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playing poker for living?
Germany nexgobb 
hey guys, i started playing poker like 1,5 years ago. I really fell in love with the game. But not in an addicting, 24/7 playing poker style. i spend more time reading , watching and listening to poker content from talented players. I consume poker content for allmost every day for a year now. beside that i played a bit on pokerstars NL5 zoom. ( 2 days a week ) i lost like 2 times 25 $ untill i started winning. When i earned my first 300 $ i cashed out instantly but left like 20 $ on my account. After that i went to prag with some friends and played poker there for a couple of days in the casino. it turned out to be really good. i won around 500 euro on NL80 tables within 2 days. there were so many fishy tourists on the tables. it was amazing playing there! Back home around 3 Months ago i started playing again on my online account where i left the 20 $. I grinded my way back up to 250 $ on low limits like NL5. When i reached 250 $ i started playing 25 NL zoom with an super aggresive br management. It was a rough start but i doubled up my br after some weeks. Reaching 500 $ made me risk the next BR shot on NL50 zoom. I started playing there as well and it turned out to work really well. I trippled my Bankroll to 1.500 $ within a few weeks. Besides poker i have a fulltime job so i usually only play during the weekend. I will probably keep grinding on my BR and start playing NL100 when i'm sure that i have beaten NL50 pool long enough to survive the next limit. But when i reach NL100 there is a good chance i earn a lot more from poker than i do from my actual shitty job. Would you ever consider trying to live from poker earnings these days?
2019-10-21 22:33
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Netherlands LRCS 
if you think you can become better then all the 'textbook' players. then yes
2019-10-21 22:35
i'm not sure what you mean by "textbook" players but i assume that you talk about players that play mainly from a mathematically point of view.
2019-10-21 22:38
ZywOo | 
Germany fulltilt 
idk if living from poker is a good way to go, if u play by math on live tables its a bit too much variance for me personally to "live" from it, I mean u need to grind grind grind and cant really spend ur br for bad times. I feel like SNGs are actually more consistent to make profit of and have less of a grind. Not sure tho
2019-10-22 00:07
But when i reach NL100 there is a good chance i earn a lot more from poker than i do from my actual shitty job. Highly doubt that there are so skilled players that you most likely will loose with this little experience
2019-10-21 22:38
thats why i keep playing NL50. I'm quite sure that the 100 pool must be a lot stronger too you are right. have you ever played it?
2019-10-21 22:40
yes i have played it and getting fucked almost every time. Now i'm on pause from online poker since i find it more enjoyable when i play it live on casino
2019-10-21 22:41
Russia Hellyer 
You can't earn money with that game /closed
2019-10-21 22:39
just grind small tables lol smurf vs low tier players if it's possible
2019-10-21 22:39
I would compare it to being a youtuber. Sure, anybody could technically do it but the odds of actually making a living out of if must be low. I would personally never dare to do something like that but then again I lack drive in general.
2019-10-21 22:43
Poker is like everything else. The more you study the game, the more succes you will have.
2019-10-21 22:54
I have played poker for a living for 7 years now. You should use bankroll management.
2019-10-21 22:43
Yes sure thing. I know that i used a super aggresive BR management when i took a shot at NL50 with only 500 bugs. But now i'm up to 30 stacks, which should be considered a solid bankroll and i will not do these aggresive shots anymore on such high limits.
2019-10-21 22:47
Well, 30 buy-in downswings can happen. Don't underestimate variance. If you wanna play for a living, you better make sure there will be 0% chance for you to lose your bankroll.
2019-10-21 22:49
thats right. a lot of things to be considered before doing that step. which limits do you play and which platform?
2019-10-21 22:53
I play at several sites - Pokerstars, partypoker and nordicbet. I play everything from NL400, 500z and NL600. MTTs up to $500 Spin and goes up to $100
2019-10-21 22:56
wow. thats interesting. you must be earning quite a bit playing these limits.
2019-10-21 22:59
i can't complain. And in Denmark is poker tax-free ;)
2019-10-21 23:00
thats great to hear. ! :) did you study a lot to become such a good player?
2019-10-21 23:12
Have played and studying for 7 years now - and is still studying the game. If i don't study i will fall behind, so it's a never ending cycle.
2019-10-21 23:17
how do you study if i ask? do you use piosolver?
