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mosque bombing kills 62 people in afghanistan
Malaysia gunnar502 
2019-10-19 04:14
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Why do bad things happen?
2019-10-19 04:15
Denmark mustiGOD 
becauss people is evil
2019-10-19 08:22
Casual people or politicians/rich people?
2019-10-19 18:12
Denmark mustiGOD 
2019-10-19 18:12
You're still right I guess.
2019-10-19 18:13
Thoughts and prayers!
2019-10-19 04:29
China SwooksarV2 
R.I.P 🙏
2019-10-19 04:42
Because collectivists!
2019-10-19 04:44
god is great lol
2019-10-19 06:45
Expected from Afghanistan
2019-10-19 06:46
Norway Trip^^ 
Unexpected you mean.
2019-10-19 07:19
Wdym? Its common in muslim countries.
2019-10-19 08:14
Norway Trip^^ 
I mean yeah bombing places is common in some muslim countries but I've never heard aboult a mosque bombing in a muslim country.
2019-10-19 08:22
loli | 
Japan Lolicon 
They're more common than you'd think
2019-10-19 08:35
They are really common.
2019-10-19 08:45
2019-10-19 09:24
some terror attacks past 30days: Date Country City Killed Injured Description 2019.10.18 Afghanistan Kabul 62 95 Children are among over sixty pulled into pieces when Jihadists detonate a bomb at a rival mosque during prayers. 2019.10.17 Afghanistan Arghani 1 0 The Taliban stuff a government employee into a car, then blow it up with a rocket. 2019.10.16 Iraq Baqubah 1 2 ISIS radicals attack a checkpoint, killing one security member. 2019.10.16 Afghanistan Alishing 3 27 Children are among the casualites of a suicide truck bombing that kills three. 2019.10.16 India Pulwama 1 0 Militant Muslims execute a migrant worker in cold blood. 2019.10.15 Afghanistan Baghlan 3 0 Three family members are wasted by Hizb-e-Islami. 2019.10.15 Afghanistan Nayzi Kali 2 0 Two civilians are laid out by a Taliban landmine. 2019.10.15 Iraq Sulaimaniya 2 4 The Islamic State is suspected in a bomb blast that produces two dead civilians. 2019.10.14 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A civilian is picked off by sectarian milita gunmen. 2019.10.14 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 0 A pair of police officers are gunned down by the Taliban. 2019.10.14 India Shopian 1 1 An apple trader is murdered by Islamic 'separatists'. 2019.10.14 Tunisia Jarzouna 1 1 A religious extremists stabs a French tourist to death. 2019.10.13 Iraq Rutba 3 0 Three Iraqis are dismantled by an ISIS car bomb. 2019.10.13 Burkina Faso Samboulga 4 0 An al-Qaeda linked group fires into a village, bringing down four residents. 2019.10.13 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 Fundamentalists gun down a secular school principal on his way to dinner. 2019.10.13 Somalia Hirshabele 2 0 al-Shabaab is suspected of a grenade attack that kills a man and his son. 2019.10.12 Yemen Dhale 2 0 Ansar Allah snipers pick off two civilians. 2019.10.12 Niger Sanam 5 0 Jihadists attack a police patrol, killing five members. 2019.10.12 Iraq Tulul Mahar 2 0 Two civilians are blown to bits by Islamic bombers. 2019.10.12 Burkina Faso Salmossi 16 2 Jihadists spray the inside of a rival mosque with gunfire, killing sixteen worshippers. 2019.10.12 India Srinagar 0 8 Militants toss a grenade into the street packed with shoppers. 2019.10.12 Kenya Damajale Harehare 11 0 A bomb placed by al-Shabaab claims eleven border police. 2019.10.12 Egypt Bir al-Abd 9 0 Nine members of a single family are wiped out by a shell thought to have been fired by Islamists. 2019.10.12 Afghanistan Dawlet Abad 3 0 A policeman with Taliban ties shoots three of his comrades in the back. 2019.10.12 Afghanistan Kabul 1 0 A government official is assassinated by the Taliban. 2019.10.12 Afghanistan Charakar 1 0 A prosecutor is murdered by fundamentalists. 