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Niko Runing Faze
Brazil mTwAMDYo 
Its cleary that Niko can't make Faze work as IGL, and he keeps trying it even seeing the team losing every time and playing bad, how can he be so arrogant and selfish like this? fo me he's not thinking in do the best for the team at all, because he being igl is not the best for the team, so he's just putting he's interests above the team.
2019-10-22 22:24
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-karrigan ruined faze
2019-10-22 22:24
Sweden XenoRex 
2019-10-22 22:25
United States FaZe_Burger 
2019-10-22 22:25
Sweden Golden_shower 
-maikelele ruined faze
2019-10-22 22:27
Nah, niko making the team doubt karrigan which made karrigan doubt himself ruined the team. By the time they dropped him he was playing terrible.
2019-10-22 22:27
2019-10-22 22:27
would be better with karrigan as igl for sure, but i also dont think karrigan would be the ideal igl for faze, the actual meta in cs go is to have igl's who can frag, the best teams in the word right now work that way, and karrigan is a good igl but not a decent fragger, would be better with aleksib or something like that
2019-10-22 22:33
I think he is just good enough as a fragger, but to be honest his calls aren’t all that good since Astralis set the meta last year, his executes don’t seem to have that aspect of drawing out the CT’s like Astralis does. Even teams like avangar and nip are often more strategically sound than mouse.
2019-10-22 22:39
Awping like a silver dying like a noob yet picking up awp every round, my god the ego on this guy is sky high! Now due to IGLing his individual game also took a nose dive, as we saw in game against Astralis, dust2 in particular.
2019-10-23 06:41
flusha | 
Norway dr_fiji 
2019-10-22 22:39
s1mple | 
Europe Sam2k 
2019-10-22 22:40
Lost to Big at cologne, had an 0-2 exit at eleague premier, lost to mouz in quarters of dreamhack stockholm, 0-2 at faceit major. And that's all with a "proper" IGL.
2019-10-22 22:45
Europe unlukomaluko 
Not at all, dog shit igl&player
2019-10-23 09:09
2019-10-23 11:47
Brazil Collee 
2019-10-23 11:30
Ynk padding his ego is the biggest problem, any real coach would’ve put a stop to this shit and gotten a real igl.
2019-10-22 22:26
hard to say because i don't know if Ynk has power to make this kind of decisions, since Niko has more prestigy in the team than Him
2019-10-22 22:28
At what point does the team owners look at this and decide it isn’t working with niko having so much say? They’re in the worst position they’ve ever been, the iteration with allu karrigan and kio were better than this dog shit. at this point they just need to disband, it isn’t gonna work with niko, which sucks for cold Olof and broky bcuz they actually show some promise.
2019-10-22 22:32
I mean, the team has nice players, cold and niko are world class players, rain is good player, olof even not in hes best form are still a good player, but the team just dont work, broky is also a good player. Coldzera is playing he's worst cs in he's entire career, and that not normal, something in faze is really wrong, the decisions need to come from the players or from the company owners.
2019-10-22 22:37
+1 I hope they figure it out by the end of the year, I hate to watch these guys fail so hard.
2019-10-22 22:40
BnTeT | 
Cyprus shmoe 
pretty sure cold will not take this for a longer period of time. he failed too much with mibr. he wants a successful team and will see the difference in the competence regarding leadership between Fallen and NiKo. He will get the conclusion that NiKo is not fit to lead and they will hopefully finally aquire a real IGL. It would be the first real IGL after karrigan. So much lost potential in the meantime tho..
2019-10-23 11:29
I hope so, cold has a lot of pull and niko looks up to him. I think cold will be able to throw his weight around more than niko, I mean he’s the more accomplished player and at this point the better player.
