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society these days
Brazil AintGoingAnywhere 
I'll take the risk of seeing some haters trashing me, but whatever... Is there any way you'd suggest for someone to live if he/she doesn't fit in society's standards? And i mean by culture, taste, etc. Ty
2019-10-19 02:23
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We live in a society 😔
2019-10-19 02:24
mens))) rise up!
2019-10-19 02:25
i freaking rose up, but veronica pushed me the fuck down and left for chad
2019-10-19 02:33
Germany MackyGee 
smh my head 😔😔
2019-10-19 02:27
just dont give a fuck
2019-10-19 02:28
We live in a society
2019-10-19 02:29
Denmark potatomato 
Join a gang men)))
2019-10-19 02:31
If you rly dont want to concern yourself with modern society i think the only way out is to go off the grid and live in the middle of nowhere, build a house urself and live off the land. There’s some nice docu’s about ppl doing this if ur interested. It’s still a tough way to live tho depending on ur own for everything but some ppl manage and say it’s worth it. I like to think i live in regular society but not get bothered by the every day cancer that comes with it by just letting all the bs slide off my back but even that is not that ez sometimes
2019-10-19 02:32
Lithuania Sedge 
bare with it for a year or two, save money... get a car, enough money to buy food and water... leave the country, go somewhere safer than brazil and live off the land. It's easier said than done, and you might need quite a bit of cash but if you really dislike society then fuck it...
2019-10-19 02:52
Yeah, i must hold a lot, but a LOT of money to get enough to live outside brazil, since our currency is pretty shit, but i get your idea.
2019-10-19 13:19
2019-10-19 02:54
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