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Embarrassing things
Netherlands Chrisjkk from the series of embarrassing things I remember when i bring home my first girlfriend, my parents by like: oh honney, he never bring girls home before, she should be special, she is the chosen one, how fast they grow, only you are blinking and he already married and has children. Like wtf is wrong with them... Type the most embarrassing moment from your entire life
2019-10-18 18:31
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Germany MackyGee 
When i wanted to knife enemy and lost the round, it was so embarrassing😅😮😮😪😫
2019-10-18 18:33
why? your teammates kick you in the last round?
2019-10-20 17:21
gla1ve | 
Australia oce 
stfu chrisj
2019-10-18 18:33
words coming from a gambit fan boy, gambit not even top 30 team in the world
2019-10-20 17:22
Albania ObamaBruhLaden 
I didn't remember a scene from Star Wars The Revenge Of The Sith What have I done.
2019-10-18 18:34
it was obi wan kenobi
2019-10-20 17:22
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