2019-10-23 18:37
Germany RDNHT 
2019-10-22 22:27
United Kingdom Cryaosic 
Even tho he is playing the worst positions , entryes , supports , drops guns and even let himself being baited on nuke there since he was obviously garbage. To me this sounds like he is playing for the team rather than setting himself up , so shut your brazilian-ass up if you don't know what you are talking about
2019-10-22 22:33
United States FaZe_Burger 
rain and broky should definitely be entry, NiKo is too valuable as a fragger to be entry, he plays best in mid/late rounds.
2019-10-22 22:39
United Kingdom Cryaosic 
Hes entryed since NEO joined hence his dip in performance , he probably wanted it.
2019-10-22 22:51
He’s right, even though he is doing team oriented things like that, ultimately he isn’t a good enough igl to lead the team. His ego is too big so he’d rather try to lead than pick up a competent igl.
2019-10-22 22:42
United Kingdom Cryaosic 
If I had a penny for each time someone called out his ego I would be sending this comment from a 4000$ PC rig while living in a penthouse on 20th floor all the while I had my butler call out my private helly so I could fly to people like you and hit you with my gucci belt while stomping on you with my off-white yeezies for saying such bs as "his ego is big". Tl;dr: fuck off
2019-10-22 22:56
Lmao I’m surprised the truth hurts your feeling so much. It’s painfully obvious that he’s an incompetent igl, so why would he continue to try when their are better options out there? Btw don’t comment on shit like this if you don’t want to have a real discussion. No need in being an insulting prick because people see things differently than you.
2019-10-22 23:22
United Kingdom Cryaosic 
Prove to me that he has an ego , all you said was"ermm he has a big ego" , that's no argument either. He played with karrigan for almost 2 years and he got kicked only after it stopped working. He than took the IGL role as a temp solution untill they found a real IGL. Than NEO joined and he was happy to give the role away to him and he was there for a long time. Got kicked than NiKo took the IGL role temp again , that's why broky is on trial , if it doesn't work it's broky out and an IGL in. They could have gotten alexi but they barelly bought cold so it had to do. You wanted arguments , there you go , now argue against , wanna know how NiKo has an ego even tho he sacrificed himself multiple times and is doing now as well for the team , I'll wait.
2019-10-22 23:29
Okay, so what happens is when they have karrigan they start to have bad results in the later part of 2018, instead of trying to work things out niko takes the igl role from him, which is the exact thing that he did in mouse even though he obviously wasn’t a good igl in mouse, and eventually pushes karrigan out of the team. At that point he decides that the best possible option is to pick up adren, a guy who has been playing on cis teams for years and makes him a support instead of getting an igl. No big deal they play alright and even win a couple tournaments. Finally he says I don’t want to be igl anymore so they get neo, at this point he starts to hit a slump but the team overall starts to show some structure. Neo gives niko a lot of freedom to play as he wants, but niko still continues to struggle and considering his position doesn’t opt to take a step back and let anyone else try and fill that star role. After awhile and some lack luster results they kick neo, guardian, and get broky and cold, and niko goes back into the igl role. Well this is strange because just four months before he says he doesn’t want to igl, but when the opportunity to play with cold arises he’s more than willing to do it. At the same time he says that they didn’t play with aleksib because his style didn’t fit into the team, but they didn’t play with him so how does he know how his style is? Even though there were proven igls available he would rather pickup more firepower. So now he’s igl and faze continue to suck and play like puggers. TLDR; Niko is not a proven igl, but after igling for a period he would rather be a poor igl and play with his friend then follow the lead of a proven igl, henceforth his ego is to the point that it is holding the team back from getting a competent leader.
2019-10-22 23:49
United Kingdom Cryaosic 
Karrigan stayed in the team for good ammount of time so they can make it work out. Even after the faceit major they put karrigan back to IGL to see how it works , it didn't work , they bombed out in groups. Then he stayed as a support and 2nd IGL to try and make it work like that. They took AdreN cuz there were no free available IGLs , as we all know FaZe has given up on the their CS roster to the point where players have to pay for their buyouts.As soon as an option arrived he gave up his role. NiKo had almost 0 freedom under NEO.As soon as he joined NiKo started to entry frag which hurt his performance which further prooves how "good" of an IGL NEO was , you just simply cannot put a top 3 player to entry , expecially with his low-ass sens. I do think it was a mistake and a bit bias to get cold and they should have picked up alexib instead , but we should trust NiKo when he says he wouldn't fit. In conclusion , FaZe was just as bad under NEO , achieved nothing and we can safely say that he wasted NiKo by having him play shit roles.
