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Child Abuse
Estonia whosmans 
If I am over the age of 18 but endured child abuse when I was younger, can I still report my parents with accordance to my state's constitution defining the validity of my claims?
2019-10-18 05:43
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2019-10-18 05:44
not bait i genuinely need an answer :/
2019-10-18 05:48
why ask hltv we all 0 iq
2019-10-18 06:17
Greece NaviGuy 
2019-10-18 07:05
not if you enjoyed it
2019-10-18 05:44
2019-10-18 06:29
masq | 
Czech Republic Puget1 
200 IQ play from his parents :/
2019-10-18 06:32
RIP report
2019-10-18 07:36
Nice bait
2019-10-18 05:45
not bait
2019-10-18 05:47
better to kill them.
2019-10-18 05:49
It would depend if that sort of thing has a statute of limitations on it. In America certain things have to be reported within a certain time or they can't be prosecuted. If you are good there and also have proof of your claims then I would think it wouldn't be a problem.
2019-10-18 05:49
Really? seems that's not the deal these days. The new trend is women coming out saying someone in power raped them 40 years later these days. Remember Garth saying the judge raped her with no proof, no witnesses and could not even remember where the rape took place. If I ever got in to office I would have many X girlfriends saying I raped them just for the publicity and money.
2019-10-18 06:05
Yea, but he wasn't on trial as a criminal. That was a congressional hearing on whether he should be approved or not and the dems just used that women to try and stop his appointment. For someone to be prosecuted criminally they have to have some proof or evidence of a crime being committed. A lot of people are unjustly convicted in cases with next to no evidence but this is just a result of corruption in the system and not a flaw in the system itself. They especially use this tactic in traffic cases where the only witness and evidence of anything is the testimony of a cop. In reality this should not hold up in court because you need at least 2 witnesses in a case where no other evidence exists, but in traffic court people are found guilty all the time merely because a cop said so. This is just for revenue generation. I remember being in court one time and this lady was being charged with running a red light and she plead 'not guilty', and claimed she did stop at the light. The State didn't present any evidence, no video, no pictures, just the cops word. The judge literally said to her "well, I believe the officer is telling the truth so I'm finding you guilty" and then fined her. This sort of corruption happens all the time and even in major cases dealing with murder, rapes, and other things. Good lawyers eat these sorts of cases for lunch though. Sadly, most can't afford to pay a good lawyer the many thousands they demand to represent you. So, people end up with court appointed lawyers who do little to fight for you and you end up convicted based on nothing.
2019-10-18 06:21
It's really scary though. I got accused once because of some drama. The cops were like we believe you. Yeah I went hogging that night. I said I want to take a lie detector test instantly and they set it up. The detectives that did the test said I had brain damage and let me go lol.
2019-10-18 06:25
lol@brain damage I was falsely accused of something before by a girl and it's scary stuff. I spent 5 days in jail while everyone on the streets thought I beat my stepsister up. Finally, I was able to speak to my dad and he believed me because he knew Shannon was a compulsive liar her whole life and was always starting crap by lying. By 16 she had to move to her grandma's house to another city because where she grew up no one liked her anymore because she had betrayed everyone. I haven't seen her in 18 years but man was she evil back then. No conscience at all. I even told my girlfriend at the time I didn't want her around because she was a compulsive liar and my gf talked me into letting her hang out with us and a week later I'm in jail and shes at my house hanging out with my girlfriend and screwing my friend.
2019-10-18 06:34
Women are scary. I had one living with me at 18 that would beat me with her purse if I wanted to go out with friends and would grab a knife and run in the bathroom saying she was going to kill herself. After about 3 times of that, I said do it! Kill yourself. Noticed she always grabbed a butter knife so figured it was not real. So many nights I would have to go find her when she ran way from the house in some weird women like thing.
2019-10-18 06:39
I've been single by choice for 13 years (I'm old by HLTV standards) and at this stage in my life can't see myself with one ever again. My life has been so much better since I gave up chasing relationships with women. I focus on myself, my studies, my business, my mom, my property, and just mind my business. Life is good. People have too much drama in their lives and modern women are the worst in this regard. I listen to my mother and sister talk on the phone and just roll my eyes. Just constant gossip about other women.