2019.10.11 Afghanistan Qala-e-Ghaznihai 1 0 A cleric is shot to death by Religion of Peace rivals. 2019.10.11 Iraq Rashad 1 0 A mukhtar is assasinated by Religion of Peace rivals. 2019.10.11 Syria Qamishli 6 9 An Islamic State car bomb kills six civilians. 2019.10.11 Afghanistan Payencha 1 0 A doctor riding to work is shot off his bike by a fundamentalist group. 2019.10.10 Iraq Khanaqin 3 4 Two brothers and their cousin are shot to death in their home by Islamic State gunmen. 2019.10.10 Iraq Diyala 2 3 ISIS plant a bomb that kills two first responders to an earlier attack. 2019.10.10 Indonesia Banten 0 1 A cabinet minister is stabbed by an Islamic extremist. 2019.10.09 Somalia Siinka Dheer 4 3 A well-placed al-Shabaab landmine takes out four people in a passing car. 2019.10.09 Afghanistan Batikot 2 3 A vehicle carrying civilians is targeted by a Taliban landmine. Two are killed. 2019.10.08 Afghanistan Ghazni 0 19 Female students are among the casualties of a bomb blast at a university. 2019.10.07 Afghanistan Qarabagh 1 6 A man is shot to death by a terrorist group. 2019.10.07 Afghanistan Jalalabad 10 27 A child is among ten killed when a suicde bomber hits a bus. 2019.10.07 Germany Limburg 0 7 A Syrian refugee shouts praises to Allah as he rams German hosts with a truck. 2019.10.07 Niger Dogon Kiria 2 5 Terrorists attack a local security patrol, killing two members. 2019.10.07 Yemen Wadi Nakhla 4 2 Four children are disassembled by Ansar Allah explosives. 2019.10.07 Nigeria Barau 1 4 Militant Muslims attack a Baptist church, kill one woman and kidnap four others. 2019.10.07 Burkina Faso Bouna 8 0 Eight villagers are shot point-blank by a group fighting for Sharia. 2019.10.06 Egypt Alexandria 1 0 A man who converted to Christianity is murdered in his home by family members. 2019.10.06 Mali Aguelhok 1 4 Jihadists target a UN vehicle with a mine, killing one passenger. 2019.10.06 Iraq Bahar 2 0 Two government officials are assassinated by Islamic militants. 2019.10.06 Afghanistan Nangarhar 1 2 Hardliners set off a bomb along a highway that claims a passing civilian. 2019.10.05 Nigeria Banki 2 3 Muslim hardliners storm a displaced persons camp and kill two refugees. 2019.10.04 Philippines Shariff Saydona 7 0 Seven people are cut down by Dawlah Islamiyah gunmen. 2019.10.04 Afghanistan Wardak 3 1 The Taliban eliminate three members of one family with a rocket. 2019.10.04 Burkina Faso Dolmane 23 3 al-Qaeda militants murder twenty-three gold miners. 2019.10.03 Mozambique Sofala 3 0 Local Jihadists are suspected of firing on a bus and killing three passengers. 2019.10.03 Nigeria Mauro 11 16 Boko Haram attack a local security patrol, killing eleven members. 2019.10.03 Nigeria Frigi 1 1 Islamic State gunmen fire into a village, killing a resident. 2019.10.03 Cameroon Talkoumri 1 3 Islamists enter a village, kill a resident and steal from the rest. 2019.10.03 Iraq Pirrash 5 0 A Kurdish family of five is beaten and stabbed to death in their home, including three young children. 2019.10.03 Iraq Basra 2 0 Masked gunmen shoot a cartoonist and his wife to death in front of their 2-year-old daughter. 2019.10.03 Afghanistan Qala-e-New 2 3 Two Afghans are killed by the Taliban. 2019.10.03 Afghanistan Ghozari 3 0 Three locals are cut down by Taliban gunmen. 2019.10.02 Afghanistan Laqak 2 7 Two civilians lose their lives to a Taliban attack. 2019.10.02 Afghanistan Farsi 3 0 Fundamentalists attack a small town, killing three. 2019.10.02 France Paris 4 1 A convert to Islam goes on a stabbing spree at the police station where he worked, taking out four innocents. 2019.10.02 Afghanistan Kapisa 6 2 A half-dozen women and girls are liquidated by the Taliban. 2019.10.02 Afghanistan Qaq Dara 3 6 A child is among six civilians murdered by the Taliban. 