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NiKo | 
Australia nikofan 
I am really touched when they win against heroic in the finals... It really meant the world to me just to see espiranto winning because he really deserves it !! Shipz is motivated by getting frags in the game... He is not really smart but he has a strong motivation towards the game which is good and i can see this cr4zy roster making it far!!! Emi and Letn1 at most are decent players... The two of them are not very clutch players which i think if the two of them are replaced... This cr4zy roster will be perfect :] But because of major spot , Letn1 has to stay... So maybe Emi can become coach and replaced by maybe Zorrey in Havu ? Sickkk cr4zy lineup easy top 10 :]
2019-10-21 08:56
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2019-10-21 08:58
Lithuania a2kas 
I agree with you, they can achieve very good results with such roster
2019-10-21 08:58
Czech Republic ___Snowy___ 
2019-10-21 08:59
face | 
World NukestrikE 
letn1 doesnt have to stay for major spot. they have emi who was listed as coach. they can just do what hr did(just saying)
2019-10-21 09:00
rko | 
Saudi Arabia WWF 
2019-10-21 09:01
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