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Why did Cloud9 kick their Budget Twist?
United States caliprep 
He wasn't bad mens
2019-10-21 06:06
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India otgps 
Maybe Showed his penor to someone in the facility and they are trying to dodge sexual harassment case by benching him?
2019-10-21 06:09
I have messaged you, please check your inbox , wanted to ask you something
2019-10-21 06:55
apparently he didn't like the system and he clashed with a a few players on the team, my guess would be Daps and Auti. koosta and mixwell seem to passive
2019-10-21 06:12
2019-10-21 06:13
It's on youtube he talked about it
2019-10-21 06:21
North America SLGam1ng 
probs daps cuz he talked about him on his stream
2019-10-21 06:24
i mean he more talked about the system so ya hes gonna mention daps. i like tenz but he definitely was working out
2019-10-21 06:27
North America SLGam1ng 
ya but I just find it weird as he was the most hyped addition of this roster and just after 2 months he getting kicked
2019-10-21 07:07
ya happens to alot of players that go that high that quick
2019-10-21 07:38
he kept dressing up as anime girl and trying to give the other team mates bjs so they benched him
2019-10-21 06:17
Has anyone leaked Tenz’ tiktok yet?
2019-10-21 06:43
go on
2019-10-21 06:46
Was just asking bro, I want it as much as you.
2019-10-21 07:17
is it a legit rumor?
2019-10-21 07:20
I mean why would they bench him for that? I say that's a requirement for all teams to increase camaraderie
2019-10-21 06:46
Other wholelottared 
tenz shit online and onlan
2019-10-21 06:19
shox | 
United States finedenim 
didn't know a .93 rating was good
2019-10-21 06:22
Budget twistzz lmao He is low tier xantates and he deserved
2019-10-21 06:25
North America SLGam1ng 
ples english
2019-10-21 06:26
Burger macdonalds 9.99 without taxes kfc insurance (that’s American, sorry but I don’t know English)
2019-10-21 06:35
North America SLGam1ng 
i dont think a burger cost 10 bucks at a McDonalds men
2019-10-21 07:06
He deserved to got kicked
2019-10-21 07:49
Philippines laiff 
he allegedly voiced his displeasure about the system they were running by not letting him be an agressive player and he just started complaining during the eg game according to his stream
2019-10-21 06:26
KK | 
Hungary icbad 
c9 need cheat to win something
2019-10-21 06:27
daps | 
North America JC_123 
too much naked anime
2019-10-21 06:39
They found his anime girl chibi soaked in his cum
2019-10-21 06:39
United Kingdom foxize 
Budget twist? He must be really bad if he's even worse than twist OMEGALUL
2019-10-21 06:41
device | 
Denmark bebm 
pretty sure OP meant budget twistzz
2019-10-21 06:54
0.93 rating god player better than their worst player... wait thats tenz not daps wtf? no way he got kicked xD
2019-10-21 06:48
He's cheating
2019-10-21 06:49
His aim sucks
2019-10-21 06:59
North America SLGam1ng 
his aim is good he just cant put it to good use
2019-10-21 07:08
yeah I made mistake :( i didnt want to write it like this, he has good aim and etc but idk his stats are horrible when we saw what he can do against liquid when they formed
2019-10-21 15:17
United States caliprep 
Tenz is actually an accurate representation of whats wrong in todays soceity. I'm sorry to say this.
2019-10-21 19:25
Poland Hanse 
2019-10-21 19:29
United States caliprep 
Colored hair, dresses like a school girl, and extremely beta as a guy. Anything else you want me to eloborate on?
2019-10-22 22:44
Oh no, he was actually bad and if only you would have watched at least one of his games on cloud9 you would have know this.
2019-10-21 19:27
Qatar PrisMcsgo 
He was bad you idiot
2019-10-21 19:28
United States FaZe_Burger 
he is bad men((
2019-10-21 19:32
Because he’s a trash hacker and a liability for C9
2019-10-22 22:46
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