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I think I have betting addiction
Korea K1mq4_0_major_Zeus_1_Major 
I have just lost 15€ cause I betted on HR more 26.5 rounds, they didnt get just the last round to win the bet, I'm fucking disappointed rn, cause I've lost a lot of money for past week.I mean sometimes I could like win 100€ or even more from like 20 €, but then I actually lose all my winnings. I dog?
2019-10-19 02:32
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snatchie | 
Poland JKG 
Mine betting addiction started with HR as well like 4 years ago I hate angel till today But I made profit overall, and I love betting so fuck it It's better to waste 5$ on betting everyday (having high chance to win money) than on cigarettes or something like that
2019-10-19 02:35
Agree, I actually love betting, cause watching it makes games more interesting, but I actually lose money sometimes and sometimes those money ar big and that's the thing that disappoints me(
2019-10-19 02:36
snatchie | 
Poland JKG 
Yeah I know exactly what you're talking about Like I said it's better to waste 5-10$ on betting everday, than on other addictions If you know how to bet, you'll eventually win and forget about all the losses, trust me
2019-10-19 02:40
typical thing addicts say "eventually i will win big"
2019-10-19 02:45
snatchie | 
Poland JKG 
I made big profits in my life, so wrong person you're talking to If you bet with max. 5-10$ everyday, and you know how to bet you'll have big profits
2019-10-19 02:46
snatchie | 
Poland JKG 
I am addicted, and I admit it But if you know how to do that, it's the best addiction out there
2019-10-19 02:48
you dog Why do you think betting sites exist?
2019-10-19 02:36
Cause u CAN actually make profit, but there are a lot of guys like me who cant stop on that they already have.
2019-10-19 02:37
They exist to make a profit off of betting. Betting = gambling = taking advantage of addicts Doesn't matter if it's a fucking slot machine, casino, skin gambling, sport betting or whatever.
2019-10-19 02:39
Brazil FalcoNBR 
same here
2019-10-19 02:36
i never get disappointed, i get mad
2019-10-19 02:36
just dont bet also why would u bet on some random shit like that, if u want to actually win u gotta pick better events and play long term, never chase fast profit on high odds. realistically if u put enough effort to it u can make 20-35% monthly to ur bankroll
2019-10-19 02:47
in past week i made almost 550$ from 8 dollars, bought some skins in csgo, after 7 day cooldown passed, i sold them all and started betting again, lost all my money as always. STOINKS
2019-10-19 02:49
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