2019.10.01 Afghanistan Shortepa 11 15 Sunni extremists overrun a police compound, killing at least eleven. 2019.10.01 Syria Deir Ezzor 3 0 Three oil company workers are leveled by Sunni shrapnel. 2019.09.30 Afghanistan Balkh 11 0 Eleven local cops are murdered by armed fundamentalists. 2019.09.30 Mali Boulikessi 38 64 Two local security camps are blasted with heavy machine-gun fire by al-Qaeda, leaving three dozen dead. 2019.09.30 Mali Mondoro 2 3 Jihadists open fire on civilians, bringing down two. 2019.09.30 Pakistan Quetta 1 3 One other person is killed when a suicide bomber goes off outside a medical college. 2019.09.30 Syria al-Hawl 2 0 Several women are found at a camp, mutilated by ISIS enthusiasts. 2019.09.30 Burkina Faso Komsilga 1 0 A victim kidnapped by Islamists is found killed. 2019.09.30 Burkina Faso Kangro 6 0 Jama'at Nasr al-Islam wal Muslimin roll into a town and machine-gun a half-dozen residents. 2019.09.29 Nigeria Gubio 13 18 Five civilians and eight others are killed during a Boko Haram attack. 2019.09.29 Afghanistan Salar 1 0 A civilian is taken out by the Taliban. 2019.09.29 Afghanistan Konjak 7 0 Seven people lose their lives to an attack by the Taliban. 2019.09.29 Afghanistan Takhar 12 19 A dozen Afghans are eliminated by armed fundamentalists. 2019.09.29 Afghanistan Firozkoh 1 1 The Taliban kidnap a father and son, later killing the boy. 2019.09.29 Afghanistan Golran 2 0 Two civilians lose their lives to shrapnel from a Taliban bomb. 2019.09.29 Afghanistan Belcheragh 3 3 Two children are among three killed when terrorists hit their home with a mortar. 2019.09.29 Afghanistan Tuly 11 26 Seven locals are exterminated by a group fighting for Sharia. 2019.09.29 Iraq Baghdad 1 0 Terrorists gun down a man in front of his house. 2019.09.29 Pakistan Preedy 1 0 A Shiite business owner is gunned down in a targeted attack. 2019.09.28 Pakistan Zafarabad 1 0 Terrorists shoot a civilian to death. 2019.09.28 Pakistan Lahgari Mualana Kali 1 0 A tribal elder is sectionalized by a Tareek-e-Taliban shrapnel. 2019.09.28 Burkina Faso Deneon 7 7 Seven are left dead following a Jihadist attack on a residential area. 2019.09.28 Burkina Faso Komsilga 9 13 Religious radicals burn down a village and kill nine residents. 2019.09.28 Afghanistan Kandahar 0 15 A bomb is set off outside a rival mosque. 2019.09.28 India Ramban 1 0 Hizbul Mujahideen kill a police officer trying to rescue a civilian hostage. 2019.09.28 Iraq Mikhas 3 0 Islamic extremists kill three people. 2019.09.28 Afghanistan Tarinkot 1 7 A woman is killed when the Taliban fire a missile into her house. 2019.09.28 Afghanistan Lashkar Gah 1 9 A child is obliterated by a Taliban rocket. 2019.09.28 Afghanistan Nangarhar 1 17 Fundamentalists set off a series of bombs, which kill at least one civilian. 2019.09.28 Pakistan Chaman 3 12 A bomb targeting a moderate political party kills three. 2019.09.27 Afghanistan Dara-e-Suf 10 0 Ten Afghans are reported dead following a Taliban attack. 2019.09.27 Afghanistan Khwaja Ghar 30 0 A fundamentalist group attacks the entrance to a bazaar, successfully killing thirty before pulling out. 2019.09.27 Nigeria Gajiram 8 0 Islamists roll up on a small town with machine-guns, making quick work of eight innocents. 2019.09.27 Egypt Bir al-Abed 8 10 Members of the Islamic State kill eight people in an ambush, including a child. 2019.09.27 Nigeria Banki 1 0 One person succumbs to injuries from a Boko Haram attack. 2019.09.26 Nigeria Mafa 2 0 Jihadists kill two people and burn down a market. 2019.09.26 Nigeria Damaturu 7 10 Seven people lose their lives when a golf cart hits a Boko Haram IED. 2019.09.26 Iraq Kubba 1 0 A farmer makes easy pickings for ISIS gunmen. 2019.09.26 Mali Douentza 7 0 A fertilizer convoy is decimated by Islamic bomb blasts, killing seven. 