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Getting a job
smooya | 
United Kingdom UKCS_BESTCS 
I've been looking for a job for a while, but I keep seeing job descriptions like this: "Your experience tells a story, but the right attitude speaks louder still. We want you to serve and sell with personality and pride so you’ll be confident and engaging, excellent at communicating and be passionate about our products." ~Marks and Spencers The thing is, I do not give a single shit about Marks and Spencers products. I only have a passion to make some money, I don't really care where I work. How important is something like this? Like if I get a job interview and the person interviewing me realises I don't care, will I just not get the job? Am I just meant to pretend?
2019-10-20 02:53
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ewww jobs
2019-10-20 02:54
I have £25 in my bank account. I need one really fucking badly.
2019-10-20 03:18
then go for it but i would not let jobs take over my whole life
2019-10-20 03:22
Yeah I don't want to be working all of my free time since I'm still at school but I at least need some income now.
2019-10-20 03:37
good luck
2019-10-20 03:53
Thank you
2019-10-20 03:58
United Kingdom SUFYY 
how old are you and go sleep you cuck
2019-10-20 03:28
17 and you too
2019-10-20 03:37
United Kingdom SUFYY 
you defo have 1 gcse
2019-10-20 03:40
2019-10-20 03:41
United Kingdom SUFYY 
why u no uni
2019-10-20 03:41
A Levels first wtf I'm on my last year
2019-10-20 03:42
United Kingdom SUFYY 
Nvm you're a smart guy just looking for a part time job
2019-10-20 03:47
I'm not sure if that's sarcastic But yeah
2019-10-20 03:49
United Kingdom SUFYY 
no sarcasm ofc
2019-10-20 03:50
2019-10-20 03:58
United Kingdom SUFYY 
2019-10-20 03:59
2019-10-20 04:07
United Kingdom SUFYY 
2019-10-20 04:08
Made me lol
2019-10-20 14:57
India illumination 
you need to be daring, need money? rob the bank .
2019-10-20 15:10
would be a lot better than working 9-5
2019-10-20 15:13
yo i been getting to 1st and 2nd interviews but not able to land a job. im in the same boat
2019-10-20 02:54
probably ugly
2019-10-20 02:59
2019-10-20 03:01
I haven't even been to an interview yet. I was once offered one, which I couldn't go to because it was in school hours and they couldn't reschedule. I've had a few emails with follow up questions but that's as far as I get.
2019-10-20 03:17
just skip school lmao
2019-10-20 08:51
I couldn't skip, my parents knew about it and they'd kill me. But this year I know some people who the school have actually allowed to have time off for job interviews, so maybe I should've asked.
2019-10-20 14:53
ofc you should have asked, what the fuck you act like a 11 year old kid, no clue about anything man up
2019-10-20 15:04
That was a year ago lmao, they wouldn't have said yes back then.
2019-10-20 15:29
When it comes down to interviews, I have somehow always got the job (tho the sample size is only like 4-5 interviews xd)
2019-10-20 03:26
Sweden 2Unluko 
sounds pretty luko
2019-10-20 03:40
yea men 😎😎
2019-10-20 03:46
Portugal HOLF 
i never did a job interview but i think you should just pretend you like it
2019-10-20 02:54
Edward | 
United Kingdom 0outof8 
You’re meant to pretend, they’re not idiots, they don’t expect you to care, just to act like you do
2019-10-20 02:55
I'm not really that confident around people I don't know, though. I'd probably end up forcing it too much.
2019-10-20 03:00
they wont notice
2019-10-20 03:19
Serbia dukeny 
actually a true +1 @ 0outof8
2019-10-20 03:51
Yes you should pretend
2019-10-20 02:55
And shit like this too: "But don’t worry, you’ll have lots of fun along the way!" I see this on every other job description and all it does is make me not want to work there.
2019-10-20 02:58
those are just rabbi strats
2019-10-20 03:04
where do you see yourself in 5 years?
2019-10-20 03:00
Probably still sad and working in some shithole job making barely any money. Do you think they'll give me the job for that? At least it's honest.
2019-10-20 03:01
Canada ProvexPyker 
Not with a job pepeHands
2019-10-20 08:16
it's neet or nothing
2019-10-20 03:01
I am in full time education though, for another year at least
2019-10-20 03:15
United States burgerboy 
interviews easy- if its one on one- just be a normal person- dont put on too much of a show- ask questions too about the position and just show a little knowledge about the product, you dont have to like it just know about it, pros and cons, prices, etc..
2019-10-20 03:04
This seems like good advice, to be honest I'm probably just overthinking the whole thing, especially since I'm only going for small part time jobs.
2019-10-20 03:39
Canada ProvexPyker 
Wtf bro I thought interviews are like interrogations where you don't ask the questions, they do
2019-10-20 08:17
United States gtmaniacmda 
I had a job at a supermarket, I think they would have taken anybody TBH
2019-10-20 03:04
United States burgerboy 
true as long as you dont have history of stealing, getting fired for dumb shit, just need to have couple brain cells and show up on time for retail jobs
2019-10-20 03:10
I would like to work at my local supermarket too, the pay is good and I know people who work there and they didn't find it that hard to get in, there's just no available jobs there right now.
2019-10-20 03:14
Brazil KickFer_ffs 
Dont worry about experience If u do u wont get Just show confidence and say " dont worry i learn fast" and others confidence stuffs Trust me,
2019-10-20 03:18
It seems that they just like generic stuff that has no real meaning. For example, I was looking at example CVs and it just said things like "I am a hard-working, motivated person", they must see dozens of shit like this every day but they still like it.