2019-10-21 23:46
Yup, mostly using piosolver. How good is your poker fundamentals and theory? Do you know what hands to open in different positions? What hands to defends VS different positions? What hands to 3-bet, call 3-bets, 4-bet and so on?
2019-10-21 23:53
yes sure. i'm working on my ranges for quite a while now. preflop descisions i make mostly without thinking cause it's so crystal clear for me what to do. same with postflop, usually i know exactly what to do when i know how many players are involved in the hand, is it a 3bet pot or not , what does my hand look like , whats the flop look like , where is my position and what can happen if i bet amount x y. For me the most important thing is to look in the future and see how certain hands can develop, how oppononts react on different runouts and what betzizing mean and then having a good game plan.
2019-10-22 15:14
Yeah, preflop ranges is the easy part. Postflop, not so much - and that's why, that is where the money is. How far are you with postflop play? Do you know what boards to bet 100% of your range for 33% betsize? When to check 75% of your range and so on?
2019-10-22 16:48
I think my Postflop game is becoming better and better. Of course there are boards and situations where i cbet the flop 100 % of the time with my whole range because the flop favors my range so much more. But i also try to adjust to my opponents given the information i have. The hardest thing for me to learn during the last 6 months was to not be afraid to go for Value on the river when the runout is somewhat scary. Betting like 40 % on the river and folding to raises where the villian has it 99 % of the time made me gain a lot of value lately.
2019-10-22 16:56
In that case, you already seems to have a good understanding of GTO. Now you just have to study your ranges to make them even more "perfect". One of the few differences between NL100 and NL10000 is that players at NL10000 have perfected their ranges more than anyone else.
2019-10-22 17:03
how many hours do you play in a week? isn't that boring at this point? just w8 for good hands
2019-10-22 15:47
Sure, it gets boring, but it's such easy money. And the freedom is great! My $/hour is more than 4 times the avg in Denmark - and on top of that, poker is tax-free in Denmark. Not that easy to go from making about 100$/hour tax-free to a "normal educated job", where i'll maybe make between 30$ and 50$(before taxes) I'm still trying to figure out, what i want to do in life :) But i deffiently won't be playing poker for the rest of my life. Btw, you won't make money in poker by 'just w8 for good hands' :)
2019-10-22 16:44
Reunion AlexTenebrae 
tax free thing in socialistische heaven? wtf is wrong with Denmark LUL
2019-10-22 16:48
The poker company is taxed more, instead of taxing the players. A way to make it "simple".
2019-10-22 16:51
Reunion AlexTenebrae 
oh , i got it. Then its ok
2019-10-22 17:02
I'm glad you achieved some level of freedom in that slavery society for real :-) gg
2019-10-22 17:40
Denmark OscarGF 
Wow, even though I don’t know your name, you’re a guy I’ll remember 👌🏻 Very nice men))
2019-10-22 18:11
Haha, why? Because i'm a poker player? :D
2019-10-22 18:41
Denmark OscarGF 
I like when people do something different, instead of just doing the usual "get a job with a fixed salary and live life", and actually making more money.
2019-10-22 19:02
Oh, thanks man!
2019-10-22 20:20
Belgium YoGatesKevin 
Any books or sth to improve it or how did you improve it. Thanks in advance
2019-10-22 16:46
Don't use books, they very quickly becomes outdated. Use cheap poker videosites. I believe there's several sites where it's about 10$/month. That's probably the best way to learn for a "newbie".
2019-10-22 16:54
In the long run you won't be able to make a living from it
2019-10-21 22:44
Thorin | 
United Kingdom Areashi 
What books would you recommend for someone who's getting into poker?
2019-10-21 22:46
Books are outdated. Learn poker fundamentals and theory at poker videosites instead. After that, you can use pokerprograms like piosolver.
2019-10-21 22:51
Thorin | 
United Kingdom Areashi 
Yeah, that sounds logical, after all, the more they get read surely they should be treated as common knowledge over time.
2019-10-21 22:53
No, that's not how it works. Poker evolves so quickly that books that are 1 year old already become outdated. And there's a BIG different between learning from watching videos or reading books to actually use it in-game. Not as easy as it sounds.
2019-10-21 22:58
Thorin | 
United Kingdom Areashi 
I see.