2019.09.26 Egypt Sinai 2 0 Two men are brutally executed by ISIS. 2019.09.26 Iraq Jadida 2 1 Jihadis blow two civilians to bits. 2019.09.25 Israel Modiin 0 1 A unarmed woman is stabbed by a Palestinian. 2019.09.25 Nigeria Gubio 14 2 ISWAP claims an attack on a security convoy that leaves fourteen dead. 2019.09.25 Nigeria Damasak 1 0 An abducted aid worker is beheaded in captivity by ISWAP. 2019.09.25 Somalia Mogadishu 3 3 An al-Shabaab bomb blast leaves three dead. 2019.09.25 Burkina Faso Zimtanga 6 0 Six villagers are shot to death by suspected Jihadists. 2019.09.24 Afghanistan Kandahar 2 8 The Taliban kill a child and a journalist with a roadside bomb. 2019.09.24 Pakistan Qambar Shahdadkot 2 0 A woman and her boyfriend are honor-killed by her brother-in-law. 2019.09.24 Pakistan Peshawar 2 0 Two guards working on a border fence are ambushed and killed by religious radicals. 2019.09.24 Iraq Abbara 1 0 A laborer is killed outside an orchard by Mujahid gunmen. 2019.09.23 Mozambique Mindumbe 2 0 Two farmers are beheaded by Islamic extremists. 2019.09.23 Thailand Pattani 1 1 Muslim militants are suspected of firing on a tea shop, killing a patron. 2019.09.23 Mozambique Mbau 10 0 Ten young people are shot to death after fundamentalists discover them drinking alcohol. 2019.09.23 Iraq Diyala 2 0 Two Iraqis are deep-sixed by ISIS. 2019.09.23 Tunisia Bizerte 1 1 A policeman guarding a court is stabbed to death. 2019.09.23 Nigeria Hukke 3 0 Two women are among three killed by Fulani terrorists. 2019.09.23 Burkina Faso Bourzanga 10 0 Ten people in a farming community are murdered in their field. 2019.09.22 Burkina Faso Bool-Kiiba 9 0 Nine people are murdered by Religion of Peace proponents, including five Christians from the same family. 2019.09.22 Somalia el-Salin 23 18 At least twenty are killed during a Fedayeen suicide assault. 2019.09.22 Iraq Tarmiya 3 0 Islamic snipers kill three people. 2019.09.22 Iraq Makhmour 1 3 A bomb kills a responder to an earlier bomb targeting civilians. 2019.09.22 Nigeria Maiduguri 2 0 Two Christian aid workers are captured and executed by Boko Haram. 2019.09.21 Syria Homs 1 0 A civilian is tortured to death by a Sunni group. 2019.09.21 Burkina Faso Pissélé 6 0 Jihadists murder a half-dozen villagers. 2019.09.21 Israel Tel Hashomer 1 0 An elderly woman dies of injuries suffered from a Palestinian rocket attack the previous year. 2019.09.21 Iraq Tarmiya 4 0 A family of four is murdered in their home by Sunni extremists. 2019.09.21 Afghanistan Charekar 1 11 A child is dismantled by Taliban explosives. 2019.09.20 Iraq Dujaili 2 1 Gunmen on motorcycles assassinate two Iraqis. 2019.09.20 Pakistan Mohamand 2 0 Two border guards are sectionalized by terrorist shrapnel. 2019.09.20 Iraq Karbala 12 5 A bomb targeting Shiite women and children on a bus kills a dozen. 2019.09.20 Iraq Mosul 1 0 A prayer leader is shot to death by a rival. 2019.09.20 Afghanistan Spin Boldak 2 5 Two children are aerated by a nail-packed bomb. 2019.09.20 Burkina Faso Pétégoli 1 0 A man in his 60's is abducted and killed by Jihadists. 2019.09.19 Burkina Faso Toeni 5 0 Jihadists attack a border patrol, killing five members. 2019.09.19 Afghanistan Qalat 39 140 A suicide bomber hits a vulnerable hospital, killing nearly forty. 2019.09.19 Yemen Wadia 4 21 Sectarian militants bomb a passenger bus, killing four. 2019.09.19 Yemen Shibam 1 5 An al-Qaeda bomb blast claims one life. 2019.09.19 Iraq Baqubah 1 0 A civilian is shot to death by the Islamic State. 2019.09.19 Thailand Pattani 1 0 A 48-year-old village chief is shot to death by militant Muslims. 2019.09.19 DRC Nyaleke 3 0 ADF Islamists kill several people after ambushing their vehicle.
2019-10-19 09:56
Maka | 
Russia YIKES! 