2019-10-18 06:44
It does seem like the plan. To really control the beast you need to have millions so they don't get uppity. My last X made me quit video games, smoking, drinking. Yeah it's all semi good but it never ends. She was raging at me because I wanted to go out for a jog after dinner. Why do you want to go for a jog!!! Basically like the humogus vid. I realized that was it. I had to quit anything in life I wanted to do. They always cost me all my friends. Don't believe that crap about you just never found the right one yet. It's a myth. Everyone I have had was always batshit crazy.
2019-10-18 06:48
Yea man, just remain single and be patient for the right one. I originally had no intentions of being single for so long and I'm certainly not into that MGTOW stuff and disagree with most of those guys. But after some really bad relationships in my teens and twenties and having my heart broke several times, I decided no more -- I was not going to just settle with any girl I was attracted to. I raised my standards perhaps too high and now here I am lol. But I'm happy and content. I'm not a bad looking guy and can talk to anyone at any time with confidence, so picking up women is easy. Over the years I've had many opportunities to allow a women into my life and some I was actually considering. But I always thought long term and talked myself out of it. After you are single for years you become used to it and having your whole life changed suddenly by bringing someone else into it is a bit unwelcome. I'm still willing to meet the right women if she exists, but I'll never settle. If she ain't marriage material and has been run through by dozens of other men, she ain't for me.
2019-10-18 06:54
Problem with me is I work out and Tan, no joke. I have grown a hate for women. I think I've had enough sex in my life, don't want any kids so I don't see the point. I miss sleeping next to them which can be peaceful but I think there is something more to life, like adventure. Women hold you back. I might just move to Costa Rica and bang some whores for like 20 bucks eating lobster dinner for 20 bucks. Best relationship I ever had was a girl who was 16, not dating, just friends and would call her and say " We are going to the beach want to go? If she said no, no big deal. If she said yes then sexy time. We would not talk for months at a time. No boyfriend girlfriend, just friends. The worst thing I hate is when girlfriends would ask how my day went. I'm not in the CIA B! just a normal damn day like every other day but they ask every damn day.
2019-10-18 07:03
I've done Adventure! In 2010 I went to the Montana Wilderness alone (2500 miles from my home) and stayed for 6 weeks and then road a bicycle back across country over a 45 day period. It was the best time I've ever had in my life. I want to do another trip like that one day but I'm currently helping take care of my mother as she's 62 and has some physical limitations and I can't leave her alone.
2019-10-18 07:06
That's true freedom. I did the same, my mom died of cancer when I was 28. Dad died of cancer when I was 19. I sold my house in Florida came back to Cali and wanted to be homeless, have a ton of money in the bank and do crypto. I lasted one day but it was kind of the best day in my life. Storm hit, very cold wind gusts , probably in the 30's. I was not angry but felt proud. I was free for one day . Now just work crypto and the grind again. My friends brother has been travelling the world for the past 10 years. Him and his wife just go wherever . I wish I grew up in the old days. Just travel around, live off the land. I'm a slave to the system and not getting out.
2019-10-18 07:16
I watched this video a while back with this guy who is a firefighter out in cali and he lives in his truck stacking money. I think he said his first year living in his truck he'd already saved over 50k. I love stuff like that. The day I got dropped off in Montana (I had no car but a friend left me there and I had no cell service and I didn't know anyone out there) a giant storm cloud moved in and I wasn't setup yet and was having trouble finding a good spot for my tent. At first I started to panic a bit thinking I was about to get dumped on and all my gear and supplies were going to get soaked. Then I calmed myself down and said to myself 'you asked for this, are you so weak as to be overcome by a rain storm? This is part of this lifestyle.' So I got my head straight and accepted the fact I was probably about to get soaked bad (it was dark gray clouds). I ended up getting my tent setup and my gear in it and as soon as I zipped the tent up the rain came. I literally made it by less than a minute. After that the trip was gravy and tons of fun except for that night when I was awakened to a tent full of water and I had to stay awake so the puddle wouldn't get to deep. Thankfully I brought some tarps and was able to fix my leak after the first night lol
2019-10-18 07:25
Well. I sold my house and dumped all my personal things that I wanted to keep with my cousin, who I basically don't know. Met her when I was 3 years old in Cali, she's ten years older.Like I said , my dream for freedom died in one day. I did not come prepared for my plan. No tarps no nothing. The wind gusts would make my whole body shake. Finally fell asleep and woke up to the rain storm. Stood under a store for a few hours then walked around and slept in a parking lot. It was an adventure.