2019-10-20 03:20
AFter doing some interviews, those people that take of those things are shallow af. So yeah, using "i'm very good" works
2019-10-20 03:53
Brazil KickFer_ffs 
Yeah, but always better delivery the cv in person and say : hi i i would like to talk to the person in charge
2019-10-20 04:54
Yeah, I've been told that but I'm lazy. But if I don't hear back from the ones I just applied for I will probably have to start going in person, done it all online so far.
2019-10-20 05:02
Canada ProvexPyker 
As far as I'm told, don't get scared by people saying experience is required. Still worth applying for it. Maybe you already know this xD
2019-10-20 08:19
Yeah I've applied for a few that say experience is preferred
2019-10-20 14:51
think of it like talking to a girl. you pretend to care about her shit to get the benefits.
2019-10-20 03:20
Norway k1x_ 
had multiple job interviews and literaly none of them gave a single fuck about that, the majority just wants to know if you can do the job and what have you done before or something like that, like they never asked me what my motivation is or something. it also depends which kind of job i guess but still i doubt that anybody asks those questions, and if they do, just pretend and act like that or some shit, cause once they see you rollin getting your job well done they dont give a single fuck either. its just some of those questions that not even the employer has interest on, but they will ask it anyway in some situations,.
2019-10-20 03:22
Well, if it is a sellers job you must like and have passion for the company's products, then it is easier to selll them to a strange.
2019-10-20 03:22
I will never have a passion for Marks and Spencers clothes and food, though.
2019-10-20 03:44
United States KKonian 
None of that shit matters. Its only about pretending
2019-10-20 03:23
Sweden st4rkiNNgo 
money isnt everthing... look what girls doing for money...
2019-10-20 03:28
Money is pretty much everything when you're broke like me
2019-10-20 03:40
make a cute face and ask your parents for some cash ;)
2019-10-20 08:42
They already basically give me pocket money still, and they barely even want to give me that so I can't really push my luck
2019-10-20 14:52
oh, gl then with finding a job when I was your age I didn't think about getting my own money, so good for you mate
2019-10-20 19:52
2019-10-20 21:33
2019-10-20 05:04
United States MrSuppressor 
Lol it's just shitty retail job, they'll hire almost anybody.
2019-10-20 05:02
Portugal syk0 
It would be better if you embrace your work.. When you spen so many time at it you should have at leats some pleasure with it or it will be a pain in the ass if you're always checking time to see if it's bye time.
2019-10-20 05:05
shroud | 
United States HowToK 
as long as you dont act like a complete idiot and act like you are excited to work for them, you'll get that retail job. tbh that last requirement is kinda optional depending on the job, but as long as during the interview you dont act like its just some shitty retail job that will hire anyone, youll be fine
2019-10-20 05:11
Learn programming --> Learn Algorithms --> Leet Code --> Google Interview --> $100K salary
2019-10-20 05:15
money > all
2019-10-20 07:41
its 2019
2019-10-20 07:43
Yeah all places are like this. They somehow think that you should be passionate about whatever piece of shit job they are offering for way too little. When in reality you just need money. Learn a bit about the company and fake it. You only need a little to set you apart from others.
2019-10-20 08:12
Workers in the clothes shop are liars like the real estate agents good liar = good seller bad liar = bad seller :P
2019-10-20 08:21
shrek | 
New Zealand is_love 
I've had 3 interviews, none of them have ever called me back so I don't know what's going on.
2019-10-20 08:33
what were the interviews for? i can give u ez advice
2019-10-20 08:52
shrek | 
New Zealand is_love 
1 was retail, 1 was in a warehouse, 1 was for a gas station
2019-10-20 09:49
well if u only care about money u will not succeed in the first place :P most ppl that have money did it cuz it was their passion.
2019-10-20 11:59
it's a retail job lmfao
2019-10-20 17:27
Poland FitPolak 
Be honest. If they don’t accept that apply to more jobs
2019-10-20 12:06
Ich suche Sales Manager in Deutschland. PM please. We are looking for young talents straight from university that can sell me anything and are ready to work a lot and make way more money than elsewhere. No chance to find these people here. Generation Z cares more about Sports, healthy food and Instagram than making Money.
2019-10-20 12:08
well whats money even? just a paper they print for free and make u believe it has full control of your life. just a brainwashing thing.
2019-10-20 12:12
Flag checks out
2019-10-20 14:46
get a blowjob
2019-10-20 12:08
"Your experience tells a story, but the right attitude speaks louder still. We want you to serve and sell with personality and pride so you’ll be confident and engaging, excellent at communicating and be passionate about our products." I can already smell the entry level job with minimum wage
2019-10-20 12:14
bro in UK i had same problem, go to your nearest dominos, they are always desperate to hire people you will have no problem getting a job there
2019-10-20 12:15
Sometimes I wish I would have just dug ditches. What skills do you require of me?? Pick up this shovel and dig a hole. That's it! Be one of those flag guys during construction jobs. Just stand there all day and turn a sign that says go or stop. Does not matter what you do in life. If you are not Elon Musk then just pick an easy job. What ever you choose, make sure you work for the government, county or city. All secure jobs, payed for by the local taxes.
2019-10-20 15:04
Why work when you can just make your money work for you?
2019-10-20 15:07
India illumination 
and who is doing that work for you? yourself :')
2019-10-20 15:12
Nope. Poor fucks does. That what we call capitalism
2019-10-20 17:14
Netherlands poeya 
just need to sit up and ask a few questions when they say any questions ??? so u sound a bit interested
2019-10-20 15:11
sth, you have to learn. Pretending in Jobs is important. Cuz nobody cares if you prefer dogs or cats. This is a hard thing. To be honest gives you a fuck to get a job. The best part is all the things they demand they can't deliver on their own. For some Jobs you need A1 English but your boss can't speak a single word.
2019-10-20 17:23
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