Can I ask the resource?
2019-10-19 17:28
a lot of news channels. Just put any in google and u will find it
2019-10-19 18:10
Maka | 
Russia YIKES! 
Did u write these one by one
2019-10-19 18:31
Kazakhstan Tripper^^ 
It's pretty common.
2019-11-02 10:19
lol, this country will be a mess forever, learn history man before you speak.
2019-10-19 18:11
Stewie2K | 
United States bxteme 
2019-10-19 06:49
EliGE | 
United States USATOP1 
Religion of peace
2019-10-19 06:50
2019-10-19 07:04
Turkey nopaznowin 
islam = terorism its truee
2019-10-19 07:06
Did you even read the title?
2019-10-19 07:08
Turkey nopaznowin 
bomber muslim dead muslim
2019-10-19 07:22
EliGE | 
United States USATOP1 
Did you even read the article?
2019-10-19 08:20
Europe Barry11 
he is baiter
2019-10-19 09:39
Jesus 62 lmao 2 would be considered a mass shooting in the US XD
2019-10-19 07:05
Respect people dying man, but I have to agree people in America are absolute idiots and snowflakes.
2019-10-19 08:22
2019-10-19 08:22
wtf is wrong with these ppl
2019-10-19 07:07
then people saying shit like Islam = terrorism and religion of piece is fucking disgusting. Like do people have to get their political views on everything?
2019-10-19 07:09
They like bombs?
2019-10-19 07:28
no taliban want peace from usa
2019-10-19 08:10
I try to be honest unless I'm joking but what is a terrorist? I noticed that term was made a talking point during the Iraq war. So if a guy blows up 50 people is a terrorist and then the USA brings in some gunships and blows away 100 in an apartment building is there anything different? I think having American troops in any foreign country would make all people scared and terrorize them. Every Helicopter sound you never know if it's going to be you that gets blasted. Imagine living in a country with enemy tanks rolling down your street. Would scare the crap out of me.I don't have to worry about that though, because I live in the USA. The fruit is flowing the steaks taste great.
2019-10-19 08:25
You make a good point lol
2019-10-19 08:25
I think people just use what means they have. America and other nations have the best tech in the world so other people just try and make do. It's really funny. If I club a guy to death I could be a terrorist but if I shoot him with a cruise missile I'm a bad ass :)
2019-10-19 08:29
AZR | 
United States CoreyTime 
Terrorist - a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. The difference between something like this and an entire country doing something is that generally civilians are not targeted, and if they are they are not targeted for the purpose of political power. If a U.S. soldier or any other soldier shot lets say 10 civilians for no reason it would not be considered a terrorist attack. If another civilian shot 10 civilians with no political purpose it would also not be a terrorist attack. It is basically based on politics and political power.
2019-10-19 08:33
2019-10-19 08:43
Was dropping two atomic bombs on Japan killing around 400k people a terrorist act or just political?
2019-10-19 08:44
AZR | 
United States CoreyTime 
It is not considered a terrorist attack by definition, although you could make arguments that all war is terrorism.
2019-10-19 09:15
Europe Barry11 
it is since japan answered their ultimatiom that they will think and they were already losing also theres no need to drop 2 bombs
2019-10-19 09:42
2019-10-19 08:46
Look up the bombing of Dresden in WW II. Fully targeted civilians. I'm not mad because I'm from this country but you have to be ruthless to win and there can be no rules in war! If their are rules, it's a game for the rich. Thinking it is.
2019-10-19 09:51
Who cars
2019-10-19 08:36
Who is cars
2019-10-19 08:42
2019-10-19 08:43
Unlucky. 😭
2019-10-19 09:19
Denmark mustiGOD 
if this happened in 1st world countries, everyone would lose their minds but in this case no1 cares
2019-10-19 09:32
thats why 1st world countries are 1st world
2019-10-19 09:43
Reunion AlexTenebrae 
who cars
2019-10-19 10:03
we the people cares
2019-10-19 14:06
Is this happens because we are from BULGARIA ?????
2019-10-19 10:05
no afghanistan
2019-10-19 17:26
Finland rolezK1 
2019-10-19 17:30
Just another case of ''peaceful'' muslims blowing up a mosque. You can't even make this shit up, they do all these things in the name of their God but they blow up their God's place of worship? Peaceful religion btw.
2019-10-19 17:32
Germany Roflcopter234 
who said mulims did it? edit: just realized how old it is xD
2019-11-02 10:58
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