2019-10-21 23:00
But poker is basically solved as a game. There's already softwares that have "created" unbeatable strategies, but the hard part is to memorizing all the strategies. Just like games like chess and backgammon is solved games. NO human in this world can beat a software-bot, whatever it's in chess, backgammon or poker.
2019-10-21 23:10
cpu has more calculating power - so in any finite set -up, eventually override the brain, do they already use machine learning and IA in poker?
2019-10-22 15:55
Yup. Poker is pretty much already a solved game because of that. Although it takes millions of times more calculating power to solve poker, since there's a "luck" element involved.
2019-10-22 16:38
luck ? :D rather probability ???
2019-10-22 17:43
Yeah, guess 'luck' was the wrong word.
2019-10-22 18:04
Harrington on Holdem and Theory of Poker. Also there is a lot of really good YT and podcast content for new players that i can help you with if you like.
2019-10-21 22:52
Thorin | 
United Kingdom Areashi 
2019-10-21 22:53
do you know the rules or are you a bloddy beginner?
2019-10-21 22:55
Thorin | 
United Kingdom Areashi 
I know most of the rules but assume 0 knowledge I guess. I'm interested in stats/finance in general.
2019-10-21 22:55
I would try it soon
2019-10-21 22:59
how many times have you got a royal flush mens))? i play poker with friends just for fun, not real money just chips
2019-10-21 22:47
2 times. I had Flopped Quad Jacks in the Casino once and i won 120 $ jackpot on top of the handpot.
2019-10-21 22:52
How big is your volume and your winrate? Before switching to playing poker full time, I'd take a shot and played atleast 200k+ hands with being profitable enough that you can live out of it (200k hands is nothing, so ideally a lot more :)). Field is much tougher and you will have to study a lot to be better, you wont be playing all the time. Another thing you might try is to take a vacation to play just poker for 2-3 weeks, if you dont mind the swings, playing every day with this being the only priority. And of course, proper BR management
2019-10-21 22:56
Portugal beast_ 
2019-10-21 22:56 Just do it Like him. Be pro.
2019-10-21 22:59
nbk interviewer 3:25?
2019-10-21 23:55
Vietnam t4y 
This is top banter you have really bad BR management and want to play it as a living. What kind of sample size do you have? Could be running super hot right now, what happens when variance comes into play your bankroll will take a beating with no real BR management. Just throwing some curve balls at you Im not so clued up on NLHE i only play PLO/PLO8/NLO8 Cash/tourn for many years
2019-10-22 00:04
Sounds like you enjoy it man, being honest I know nothing about it but keep doing your thing :)
2019-10-22 00:09
Serbia toENDallWARS 
its a dangerous game to be involved in.
2019-10-22 15:17
Serbia toENDallWARS 
but gl
2019-10-22 15:25
No. Stable income beats uncertain cash prices. The idea of being a poker or CSGO professional for example sounds tempting, but I'd rather work a normal job and enjoy those things as a hobby without the pressure of "shit I gotta pay my rent, gotta win."
2019-10-22 15:17
xD that pressure is often a good thing for initial success, i'd even say crucial look at the teams in cs:go or people in general in all endavors, many of them achive absoulouty nothing after their first big success, when that pressure gone however doesn't work in a long run = if you play the game of consistent mastery
2019-10-22 16:04
hah boy u are late. Gto bots gonna take u to bustoville.
2019-10-22 15:18
Russia cuba_libre10 
he can just move to china and play live vs chinese millionaire fish
2019-10-22 15:41
lol n*gga plays nl50
2019-10-22 15:45
No, sounds like you're just your typical degenerate that won some money. Pursue a real career instead.
2019-10-22 15:22
what is real career? how do you know what would be replaced in 10,20, 30 years from now by new robots and AI etc
2019-10-22 16:09
is that your excuse to stay at your moms in your 30s
2019-10-22 16:11
not at all nor a reason to call someone "degenerate" because he is pursuit unconventional way of making money - like poker
2019-10-22 17:46
keep the job meanwhile keeping poker as a hobby
2019-10-22 15:26
I played Texas hold'em for like 3 years. I used to play with Turkish Liras which was equal to 0.3 Euros back then. I payed my rent, bills and all the expenses. I took my 2 pals with me and had a 1 month Europe tour together. Then I focused on my education and quit playing. I know some people in real life who are richer than doctors, engineers, coders... If you take it seriously and look it as a job, schedule your life around it, you might have a great earning and live a better life than the people around.
