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believing in lies is a sin
gade | 
Denmark [KappaPride]de therefore religious people are ironically all sinners
2019-10-17 21:34
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if smart denmark say i believe)
2019-10-17 21:34
sorry men, I arent click that
2019-10-17 21:35
so if i do not believe in god i go to heaven)))
2019-10-17 21:36
2019-10-17 21:44
lmao get rekt regtards
2019-10-17 21:36
Tomato | 
Europe boys 
2019-10-17 21:36
Germany Schwimmer 
ok so u believe
2019-10-17 21:38
+1 wtf is this shit xD
2019-10-17 21:39
no im just using their doctrines against them are all germans like you this dumb?
2019-10-17 21:40
sakula | 
Other kaiske 
ironically? all christians know they are sinners
2019-10-17 21:38
Brazil Bene_Tleilax 
But what if you are fooled?
2019-10-17 21:40
"To them who know what is right, and refuse it still, it is sin." If your heart is in the right place and you are not willfully sinning and committing evil acts then there is no sin. To simply believe something wrong, but you are not aware that it is wrong, and genuinely believe it to be true -- there is no sin. There are deeper levels of this which others may try to use to refute my conclusion here because they will point to Revelation where it says "all those who make and love lies both have their part in the lake of fire." This does not refute what I said, but demonstrates the importance of seeking the pure Truth in all things out of a sincere and humble heart. But many, like all atheists, assume things without ever having truly sought the truth. They look for excuses and reasons to justify their wicked lives and therefore are guilty of making and loving lies. An atheist is always guilty of pride, bitterness, and a haughty heart. It takes humility and sincerity to receive any real truth in this world. But pride causes people to jump to conclusions before having gathered as much information as possible.
2019-10-17 21:56
Wait you thought, we claim to be saints? All of us are sinners, religious people just try to admit their sins and fight against them.
2019-10-17 21:41
man my head hurts reading this hahahaha
2019-10-17 21:43
there's nothing like that, no church no fkin spiritual world. its us against ourself and we will fkin destroy ourself. so u better embrace ur life and do something u like cuz wiggah we going fkin down in the future.
2019-10-17 21:44
The mind of an atheist is so predictable before I even clicked I knew this was going to be what the OP concluded.
2019-10-17 21:46
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