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Hattrick ))) Mbappé future ballon d'or? Also Sterling makes hattrick today and Dybala 2 goals in 5 min to win the game. SO MANY GOOD PLAYERS OMG
2019-10-22 23:07
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France HeptusDesigns 
messi owns fifa so no
2019-10-22 23:09
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
👌😂 truth
2019-10-22 23:23
Czech Republic grabasz 
Dybala is shit Sterling is ok Lottin is fucking amazing
2019-10-22 23:09
Korea XigNGODtop1 
Mbappe is the worst player of those three
2019-10-22 23:14
Mbappe hater LUL
2019-10-22 23:26
New Zealand ey3guy 
y u hate the best ninja turtle mens
2019-10-23 01:21
to be fair this was pretty expected since all the top teams played the trash teams today
2019-10-22 23:10
easiest fucking combo bet of my life. Unibet doesnt understand kombo betting. Since you can combine cs, dota 2 and football. Fucking 35x odds
2019-10-22 23:14
why shouldn't you be able to combo bet on different sports? You still have the same chance of winning
2019-10-22 23:21
Cus for example they put a maximum of 6bets on football. So the odds were like 12x the money. But then i put in 2 csgo games and 1 Dota2 game and the odds went upp to 35x. So its kind of broken. And the matches i bet on in cs and dota was not more than 1.3-1.7 on each bet.
2019-10-23 01:19
combo bet multiplier is just odds multiplied by each other in your bet. It's not the betting site's are mistaken, it's basic math. 12 * 1.3 * 1.7 * 1.3 already equals 34.48 (made a few assumptions based on the range of odds you gave)
2019-10-23 10:49
Oh nice one, I didnt know that! But it really feels wierd to get almost 20x more money on just adding 3 games. Since 6 games with similar odds give 12x the money.
2019-10-23 12:17
Yep, I felt the same way once, but with every match added, your chance of winning decreases by a slight margin, which is compensated with juicy odds.
2019-10-24 07:27
France Nairelav 
Hattrick and 1 assist, he has the potential to become ballon d'or but not this year
2019-10-22 23:10
mbappe most overhyped ever, play in farmer league and neymare feeds him goals but somehow people think he is already one best player or smthing, he is good talent no doubt but too overhyped
2019-10-22 23:11
France OtelloO 
He brought us a second world cup with amazing plays, also he shined VS Juventus, Man City, etc ... when he was in Monaco and really young. He's definitely Ballon d'Or material, still a bit young and needs to win a UCL or a new international title tho, Ligue 1 isn't enough trophee wise
2019-10-22 23:22
France Nairelav 
Did you watch his champions league games ? He carried Monaco to semi finals, just watch his stats on champions league before to talk about a "farmer league"
2019-10-22 23:24
Malaysia ez4harimaumuda 
Compare R9 in PSV when he was 18 and mbapppe,, no where close
2019-10-22 23:13
R9 carried PSV so fuckin hard, Mbappe already playing for top team, but he carried Monaco as well
2019-10-22 23:17
he reminds me of R9 so much too but way less consistent. He is 20yo now but doesn't score as much as Ronaldo did when he was at that age
2019-10-22 23:22
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
Who did Ronaldo score against though? Feyenoord? Willem II? Roda JC?
2019-10-22 23:25
It doesn't matter, french leagues aren't any better. So how come he cannot score as mch? Your point is mute anyway since when he played for Barca he scored 37 goals for barca, or are you going to tell me now spanish leagues back then were crap too? Just look at his appearnce to goal ration and he destroys mbape at that age. Tier 1 league or non-tier 1 league.
2019-10-22 23:30
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
"Your point is mute anyway since when he played for Barca he scored 37 goals for barca, or are you going to tell me now spanish leagues back then were crap too?" How does that make my point moot? You were discussing Ronaldo at PSV, La Liga came AFTER PSV.
2019-10-22 23:36
then my point still stands, if mbappe was great why didnt score as much? French league aren't any better than dutch league. He had three years. Still moot point. He is doing great this season tho I guess we have to wait a little longer..
2019-10-22 23:44
Ronaldo 9 was literally the best player in the world at 20 lol
2019-10-22 23:31
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
I'm not even remotely denying that.
2019-10-22 23:35
2019-10-22 23:38
Roda lets fucking go bro
2019-10-23 01:23
Netherlands HetIsPatat 
Unexpected comment 🤔 Tell me more, sir.
2019-10-23 10:38
And Mbappe is nothing compared to Messi and CR7 at the age of 19:
2019-10-22 23:28
well , he won a WC
2019-10-24 08:56
By that logic Gla1ve is better than Simple and Zywoo?
2019-10-24 13:12
France Nairelav 
But Monaco was a very strong team, bakayoko, sidibe and mendy disapeared but they were beast when they were at monaco, chelsea didn't spend money bakayoko for nothing, they also had Lemar, Bernardo Silva, Fabinho etc
2019-10-22 23:26
joão félix
2019-10-22 23:19
joão féaleijado
2019-10-22 23:48
Menian Menbappe)
2019-10-22 23:25
Raheem boss
2019-10-22 23:29
Mbappe is dogshit, overrated trash.
2019-10-22 23:49
mijam obroncuw jak embape
2019-10-23 01:21
he wont win anything if he doesnt go to england or spain, nobody is taking the french league serious. And its actually hilarious how PSG struggles vs some teams there, lucky 1-0 wins or not even that ...
2019-10-23 01:22
Mbappe ruined by 2m€ worth player
2019-10-23 10:44
groupstage games are not relevant
2019-10-23 10:48
Overrated player
2019-10-23 12:19
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