2019-10-22 15:35
Russia cuba_libre10 
ima be honest with you, bounty builders on stars is a cash mine. So many fishes playing the 2.20, 3.30, 4.40 etc. It gets a bit more difficult at 7.5, so I avoid those
2019-10-22 15:38
Russia cuba_libre10 
you need a backup plan in life if you choose to pursue poker. Thats all rly.
2019-10-22 15:39
just become a dj like the rest of us
2019-10-22 15:45
Every NL u up, harder will be. But gl mate, sometimes we need to try live the dream.
2019-10-22 15:47
Denmark potatomato 
No money in poker , everyone's solid
2019-10-22 15:48
imo it's not worth it, you wont be able to make a comfortable living grinding nl100/200. When you start to meet those regs there it's going to be difficult to maintain a good profit and you are going to have swings, of course there are exceptions but it's time consuming and not worth the time imo. The regs at nl100/200 are a very good poker players and very hard to beat and very hard to get a table with a fish in it.
2019-10-22 15:52
just study something and get a decent job that way you retard
2019-10-22 16:10
Aleksib | 
Europe PAAVO 
nice men
2019-10-22 16:10
nt shaguar
2019-10-22 16:12
yes but the way u do it is not very smart. spend some time grinding and getting experience, like 200 dollars for nl2 and try playing daily. if ur playing partypoker or 888 i would also suggest cheap sattelites cuz u can actually get tickets to pretty good tournaments with decent prizes, compared to the buyins that are from 0.01 to 1 dollar
2019-10-22 16:13
Also like bets, but the result depends more on you
2019-10-22 16:45
Of course you can make a living of playing poker but you always have to see the risks I used to watch a lot of poker content and I kind of remember that Daniel Negreanu did a vlog or sth where he showed all his buy Ins and winning in tournaments and that actually showed me like a year ago that even if you're one of the best poker players to ever walk this planet theres still huge risks.. He Daniel himself is a multi millionaire which makes these amount of money losses affordable but I noticed I should stop trying to turn pro in poker
2019-10-22 16:46
10 years ago maybe? i dunno poker is not as huge as it was back then, or so i heard
2019-10-22 16:57
11 winning years of poker as a hobby at micro-low levels, never had a losing year so far, overall profits in low 5-figure range. Tried couple years to play as main income, didn't work out. Like the game much better when you're not forced to make money off it. Get a solver if you want to make it today.
2019-10-22 16:58
My good friend was a beast in poker. He taught me how to play it a little. He showed me how he won tournaments for few thousand $. He left his job as well as you want and start playing poker like 24/7 and he earned a lot by doing this until he went to Vegas. There he lost almost all his savings and now he is on his way to restart his poker "career". What I want to say is if you want to become a good player you must to believe in yourself. I bet you know about Negreanu's and Hellmuth's way of life
2019-10-22 17:11
No way all those hours spent on Poker is worth the 500 bucks you earned lol..
2019-10-22 17:13
of course it is. cause i enjoy the time. it's my passion
2019-10-22 17:17
Then dont ruin it by trying to make it your job
2019-10-22 21:57
lol you jump to next level with 10x buy in.. You can't be serious about going pro.. Most people will minimum jump a level with 100-500 buyin's when playing cash games. So jumping to NL100 would take $10.000 dollar if you are serious about it. You obviously underestimate your opponents and will get wiped out on an eventual downswing.
2019-10-22 17:42
When I was studying a fellow student of mine got into playing poker. Not online though, but more the sort of shady illegal games some do in private only I think the deal is pretty much the same as playing online. It is gambling and that can become an addiction which can eat you up. The guy I knew he dropped studying and started playing as an income and while doing great at times then at other times he would be totally broke, even lending money in order to play so he could win back what he lost. Last I know of him he was still in this yo-yo existence, having lost his gf, sold anything of values he had and supposedly he then entered some sort of addiction treatment program (but only after having been beat up by some shady people he owned money). Not saying playing poker is the direct route to disaster, but be careful - try to set yourself some rules so you newer lose more than you can afford and do not play for borrowed money.
2019-10-22 22:07
Germany shimmy227 
it has become harder, since the poker-boom ended so there aren't so many new, bad players. the competition became harder, but you can try, just do it in stages/ with your bankroll in mind
2019-10-22 22:15
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