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NIP ranking prediction
ZywOo | 
Europe fasih1 
Looks like the new combination is working well so far. They gonna make under top 5 withing months.
2019-10-22 23:12
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Denmark I_eat_burgers 
Nah they wont. They arent that good
2019-10-22 23:13
+1 fluke team
2019-10-22 23:43
Not as fluke as eg tho.
2019-10-23 02:35
2019-10-23 09:30
Sweden ConaN007 
+1 kek
2019-10-23 22:11
device | 
Denmark bebm 
No they wont
2019-10-22 23:14
Imagine if Fnatic and Nip stay both in Top 5?
2019-10-22 23:15
ZywOo | 
Europe fasih1 
could be true
2019-10-22 23:17
What year is this? 2013-2014?
2019-10-22 23:18
mens, i'm saying in 2019, this actually could happen
2019-10-22 23:20
Sweden Lagge15 
French CS, KennyS top scoreboard, Fnatic and NiP to teams, Semmler commenting... Can't be 2019
2019-10-23 02:37
The actual dream
2019-10-23 09:27
Brazil cotoadriano 
That would be awesome. Not a long time ago the entire swedish cs scene was in shambles, but now both of these teams are pure fire!
2019-10-23 01:50
ZywOo | 
Europe fasih1 
ANyway, f0rest was awesome today. vintage f0rest is better than modern csgo players
2019-10-22 23:18
no he is not
2019-10-22 23:23
Get a life idiot
2019-10-22 23:29
why so mad 2nd worlder
2019-10-22 23:33
I might be 3rd worlder but i still can built an opinion, something that you cannot. Now get back to school idiot
2019-10-23 13:54
"Get a life idiot" opinion pick one
2019-10-23 13:59
“ ANyway, f0rest was awesome today. vintage f0rest is better than modern csgo players” “No he is not” Its so difficult for you to built up an argument because your iq is zero, so all you can say is “no he is not” Gg
2019-10-23 16:48
he is not better than current player like elige zywoo s0mple and it is a fact. Your argument doesnt exist so dont talk
2019-10-23 18:39
ZywOo | 
Europe fasih1 
dont be a jerk mate!
2019-10-23 19:01
he started it out of nowhere though
2019-10-23 20:29
ZywOo | 
Europe fasih1 
shut up stupid judgmental people
2019-10-23 19:01
You are so irrelevant that no one talks to you. Bye
2019-10-23 22:10
ZywOo | 
Europe fasih1 
dont get personal biatch!
2019-10-23 19:00
Not a stretch. NiP looks better every game and they already look pretty good
2019-10-22 23:19
Germany Trax_ 
maybe top10 but not sure
2019-10-22 23:22
they wont, and I like nip top10 yes maybe, top5 nah
2019-10-22 23:22
Sweden kewz 
1. NiP 2. Fnatic 3. Gamerlegion 4. Astralis 5. Liquid
2019-10-22 23:22
Gamerlegion wtf mens)))
2019-10-22 23:23
Sweden kewz 
Haha im joking ofc xD
2019-10-22 23:26
Sweden bakish 
Heja Sverige
2019-10-22 23:26
Sweden Lagge15 
Why best team #3?
2019-10-23 02:38
twist | 
CIS dimolio 
2019-10-22 23:24
no, they won't be consistent theyre just in their honeymoon period
2019-10-22 23:26
Were they when they rekt Vitality 2-0? LUL
2019-10-22 23:38
? Doesn't matter the fluke bo3 you win in groups when you can't make it past quarters lol, I don't like vit btw so your attempt was really bad
2019-10-23 09:23
You can really see that they added THREAT as a strategic coach, first tournament and they crush the top 3 team in the world 16-4 two times xd
2019-10-22 23:27
United States EG_REAL_TOP_1 
nip has done this many times over the last years. be bad, but occasionally do something in a non-major tournamnet because you get so many invites eventually you have to do something. they wont be good.
2019-10-22 23:28
Difficult to predict, at least we know NIP came well prepared in here but will they be able to keep it up? Especially as other teams up their preparation. Look at Fnatic, went from GOD to BOT from one tournament to the next, might be the same story with NIP, consistency with the new lineup is unproven so far. I say Top-10, both Fnatic and NIP might be within 5-10 at some point this year.
2019-10-22 23:30
The problem is that they do an outstanding game and in the next one look like they aren't even there. Consistency problems. Hope it's not the case this time.
2019-10-22 23:34
For every good game there are like 3 worse games on the ratio. If consistent they can be top 10 max. Even if they get top 5 max for a week or two.
2019-10-22 23:42
Top 5 might be a stretch but I can definitely see top 10. I am really hoping they win this entire tournament.
2019-10-22 23:46
i doubt they will be consistent at all
2019-10-23 02:36
fer | 
Australia loaff 
fluke team just like ence, avangar, fnatic.
2019-10-23 02:36
Austria iVolcan called it already as I heared the news about threat
2019-10-23 20:30
they will continue to be ass. When your brand gets you invited to T2 lans, sooner or later you'll actually win a playoff series (seriously, look at NiP's record in playoff series, it's pathetic)
2019-10-23 20:35
2019-10-23 20:37
ZywOo | 
Europe fasih1 
NIP will win this event
2019-10-24 11:53
They gonna put fnatic down and be new 3:e Promise = )
2019-10-24 11:56
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