2019-10-18 07:30
Nice. I prepared for my trip for 2 years. I originally planned to stay for a year but changed my mind after 6 weeks. The wilderness can get lonely pretty fast.
2019-10-18 07:35
Homeless people are very nice. My plan is to put on a backpack once every 6 months and drive an hour to the beach. They will come to you and talk. I met like 40 homeless people in that one day. They see the backpack and hello. Good guys. I was technically homeless for one day. One did almost get me arrested though. He came out of the bushes, nicest guy in the world and offered me a 40 OZ cops showed up, that would have ruined my life.
2019-10-18 07:41
Heck yea man. You and I sound a lot alike. If you're ever in southeast Virginia hit me up.
2019-10-18 07:50
get discord. I thought about living there, thought about Vermont, North Caraloina and Oregon . I could have bought a house in cash in those places but what do I do! Say I want to be homeless in Cali ! lol. One day but did it. Now back to life. My home town the price of a house is average 1 mill, not homeless but cali is where I was born and raised.
2019-10-18 07:54
Yea, cali is stupid expensive. You can get large homes on 15 acres of land for half that where I live. I'll download discord. Send me the info in PM and I'll set it up tomorrow. It's 2am here and getting near time for me to crash.
2019-10-18 07:58
I'm not saying I did not mess up. I just got greedy. I was born in Newport beach and raised in Dana Point CA. This is my home and I'm not fucking leaving. I could have lived like a tool in many states but going to fight it out to live in my home state. The weather is great in Cali. Can grow almost anything you want. Only down side of Cali is the cold water every day at the beach
2019-10-18 08:02
Well and the politics also. It's very liberal and bad.
2019-10-18 08:07
Southern Cali definitely has the best weather of probably anywhere. I can understand you not wanting to leave your home State. Cali is an amazing State being ruined by stupid politicians. I still have yet to see the Redwoods which is something I want to do. I'd love to ride a bike on Highway 1 all the way up the coast. An adventure I'd like to do one day would be ride a bicycle around the perimeter of the lower 48. Everyone goes coast to coast, but I bet not many have done the perimeter.
2019-10-18 08:11
I think the first Hobbie store was like a half mile from my house when I was a kid in Dana Point. Pacific coast highway. I saw the vid of all the surfers dropping his ashes in the ocean after he died.
2019-10-18 08:15
Got my Cali drivers license , bought a Prius plug in cash, debating to buy a new home or try again. Minute I buy a home I'm stuck.
2019-10-18 07:32
Yeah. It's nice to have somewhere to go though. My house and property will be paid off in 8 months which is going to be awesome. My bills will be so low and I'll have somewhere permanent. I'll be in a situation where I could pretty much retire because i'll only need about 15k a year to live comfortably (so long as I don't bring a women into the picture). I'm not going to retired but will probably work a bit less and focus more on other things.
2019-10-18 07:39
But the freedom. Living in a home gets old. So much out there in the world. I did it forever. I hardly used anything in my house. Computer, kitchen Toilet. Rest of the house was a waste of space. Have not watched tv in years, had a 62 inch tv.
2019-10-18 07:44
Man we are so much alike. I haven't owned a TV in so many years. I could live in a 10x10 shack and be a happy guy. I don't need much.
2019-10-18 08:14
I had my tv for looks.
2019-10-18 08:16
I would love to hunt for pirate treasure, actually looked up some stuff in San Juan Capistrano about getting invaded 400 years ago, like a real life vid game. Search for treasure and hit it lol. I should upgrade my metal detector to around 4k for that though. Pretty sure they dug a deep hole. Dug two six foot holes last summer to put waste in it in a few hours. So Pirate treasure is probably 20 feet deep.
2019-10-18 08:22
Check this channel out That guy rode a bike from the Arctic ocean (literally started off on the frozen ocean) in northern Canada and rode a bike to Argentina. He documented the whole trip on YouTube.
2019-10-18 08:22
I met a guy in Dana Point who was homeless and said his son was graduating in San Diego. Only an 80 mile bike ride. He said he loved his life. I get stressed driving my car for an hour ride lol. When I have to go to palm Springs I drive like 95. Very scary. Really sucks at the beaches here. I would love to drive to the beach and sleep in my car and metal detect but it's illegal. But if I slept on the sidewalk it's legal. Something is up. Don't want to pay 180 a night for a room.
