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NA not 1st world - eu not first world
daps | 
United States spirtualtalker 
reason: because im little baby who cries over other regions and their successes so to cover that fact i will shit talk that region to make myself better and gain validation from others like me who are also little braindead children
2019-10-22 20:31
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2019-10-22 20:32
Other wtf_men 
2019-10-22 20:32
+1 tho i like liquid, eg and mythic, but +1 still.
2019-10-22 20:33
Canada bbno$ 
2019-10-23 02:22
Yup, its a stream team with fl0m, Katie, C0M, Silent and Hazed. I mainly watch Hazed but also fl0m and katie. Its not a super serious or lan team.
2019-10-23 03:08
I know who it is, Im wondering how u can be a fan of that shitsquad
2019-10-23 03:09
Why wouldnt i? Because they dont play at the top level or that serious? Thats why i like them. Hazed is really smart player and enjoyable to watch. For the others i turn on their streams when im bored.
2019-10-23 03:14
ur in denial go take therapy
2019-10-22 20:43
Other wtf_men 
nt delusional NA fanboy
2019-10-23 01:14
ur in denial, take therapy
2019-10-23 02:20
Russia Ypp1 
Don`t get why people cares so much about what country is better... People need to care much about themselfs, not about some region.
2019-10-22 20:33
I care, I would like my country to be the best it can possibly be.
2019-10-23 02:25
Can’t control you country, but you can control what’s around you to help make it better.
2019-10-23 03:16
Improving yourself, improves your country.
2019-10-23 03:21
yes wise mens))
2019-10-23 03:22
erkaSt | 
France CKs1 
By definition both are.
2019-10-23 02:25
United States DiabIo 
I dont get why they make these NA hatred threads? To put down NA? Threatened by NA? Retaliating against NA? not sure
2019-10-23 03:14
Xyp9x | 
Netherlands arTvamp 
wrong thead/// :DF
2019-10-23 08:44
Germany sommares 
> 1st world > first world
2019-10-23 08:44
eu na
2019-10-23 08:45
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