-10-17 18:33
Europe JohnMurphy 
Polish people are supposed to hate vp because noone likes pasha, worst player ever to touch csgo
2019-10-17 18:34
There is a Polish fanbase for 5 years. If you disband the Polish squad and build a CIS roster instead, those fans will stop supporting the team.
2019-10-17 18:24
What? Maybe pasha did fanbase but now no longer cheer them like before srlsy like 4-5 k ppl on their match while in prv roster 30k
2019-10-17 18:26
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