2019-10-18 08:27
Brazil NukebRS 
Faking rape should have same punishment as actual rape. if you do that you could literally end someone’s life and get away with it
2019-10-18 06:24
Totally agree. Be careful saying hello to a girl these days. Might be charged with assault. The problem with them faking rape is that many will still see you as a rapist no matter what.
2019-10-18 06:27
wth that women is completely freaking crazy. This is blowing my mind.
2019-10-18 06:39
If I was that guy I hate to say it but would have punched her.Or maybe yelled that her pussy smelled and it's making me sick. I actually did that in real life. Had some crazy girl going off on me. Told her that her pussy stinks and get back to work.
2019-10-18 06:43
The comment section on this video is gold. Almost like a bunch of HLTV trolls in the comments lol
2019-10-18 07:00
When you think you want to ruin your life and get back with a women. Always watch that vid! I even thought my mom was a B. My dad did all the work and all the cooking. listen to them argue for hours each night.
2019-10-18 07:06
ugh, I don't like talking about this but in this case I think it's fine. I love my mother dearly and will be here for her until death. But it's impossible to talk to her sometimes without her flipping out for no reason. I'll try to meekly and calmly correct her in some way because she is doing something wrong, or, simply try to discuss something, and she will literally start yelling at me for no reason while I'm trying to talk to her calmly. I'll ask her to calm down and stop yelling because we can talk like normal adults. She will literally say to my face that shes yelling because I'm yelling. But I don't let her get away with it so I point out to her how I've been talking normally and she is the only one yelling, and she will lie again and say I'm yelling at her. Sometimes I just have to walk away because there is nothing I can do. Then she'll be short with me for a few hours like I did something to her when she was the one who wronged me. There is something off in the female mind and I'm convinced of this. I always like this verse in the Bible that basically says there is 1 good man in a thousand, and no good women in all of them. lol
2019-10-18 07:15
Some advice. My dad die quick. My mom could not even write a check. After my mom got cancer it went quick. They did not tell where the money was. My dad probably has a ton of stocks. I found some of my moms bank accounts but I knew they were invested in a lot of things. Might be wise to figure out the financial system now before it's to late. When many people are ending it they don't really focus on much more then just knowing they are dead. I know I have a few hundred K out there I never found. I had to walk my mom to the bathroom, was gross. She chose to die at home. I wish you the best. It's rough and I fully understand. Last thing I did to my dad was bitch at him for not closing the bathroom door while he was pooping, when I came home from college he was in the hospital and never woke up.
2019-10-18 07:25
Thanks for the advice, and I'm sorry for your loss. I know it must of been tough to lose both your parents. The times I have got out-of-line towards my mother even if I feel justified, I always make amends and tell her I'm sorry. I lost someone dear to me 9 years ago and the last thing I did was yell at them. It still hurts me today. Timing can be a real bitch sometimes and our shortsightedness can be so selfish. PS. There should be some means by which you can hunt that money down. A private investigator who focuses on that sort of work might could help. idk. I'm sure you've tried to track it down. Or perhaps you're like me and just said screw it, Idc.
2019-10-18 07:32
Yeah, don't care. I got in to bitcoin semi early. Money is not the problem. It's the freedom I search for. When I was a kid in Cali we would find wild fruit growing and eat it. Working is just another word for slave. I bought a 1k metal detector but hardly used it yet. It's not for the money it's for the adventure.
2019-10-18 07:35
You need to go for it then. But this time plan something out. Brainstorm what would be the best adventure you can have and then prepare for it and do it. Buy you one of those popup vans and travel the country. I used to watch a lot of mountain biking videos and a lot of those guys will live in vans traveling the country and riding all the best trails. If you aren't attached to anything I would highly recommend thinking of something to do. You won't regret doing it, but you might regret if you never do. I agree that working for money to pay bills and buy stuff is just another form of slavery. It holds us down. I've lived a frugal and simple life because I don't want to be too much attached to things. I could lose everything and it not be that devastating to me. Of course, I'd be a bit annoyed and sad at first, but long term it wouldn't effect me much.
2019-10-18 07:46
Send me a private message. You sound the same as me. I used to ride my mountain bike all the time then the handle bars ripped off on a jump. Scary shit.
2019-10-18 07:50
you're name shouldn't be published until you are indited or there is some real proof. Its crazy that someone can ruin your reputation for life with this shit.
2019-10-18 07:54
I'm thinking about it. If someone accuses you of rape, you should just rape her.
