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HLTV Rankings
Brazil Florastation 
it's pretty shit ain't it? look at teams like Furia, Avangar and Fnatic they have one good run and they literally jump 20 spots and land on top 5 teams. All Furia did was beat Astralis and only Astralis on ESL Season 7 (i think). Top 5. All Avangar did was beat Renegades and a broken ass Vitality (that was with a player they were already going to kick) to get top 2 at the major. Top 5. All Fnatic did was beat jet lag Astralis and Vitality with a new player. Top 5. Like ffs these are all good teams but putting them ahead of a team like Mousesports that has overall better runs and wins just because of one single tournament performance.
2019-10-21 03:57
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flukenatic > flukia +1 btw
2019-10-21 04:00 Whilst I do agree the HLTV ranking swings too much, a lot of your examples are inaccurate
2019-10-21 04:02
Brazil Florastation 
Furia's best wins during that entire period was only a Bo3 vs Vitality and Astralis and one Bo1 vs NRG and had losses vs about three tier 3-4 NA teams. Avangar's best win was Vitality, Liquid and overrated ENCE whilest having losses to some tier 3 CiS teams like Illuminar and Winstrike. Although tier 1 teams do lose to tier gazzillion every now and then (like Liquid vs Sharks) they are way more solid and it isn't as frequent, losing to a team like Illuminar also isn't really tier 1.
2019-10-21 04:07
A 3rd-4th place at DreamHack Dallas is pretty good too. They also had another Bo3 win against Vitality, and a Bo3 win against North, who were ranked #9 at the time. The whole top 10 was very weak because of stuff like Na'vi skipping events and FaZe replacing players. Also, them losing to tier 3 NA teams wasn't that big of a deal considering that they beat those NA teams 22 times. Obviously BLAST Moscow and the DreamHack Open stops are tier2/3 event, but AVANGAR had 2 good results in a row, which mean that there was at least some consistency to the team. AVANGAR should have been #5 max, and FURIA shouldn't have ever been in the top 5, but there is some reasoning behind the rankings. A lot of this can be attributed to Na'vi skipping events and EG's weak result in the time periods.
2019-10-21 04:21
Brazil Florastation 
i think the way the rankings work is; X tournament is a tier 2 tournament that features like one or two tier 1 teams, it's classified as a tier 2 tournament so: 1st place gets 20 points 2nd place gets 10 points 3rd gets 5 points Y tournament has all tier 1 teams so it's classified as tier 1 event, so: 1st gets 100 points 2nd gets 50 points 3rd gets 25 points So even though Avangar had a good run at best, since they landed the 2nd place they get a huge boost even though other teams had a way better run in terms of teams they defeated.
2019-10-21 04:22
i am | 
Brazil |LUCAS1| 
You're the "Frankie HLTV pet" guy? Dude i love you so much lmao
2019-10-21 04:06
Brazil Florastation 
thank you im always glad to see the fans)))))
2019-10-21 04:08
+1 In general it's not bad relative to ESEA/ESL rankings but some of these events are worth way too many points. Avangar has no place in the top 10 rn. Fnatic does but not in the top 5. I feel like Furia's ranking is fine for now but yeah over the summer that was kinda ridiculous.
2019-10-21 04:11
Who cars about HLTV rankings Mouz top1 in my heart
2019-10-21 04:11
Brazil Florastation 
it made the Fnatic fans come back GOD MAKE THEM GO AWAY REEEE
2019-10-21 04:23
It is broken
2019-10-21 06:19
When the cap is 1000, no team should get 500 points in one week. Fnatic got fucking 500 points for a fucking DREAMHACK that happened 2 days after another event.
2019-10-21 06:21
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