2019-10-23 06:33
Brazil LuizMoreno 
You two in faze?
2019-10-23 06:57
United Kingdom Cryaosic 
Yes I'm NiKo don't @ me
2019-10-23 07:11
Brazil LuizMoreno 
Then why didnt you use like we
2019-10-23 11:03
2019-10-23 07:27
They kicked karrigan literally a month after coming in 3rd at IEM Chicago and 2 months after winning epicenter, they didn’t take enough time to work out their issues. Like I said b4 it was alright that they signed adren, could’ve gotten someone who could communicate a little better but no big deal. With neo Niko was swapping back and forth with Olof on lurk and entry/second entry, even with the role change he should’ve still been competent on ct side, nothing really changed there. Before neo they had a loose play style similar to they do now, under him they were actually executing sites, but with neo being out of the game for so long his timing on his calls certainly weren’t on par with a lot of top igls, but he wasn’t terrible. A lot of the poor results was because guardian niko and rain were extremely inconsistent. Olof was really the only one who benefited under neo. At this point why should we trust niko, he hasn’t shown us anything worthy of trust since they won blast Miami. They should’ve either bought cold and aleksi, or bought aleksi and got broky. Instead it’s a team full of fraggers with no real direction, playing more reactive than proactive. That doesn’t work in today’s scene, but his ego doesn’t allow him to see through this flaw. Maybe he’ll prove me wrong and show that he can be a good igl, but he hasn’t done it the three times he’s been in the role.
2019-10-23 07:31
You do know that NiKo was leading after ESL One NY 18 and that they had bad tournaments since olofs return dont you?
2019-10-23 07:40
He had just started igling at this point, and even said it’s very unlikely they would make a roster move. Karrigan was still making secondary calls and more than likely it was a shared responsibility. Just goes to show his ego, thinking he would be a better choice at igl than karrigan.
2019-10-23 18:30
2019-10-22 23:26
Belgium ZxTox 
I may actually think ynk is the issue they've tried everything but removing ynk
2019-10-22 22:34
exactly same story and timeline when he was in mouz. when the team lost a little bit of the good shape they started with, he started to take controle over everything (first awp, then igl, then igl and awp etc) and the team was trashed at the end when he left with fame
2019-10-22 22:43
NEO | 
Vietnam thachsinh 
u maybe right, the team need a IGL, why dont they just get MSL, maikelele ?
2019-10-22 23:25
Sweden bakish 
They should have payed AleksiBs fee instead of cold
2019-10-22 23:29
rip biskela
2019-10-23 06:46
Niko 666Faced Kovac toiletto
2019-10-23 06:46
Japan |)McCarthy 
Yeah, put cold to igl great idea
2019-10-23 07:01
Australia t0rrent 
I've been saying -niko since karrigan was in the team
2019-10-23 07:06
NiKo | 
Finland FocusMen 
"Losing every time" Yes vs astralis with 2 weeks of prac And niko not even bottom fragger edit: He was actually the top fragger for faze
2019-10-23 07:38
I am not fan of niko igl but give him and the team some time maybe the will be sick if the play a bit together
2019-10-23 09:07
-olof ruined faze
2019-10-23 09:08
United Kingdom Oxna 
NiKos problem isnt his tactics its his own lack firepower these days or overeagerness to get an early frag. As sad as it is FaZe needs to either remove broky and get a good fragging IGL or better still remove the sickness that is NiKo and do the same thing.
2019-10-23 11:46
I think no organization can buy Niko, because it costs like 1 full-fledged team
2019-10-23 11:48
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