2019-10-18 07:55
Brazil NukebRS 
Big brain time
2019-10-18 15:56
I agree. There is a law in the Old Testament of the Bible that states if you accused someone of a crime that was punishable by death and it was found you lied, then you were the one who was put to death since you sought to have someone else put to death unjustly. It makes perfect sense.
2019-10-18 06:27
tf do we know about estonian laws, in sweden u could atleast, gl man
2019-10-18 06:00
What was the abuse? My parents spanked me a few times, dad slapped me once. Was it like full beating? Mental abuse or sexual abuse? Did you walk in seeing your parents doing it?
2019-10-18 06:03
what I need to know is if age prevents any claim I may have against them from being valid
2019-10-18 06:10
You can always claim anything, at least in America. Just go to the cops and tell your story but you need proof.
2019-10-18 06:11
what qualifies as proof? If they obtain a warrant to inspect my house and find a lack of food or shitty living conditions is that enough? If I derive proof from accounts from my teachers or classmates reporting me does that count? There are records where I have been sent to the social office for suspected self-harm
2019-10-18 06:13
Well, depends on how much money your parents have. If they can't afford food then no proof. IT sounds like you are looking for a foster home. If they do drugs all day then yeah you can get them busted. My parents would restrict a lot of food I wanted but was not child abuse.
2019-10-18 06:14
one is voluntarily unemployed and has been for the last 20 years, while the other makes about 90k a year. Our house is worth about 500k
2019-10-18 06:14
So what is the abuse? Maybe they want you out of the house and want you to find a job.
2019-10-18 06:15
it has been like this for 6 years or for as longa s I can remember, i turned 18 only a month ago i ask them for food and they say no
2019-10-18 06:16
Get a job, move in with some friends and problem solved. Still have not heard one thing about abuse yet. Not buying you ice cream to stuff your face late at night is no abuse.
2019-10-18 06:17
if i havent eaten for three days when im 17 that isnt a problem?
2019-10-18 06:17
How do they stop you from grabbing some food from the fridge? I think you are just making this story up but why would your parents hate you so much? Always two sides to the story. If your dad makes 50k he should have some money laying around. Go find it and go buy some food.
2019-10-18 06:20
I am not providing evidence because that is not the point of the question. If I perceive actions inflicted upon myself at an earlier age to be abuse, is it possible for me now as a legal adult to report them while residing as a victim of their abuse?
2019-10-18 06:28
Yes it is always legal to accuse someone of anything.
2019-10-18 06:36
well no it is not legal to accuse someone of anything and expect that there will be consequences
2019-10-18 06:44
Hence the proof. You can accuse but you need proof and just your word, it is to late. What do you want for them? Not feeding you for 3 days? Have them locked up? Sue them for money? You have no case. Take my earlier advice, go to college or get a job and move out of the house with some friends.Living with friends was a blast. It's like social media. If you are getting abused, log out delete them and ignore them. Sounds like that's what you need to do to your family.
2019-10-18 06:52
You gotta give us a detailed account of what happened so we can give a legitimate answer
2019-10-18 06:06
what I need to know is if age prevents any claim I may have against them from being valid in their conviction
2019-10-18 06:10
I mean, if the abuse they subjected you to directly breaks a law, you can still claim it as child abuse, but you need proof. Your eyewitness and 'maturity' as a legal adult will not be enough
2019-10-18 06:24
2019-10-18 06:46
Hatz | 
Australia xSanctum 
Pull a John wick on them.
2019-10-18 07:20
Argentina kongro 
ask reddit
2019-10-18 07:20
gla1ve | 
Denmark flapdur 
Don´t know for your country, but in many places there is no time limit for child abuse claims, and it´s common for abused children to only build up the courage when they are older and living away from the parents.
2019-10-18 07:46
I found that in EU there is a 30 year statute of limitations regarding child sex abuse. It doesn't say for other types of abuse but there is most likely something for lesser offenses.
2019-10-18 07:52
karrigan | 
North America Jkhes 
Look into the concept of a statute of limitations in your local area. This is the term which defines the time-frame in which crimes can be legally redressed and is different for various crimes.
2019-10-18 07:56
Ask authorities I don't think anyone of us knows your national lawset
2019-10-18 08:03
Did your parents deny you food because you're a fat fuck and would eat yourself to death?
2019-10-18 10:26
United Kingdom Megamo10 
Ask on reddit legal advice
2019-10-18 15:59
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